Constantia crafting the futures furniture

  Wednesday, Feb 04 2009 Constantia crafting the futures furniture [Vita's Clients] -  vitalingus - @ 02:09:pm “Constantia Designers” Creating Crafting, Carving elegant very sort after ...more

Point Break LIVE! - The play!

Local theater (or theatre, if you must, dahling) is a great way to experience local culture – be it the show itself if its topic is local, your fellow theater-goers, or even the neighborhood if the venue is not located in a typical tourist section of town. ...more

Dating Episode #0: My Elbow Was a Delicious Cake

We went around the circle in grieving group. What happened in your life this week? I was all a-giggle. “I BOUGHT PERFUME! Here smell this!” I oozed manically, extending my cleavage to Viv. I’d never bought a perfume before. Sure, I used to wear sandalwood or musk oil, smearing it through my hair before martial arts class. But I’d always been skeptical that the marketplace could come up with a fragrance that really suited me, me, me, and it seemed that every perfume I tried smelled like my Grandma, mostly half-rotten lilies, at least on me. ...more

New York Saturday, Aug 04 2007 New York big handsome and intense [Vita's Travel] - vitalingus - @ 12:32:pm

Saturday, Aug 04 2007 New York big handsome and intense [Vita's Travel] -  vitalingus - @ 12:32:pm Hey loved ones well New York is hot intense and worth the walk to Central Park..... Fast and full of fabulous ...more

W.H. Auden on Writing Habits

Get up very early and get going at once, in fact, work first and wash afterwards." - W.H. Auden ...more

Black Pepper Publishing well versed in the 21st century

Black Pepper Publishing well versed in the 21st century [Vita's Clients] -  vitalingus - @ 06:17:pm Black Pepper publishing has arrived at Vita in 2009, with juicy stories wild and very well placed voices. Black Pepper is the absolute ultimate of ...more

What Goes Around Comes Around

In Europe it seems as though there are merry-go-rounds in almost every plaza or park. This is all-year. I don't even see this in the summer in NYC other than in ...more

Rules Are Made For Their Own Sake

Whenever I go to a museum I bring a notebook. I always read something that I fall in love with and I need a place to write it down. This is what I found yesterday at the Met: ...more

Afternoons at the Met

I went to the Met this afternoon and saw the most wonderful exhibits. If you are in the NYC area and you love art and fashion and photography, you must make your way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Pictures Generation exhibit and the Model as Muse exhibit. ...more