Memo Paris Ilha do Mel (2015) {New Fragrance}

Memo, a niche fragrance brand from Paris Est. 2007, will launch a new perfume from May 2015 called Ilha do Mel (Honey Island), inspired by the eponymous island in Brazil......more

Penhaligon's Ostara - Dancing with the Daffodils (2015) {New Fragrance}

New 2015 Unisex FragrancePenhaligon's have launched a new unisex fragrance called Ostara, which is said to be inspired by a modern interpretation of daffodils as well as the poem "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" by Wordsworth (1804) who as early as 1802 formed an unforgettable vision of daffodils he encountered on a walk...Read more atélène Wagner...more

Twitter Mixtape: Women Filmmakers & Landscape

Sometimes I get stuck. Working on interrelated, (insofar as everything is is interrelated), but somehow disparate things during my degree, I often wind up spreading myself thin, like Marmite over the toast of documentary film, inhabitations, cohabitations, feminisms, trauma, material cultures, waste and so very much critical theory. In these moments, I often turn to twitter as an opening up or, to use academic-speak  ‘as a way into’ a topic, as a reminder of all the things you miss while attempting to write all of the things all of the time....more

Some observations from Keston Common

During reading week Mr. Transport and I trundled through south London’s suburbs, dreary under the muted light of fat, grey clouds, to Keston Common. Descending the steps towards the ponds, Mr. Transport and I noticed that a sluiceway guiding the River Ravensbourne from its brimming source up at Caeser’s Well, was carving its own slow tributary and puddling at the foot of the steps, as if to protest its containment. Read More ...more

A Portrait of Crystal Palace

Short after compiling my map, The Watery Part(s) of London, I ventured out to Crystal Palace Park to start filming.Mr. Transport lives in Crystal Palace, so I am familiar with its small cafes, superlative bookshops, and excellent furniture shops, but I am, from shame, not at all familiar with the park, despite having lived in its semi-immedeate environs on and off for about 10 years. Read More @Little__Time...more

The Watery Part of The World

In some delicious ramble he had foundA little place with boughs all woven roundAnd in the middle of all a cleaner poolThan e’er reflected in its pleasant cool.On Tuesday I had no ideas. On Wednesday I had to present my profound idealessness to a class full of students expecting me to have something more to say than ‘Um, idk… WATER!’...more

Home/work: some ramblings about Margaret Tait

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the ways in which women inhabit space creatively and the ways in which women (are allowed to) inhabit creative spaces. I have been turning this over in my mind (‘like an oval of soap turned between two hands’) since first seeing Margaret Tait’s Place of Work and, more recently again, after reading Katherine Angel’s wonderful piece Gender, Blah, Blah, Blah in the LA Review of Books last month.Below is a reworked extract from a recent piece I wrote for university about the ‘sexuate’ or gendered language of avant-garde filmmaking practice....more

We Love Barbie...But We Need New Dolls.

The world first met Barbie, Mattel’s flirty fashionista, in March 1959. Today, every little girl’s best plastic friend shows no signs of retiring. Her supernatural ability to adapt to each generation and pick up brown or Latina girlfriends has spawned many imitators. Still, she reigns. So much has changed for women since Barbie's birth. Why does her model persist?...more

Lemon Lime Magazine Seeking Guest Contributors

Lemon Lime Magazine is an indie, lifestyle magazine for women of color. We tell the stories of the food enthusiast, adventurer, traveler, dreamer, stylists and artists. The date for our inaugural issue is set for July 2015, and we are currently seeking photographers and/or writers for the following areas:Food/Foodie...more