Blog Roundup - Feb 2015

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Six Things I Learned About Kim Gordon from Reading ‘Girl In A Band’ and Seeing Her Book Tour Appearance

In Girl in a Band, Kim Gordon presents an overview about her childhood, the underground music and art scene in 1980s New York City, her years in Sonic Youth, her interests and influences, motherhood, and the dissolution of her marriage to Sonic Youth co-founder Thurston Moore. ...more

Gathering Spring Greens

I was listing some paintings on Ebay today and ran across one of my favorites.  This painting was inspired by a walk in an ancient forest in Oklahoma and by a Waterhouse painting.  The painting was one done as I lead the class through the process of painting a portrait in my adult oil painting class.  Instead of putting my subject inside a building as Waterhouse did, I moved her outside, into the forest and gave her a job to do.  She has been out gathering spring greens and herbs.  ...more

Remembering Mary Ellen Pleasant


Spock Was My Touchstone in the Loneliness and Confusion of Growing Up with Asperger's

Leonard Nimoy passed away on Friday, February 26th. From all accounts, Mr. Nimoy was an excellent human being and will be sorely missed. However, it is the loss of Mr. Spock that I grieved for. ...more
This felt so personal. Thank you for sharing this. I connected with Spock but just because I had ...more

Brahmatvam - Music Video

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!


Access v/s owning music

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The Understanding Tree

Standing under The Understanding TreeRain clouds thunder Threatening over meFor more, see here....more

Toddler Adventures at Crock a Doodle