What Comes After

What Comes After “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” Roald DahlThere are some histories that cannot be forgotten but there are ways of remembering that heal the wounds of the past rather than inflict the old torments of time upon those who have suffered and long to suffer no more....more

Tangled Tuesday No. 8

Well... I mentioned in my previous Tangled Tuesday post that "taking a bit of a break" to enjoy visiting with our houseguests was my sole tangling goal for the week, and I most certainly fulfilled it! ...more

A Shanghai Midsummer Night's Dream

First question to Tim Robbins, "How tall are you?". Answer:  6 foot 5....more

Another Book Signing and Talk in PA today.

Today I met with the staff of an organization that helps survivors of sexual abuse and educates the public. I read some poems, showed the paintings and gave a talk from my book Enfolded in Silence/A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood (Amazon.com).  I talked about how you heal from child sexual abuse. It was well recieved and I may do more work for their organization in the future. Doing this kind of thing is so rewarding for me. I want to give back the healing I have been given.  More book signings coming up this summer....more

The Fatted Calf (June 14th)

On Saturday morning, we headed into downtown Rockwall for brunch. Nick and I are pretty picky when it comes to brunch places. Although we aren't knocking diner food (Nick loves it), we like more variety than just pancakes, eggs and bacon. There weren't a ton of non-diner brunch places in Rockwall but we did find one place that had a good-looking menu - The Fatted Calf....more

The 3 Books That Will Change Your Life

For a while now I've been talking about sharing some of my favorite books on here.  It probably goes without saying given that I am a freelance journalist and I write a blog, but just in case - I love reading.  I love the books that grab my soul, and don't let go - the kind that I'm never able to forget. Eventually, I'd like to delve into more book reviews, but for today, I want to share my all-time favorite books* - the ones that I've never forgotten, and probably never will.  The ones that, for better or worse, have most certainly changed me....more

Isn't It Ironic: A One-Man Show About #YesAllWomen

Storyteller Mike Daisey is throwing up a one-man show exploring the hashtag #YesAllWomen next week. I have seen Mike Daisey's work before and I have enjoyed it. He is a masterful storyteller, but this show is leveraging a hashtag and anything he says will be mansplaining. In fact if he were to call the show, "Mansplaining" it would make more sense. You see #YesAllWomen is about women's experiences.  His perspective, no matter how well-meaning, does a disservice....more

Resident Free Tuesdays at Balboa Park in San Diego

Balboa Park Resident Free Tuesdays For me, every summer is a great opportunity to spend lots of quality time with my family....more

Tangled Tuesday No. 7

This was a slightly more productive week in my corner of the tangling world than the one I wrote about in ...more