Teachers can paint: Art Source 2015


Very fine indeed: Dogwood Arts 2015 Regional Fine Arts Exhibition


Portraits and Sky by Margaret Aycock

 I thought I would revisit a few paintings that were used as an excuse to paint both a portrait and a wild and interesting sky.  We have wonderful sunsets, dramatic storms and beautiful clouds out here in the flat lands and I like to include them when ever I can.  The middle painting is open for bidding on Ebay today.  The others have already been sold. To visit my Blog ...more

The tulips at Cherokee: Dogwood Arts 2015


Paint Nite - A Creative Evening

Is there anyone out there that remembers painting in art class as a child? Or anyone that still remembers Bob Ross's television show? I'll always remember art class as a kid, and I'll always remember Bob Ross's show too. Yet I was never an adept painter. I was more of the paint-by-number type of girl, and even then I still struggled when it got to those weird sections like a KB blend. I mean that's just not a number, and I was already lost by that point. Yet Paint Nite is entirely different, and not something impossible for even entry level painters....more

Why Isn't There a Brown Version of Taylor Swift?

In my opinion, there is no one who can hate on Taylor Swift (though Kanye definitely tried). She is young, fresh, fun and one of the only younger female artists who didn't originate from the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. Boys love her, girls want to be her best friend, and people from all ethnic backgrounds can be caught with one of her catchy songs from her 1989 album in their heads. ...more
FreelanceLady With the exception of Jordin Sparks from American Idol, the other 3 examples were ...more

Redefining Bravery for Abuse: The Cinderella Story

This is not a post about Disney, or Cinderella, or the movie that I haven't seen. This is a post about a post, by a mom who wants to explain "What Cinderella Teaches Girls About Abuse." To paraphrase, she says that the movie teaches girls that the answer to all of life's problems is to be kind, even when that means sacrificing your very self....more
Shannon Drury Thank you for reading!more

Screwball Comedy and Hard-Fighting Heroines: Korea's "Protect the Boss"

I wasn't watching Korean TV dramas in 2011 (that was my anime and manga era), so my window to the "old days" has mostly been the archives at DramaBeans. That meant it took me a long time to discover 2011's  fun Protect the Boss....more