MM - Kodak moments

As my Facebook friends can attest to, I've renewed my love for photography this year. I don't ever anticipate giving up my day job (so says the unemployed, stay-at-home mother), but it's something that gives me great joy and a sense of connecting with my muse on a deeper level. Plus, I get to hang outside in the fresh air and occasional sunshine without looking like a crazy stalker chick... much.. *grin*...more

Follow the Ladies of Prey As They Take on the World Championship of Taxidermy

A dead bird in the hand feels like a grenade: cold, compact, loaded. On a Saturday morning at Prey studio in downtown L.A., eight taxidermy students — a grab bag of artists and curious amateurs, all but three of them women — lower frozen European starlings into kitchen sink baptisms. They take scalpels to the specimens.  ...more

Paint Nite Fun!

Paint Nite Fun!Art, art of any kind, shows that folks are trying.  ~Walter Kirn...more

"I don't watch movies. They lie."

We were supposed to state what we considered "Best Movie Ever!" Could not help but notice the comment "I don't watch movies! They lie."...more
hmm I would say that. they lie as in its narrative for commercial purposes. its a business. its ...more

I Remember When It Wasn't Cool To Be African

I remember not talking about my heritage because I thought my parents being from Africa was weird. Didn't feel comfortable inviting others over because of the unique smells emitted from our apartment when my mother cooked. When others would ask where I come from I'd say "African" quietly. I was teased because of my name. I didn't look like the Hispanic girls that were predominant in my neighborhood and I felt bad because I thought something was "wrong" with me. Why couldn't I have long, silky hair like her? I would think to myself....more

Art DeTour 2015 at White Fox Beads and Davis Studio

On learning Spanish

Taken from Spanishclassesinmumbai,in Como esta? (how are you?) como se llama (what is your name)? Dondi vives tu (where do you live) .?...more