After talking to an advisor on Friday morning I have decided to go the traditional publishing route for JENTRY SMILES.  She suggested that there was a greater potential for success if I were to query for a literary agent.I am in the process of doing what it takes to be successful with the assistance of the Treehouse Author Services, previously know as Treehouse Publishing Service.  I am at rest with my decision and I have found it leaves time for the bigger picture and leaves all the little details like the cover, editing to the professionals....more

Creative Sabbatical

I always have so many ideas flitting round my mind and various artistic projects on the go that there are times that I feel I might burst with the frustration of not having enough time in the day to do them all. I realised I was in danger of creative burn out...Creative Sabbatical ...more

The Artistic Diaspora

In August of 2015, I will put all my belongings in storage in Staten Island, and buy a car and begin a one-year artistic journey I am calling "Caesura: An Art Tinker's Journey."...more

How did The Cocoknot Theori come to be?

Music is simple and elementary. You need a story and you need an expression in music to explain it. The simplicity of this approach to music is what inspired the formation of this band. We look to life with curiosity and find stories to tell....more

How are you?


An evening with Dream Theater

Like pretty much any progressive band, Dream Theater has been a huge influence on the music that we make. We finally, got to see them live at The Riverside Theater in Milwaukee. Here is our take on their show.THE SHOW SET LIST The Enemy InsideThe Shattered Fortress...more

Friendships: Why They are Harder to Form as We Age

This is a topic I have been contemplating for some time now, and I wanted to cover this topic since I like to write about women's issues.  ...more

Plein Aire oil painting from a walk at Oxley Nature Center in Tulsa OK

I make my living as a painter.  My husband ( also my painting student ) and I painted here several months ago.  This is a little plein air study that I did in the woods at Oxley Nature Center in Tulsa.  We belong to a foraging group and this is one of the trails we often use.  It is past persimmon time and all the lilies are gone but still a beautiful, peaceful place to paint.  It is on auction this week on ebay. ...more