Melodia Combines Poet Laureate's Words, Women's Vocal Power

by Chris Lombardi...more

Busting Inertia!

This month’s Voicegram is all about to get started again once you’ve hit a wall, encountered a challenge or are beginning a new venture. Sign up for my monthly Voicegram and I'll send you:  “How To Start A Locomotive” .  Go to

The Human Voice Is Powerful!

Went to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal last head is still spinning from those ethereal voices! There's nothing more transcendent than the sound of human voices singing/sounding together! Powerful....more

Halloween Poetry Friday: Janet Little

Our Halloween poem comes from a time two centuries after the Scottish witches, below, were first evoked....more

Cleaning the family grave and other Breton adventures

I just got home from a trip to France to visit my grandmother. It's something that my mother and I do about once year. For whatever reason, this time it was really clear to me how differently we two see Bubry and the country as a whole. For my mother, Bubry is where she grew up, day in and day out. For me, it's a place full of warm and fuzzy childhood memories of my grandparents spoiling me for one month out of every year. ...more

so this is "The Life" eh?

I am sitting at the dining room table of the Tudor style house in south seattle, in which I co-reside with three boys, waiting for to load so I that I can make my very healthy dinner ( curried sweet potato soup) as I drink my very not healthy beverage (triple grey goose martin...more

I wasn't really considering the time lost at the receptionist desk, and it does help to hear ...more

The Art of Living Seriously

I’m not one for fiction.  It’s odd, mostly.  I mean, it’s odd that I have no interest in fiction. I have trouble wrapping my mind around fantasy.  The grossly improbable.  The far-out.  It’s just not me.  But, you see, I live in a fiction-lover’s world.  It’s all around me.  To protect myself, I ensure I am surrounded by a fortress of management, leadership, industry, memoir, parenting, economics, and Buddhism books. ...more

Yes, I'm giving it a go this year. Hopefully will get past my 2000 word previous attempt ...more