A Boy and His Dog

In the summer of 2007, in a measure of what could’ve probably been considered temporary insanity, I decided that we should get a puppy for my stepson's birthday....more

Summer Yoga

I’ve been a New Englander for about 2 months now and finally, after weeks of talking about it, I began my seacoast yoga “tour” last night. My plan is to try several yoga studios and pick one that feels right for a regular yoga practice in time for the summer season. One of the [many] things I love about my new area is that we live right on the water, so most studios take their workouts to the beach for early morning summer sessions ....more

Bumpdate || Week 16

16w4d How far along:...more

Well, my not-a-party-planner self hosted another shower…

Party planning isn’t really my forte. I see people on the interwebs who spend days prepping for elaborate themed parties, and while I am in awe, it’s sort of hard for me to fathom. I think some people do that sort of thing because they just love every minute of it, and I totally respect that ....more

Extra 60% off Sale Styles at Ann Taylor LOFT

Happy Hump Day! Yesterday I posted about an incredible furniture sale at World Market, and today only they are offering an extra 30% off all World Market food and 50% off all cookware!...more

5 Self Tanning Tips When Sun Tanning Isn’t an Option

I love to wear dresses and sandals in the summer but I can’t stand my legs being pasty white. ...more

Graphic Love: Picasso’s Portrait

The idea for this photo shoot came to me out of nowhere. Hours after seeing the image on the top right of the moodboard, a shot from the 2015 W Mag Movie Issue, I was researching Picasso’s work and different make-up techniques inspired by his work. Fun fact: One week after we shot, Picasso’s Woman of Algiers painting broke the record of most expensive painting to sell at auction, going for $160 million ....more

The Perfect Polish

I have an affinity for nail polishes. This past week Michael made me clean out the ones I have. So I laid them all out and attempted to find which ones I really need to get rid of, and the ones I can't live without ....more

Etiquette: Dressing for the Occassion

While living in Ottawa there was always an event going on. And whether volunteering on Parliament Hill while the House wasn’t sitting or going to an evening reception, I was forever trying to figure out what I needed to wear. Men have it fairly easy when it comes to figuring out how to dress ....more

A Snippet, a Link, a Harangue

I haven't given anyone an assignment lately. ...more