A Proactive Author is a Successful One

If you are an author, you know that without a publicist or agent, it is hard to make your mark — especially in the beginning, when you are a complete unknown. After I published my first book, The Quest for Excalibur, I learned about the industry the hard way. My publisher was not going to sit by the phone and make dates for book signings. That, I learned was my job. I had to advocate for myself; after all, I am not Michael Crichton or J.K. Rowling—at least, not yet. ...more

What about sleeping in do you not understand!

What about sleeping in do you not understand!  Come read about my irritation with The Hubby and my need for rest to heal my body.  It's all part of partnership and respect and life being married for 33 years.  He frustrates me but I still love him.  Enjoy and join me in my life. ...more

The Trickle Down of NOT Supporting the Arts

I have a routine, like most of us, that incorporates a few necessities every day.. ...more

The little voices of reason need to speak out.more

Sock Hop

Come and join the fun at the Sock Hop.  A recap of the past week in my life with pictures to enjoy of the fun we had at the Sock Hop.  My health is again getting wonky but I'm battling with positive thought and deeds and vitamins.  It's been rough for the past few months but I'm bound and determined to get well.  I'm too young to have all this crap going on.  ...more

WVFC: Mothering Art and the Art of Mothering

by Leya Evelyn ...more

Think therefore on revenge . . .


The Dirty Little Secret: Self- Censorship

The Dirty Little Secret: Self- Censorship I have to thank Maria at Romance Novel TV for her post about libraries quietly removing books. ...more

A Fascination of Dolls

A school of fish, a murder of ravens, and a fascination of ...dolls. When I was a little girl I played with dolls but they were not nearly as fascinating as my Lego or train set.  But these days I've found a different world of dolls. I've been searching on-line for examples of interesting dolls.  I make dolls myself.  I cant spend much time on them as I have to work :( and looking through doll maker Marina Bychkova 's site I must admit to a twinge or two of jealously. ...more

Angels' Blood Book Review *Nalini Singh*

Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh *Advanced Review* ...more