The Fisher House and What I learned

Today , my father, myself and fellow co worker Melissa went to the fisher house to help prepare and serve lunch to the military families who stay at the fisher house while their loved ones recover from battle wounds sustain from the current war. This week before Easter was a nice spread donated by the Hormel company. My dad, being a retired military man himself this was special for him to help purchase a few items and bring to help those who need a smile. I met some great people. Despite the many programs offered at the Fisher House the most I saw that was needed was for someone to listen....more

I Was Sexually Abused At An All-Girls Summer Camp

Even now, at night when I close my eyes, I can sometimes still hear her. Footsteps crunching on the gravel path, growing louder as she nears the cabin. There’s a pause as she inhales and exhales one last drag on her Salem before crushing it out in the dirt. The screen door whines as she teases it open. Then she tiptoes across the rough wood floor to my bed, and on clear nights her body casts a shadow over mine in the moonlight. ...more

Lemon Chick Cookies

Motto: If I can do it, so can you. I am probably the least artistically inclined baker in the universe. I'm not particularly visual in general and I care a lot more about how a food tastes than how it looks.But this week in-laws came to visit and my mother-in-law brought a magazine with these cute little chick cookies ....more

Striking Out on Your Own

Several years ago, I wrote an article on my personal blog about Striking Out on Your Own. I was forced to start my own business because of my priority in staying home with my children....more

update: how can I tell my coworkers their Halloween costumes are racist?

Remember the letter-writer wondering about how to talk to coworkers who were planning Halloween costumes that included blackface and other racist tropes? (You probably do, because it was the most commented-on post of last year.) Here’s her update. I read through everyone’s advice and decided to speak to the office manager about my concerns and suggest that perhaps she make a small announcement regarding costumes, since it seemed that many people were just unaware of what is considered inappropriate ....more

My Name Is "Jennifer." All Eight Letters, Please.

“Do you go by Jennifer or Jen?” asked a fellow blogger also named Jennifer. I felt immediate relief and kinship with this woman I had just met. After all, only another Jennifer would understand how loaded and important this simple question could be. ...more
It's not just the Jennifers of the world with this problem. I have been fighting the ...more

I need a break. (And a tractor to deal with all the problems…)

Hello. I know at least four of you are waiting for me to tell you all about our trip to the Juno awards, which happened, like, three weeks ago. ...more

How I Balance Working From Home With 3 Kids...

here's a day in the life {working from home}...more
Great post Krystina! I'm working from home as well and have not found that good balance yet. ...more

Belly Updates.

Since the news yesterday I have been overwhelmed with sweet congratulations here, on instagram and facebook. We cannot thank you all enough for the love and support; it means the world!!! So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts ....more

I committed to Smith College

Robin's View...more