You smiled that smile, that only, you have. It touched me, My soul, heart and life. The pain came quickly, stopped and went. Came, left, came left. Who knew, who cared? Love gone! ...more


Love Hard Hope None Needs Wants Love Gone Hurt Pain You Me ...more

Hearts on Fire ... and on Me

This is Flambeaux performing at the Slipper Room. 3.12.09 ...more

A Soldier’s Heart Never Dies!

On Wednesday night, I watched the HBO movie Taking Chance about the journey of Lieutenant Colonel Michael Strobl’s volunteered commission to escort the remains of decorated Lance Corporal Chance Phelps (1984-2004) home to Wyoming for proper burial. ...more

Meet Jase!

Today I'm going to meander off the beaten path to introduce you to one of my all-time favorite musicians--my son, Jase Bryant! :) ...more

How Do You Create Enough Hours in the Day?

People say that the more technologically savvy we've become, the less time we have for ourselves. I won't be giving up my iPhone or deleting my Facebook account, but I've definitely experienced how this type of advancement can be a huge time suck. ...more
I am a super dork and am testing my sig line by posting a comment to my own really old post.more

Art of African Grandmothers

EditAfrican Grandmothers 8:25amRecently on my blog, I featured a two part story about Valerie Hearder's group, ...more

Celebrities Writing Fiction

Celebrities Writing Fiction A few days ago I began reading Death’s Daughter by Bu ...more

I've been wanting to check this out and never remember when it's a good time to check my library ...more