How to make a living as an artist

I wish I could say that all you have to do to make a living as an artist is to make exceptional work, but that isn't the case. For one thing, making the work is only half of the effort: the other half is getting the work out there. But, beyond that, work doesn’t have to be better than mediocre in order to sell. Art's marketability lies, in large part, in its presentation. ...more

GUEST BLOGGER: Freelancer4hire (D) Life Spent Mothering and TRYING to Write

D sent me her entry.  I asked her to send pics if she chooses and to choose a song that goes with her entry.  She has two sites and they are HERE:  <a href="">Mommy Writers</a> (home of moms who write and their blogs - sign up if you are a mommy writer) and <A HREF="">Searching for Freelance Success</a> ...more

Where Did My First One Go??

Well now--I don't quite understand how this site works but that's OKAYYYY...I might figure it out eventually. I guess I'll just start by introducing myself: Hi. You can call me Slay Boi! I'm a gender-confused, intelligent, creative, ironic soul struggling to have compassion for myself & others in this random, disgusting beautiful world. My interests include: gender queerness, tigers, words, struggling to understand humans, politics, and celebrities (the only people good-looking enough to stand up and tell our stories on the silver screen) ...more

LOVE the Pepto Ad in the middle of my post!!! I think I'm outta here!


all things altered

      does anyone else create altered art... the best form of recycling?? I can make something out of any discarded item.. and have... love to hear other ideas Pinkie ...more

A self-portrait made not entirely by myself

Four years ago, I fell in love with my partner. David and I met in August 2005 under some rather peculiar circumstances, but it wasn't until a month later that I realized that this was the person who would change my life in so many wonderful and exciting ways. ...more

Your comment made my day!

painting every person's portrait, www.onefaceatatime.commore

Music and Movement and Guest Blogger upcoming this week....

I've always loved this band and this song.  I can totally relate to semi-tortured artists, being one of them.  The muse is moved more by things that haunt you vs. anything else.  When you listen to songs on the radio or read poetry, or books, whether fiction or non... it's pretty notable.  Anyway, this song, when it came out, really impressed me.  The late Kurt Cobain wrote this song and it is sung by the band Nirvana:  All Apologies<span style="font-weight:bold;">What else should I beAll apologiesWhat else could I say ...more

Poetry Friday: Standing up for Louise Glück

by Laura Baudo Sillerman ...more

Discounting art

These days, there's also a lot of talk about discounting artwork in order to suit the shrinking wallets of potential clients. While that may be a good idea for the ridiculously inflated prices of the Christie's Auction House gang, for those of us who are selling to real people, it isn't. ...more

Back to School Musings

by Fran Snyder ...more