Going Within

Going within.Getting inside the canvas - like getting inside my soul.Feeling so bland, as if numbers mattered - the definition of bland! Seeking passion instead - the heat within the veins: blood, pulse, heart, guts, visceral, pumping, raw.(One day later) Back to the silence.I can feel more here.I can feel my heartreturning, warmingslowlyslowly.My insides coming to lifeslowlyso,slowlysoft and warm and fluttering (and French!)...more

Helen Uffner: Get Me Warm and Hose Me Down

by Helen Uffner ...more

You can't put off cleaning forever!!

Ok, my little craft show is finished, my remaining jewelry creations are put away and I'm finally facing the incredible mess in my studio!!  Yikes, when you stop working and stand back from a workspace, do you find yourself wondering who came in and created the disaster you are observing? ...more

Remember Dolby?

Live. Now.

Instead of getting in line to buy a toaster oven at 4AM on this day after Thanksgiving, we slept in, had a leisurely breakfast with family and friends, and just returned from a peaceful stroll at the museum. Trust us, it was the perfect antidote to yesterday's chaos!  It also reminded us about the simple pleasures we discuss in our upcoming book Bitches on a Budget, and about an exhibit we recently visited at the National Portrait Gallery....more


So true. Too much Tiger, not enough heart.

Xo Roz


7 Nonfiction Book Marketing Traps to Avoid

The year I won the San Francisco Writer’s Conference pitch conference, I had just gained some really valuable information in a morning session. (I mentioned this in an earlier WNFiN post.)  The session was taught by writing-career-coach Teresa LeYung Ryan and public relations/marketing consultant Elisa Southard....more

Combing Sedna's Hair

My previous post referred to the Inuit story of Takannaaluk, an powerful figure in Inuit legend.  This was my excuse to learn more about Inuit stories, and to do a Takannaluk - inspired drawing, as you can see.  Takannaluk can be translated as "the terrible woman down there" or "the great one below".    She has many other names but is best known as Sedna, so that is what I will call her....more