Getting out the Meat Cleaver

A few weeks ago, I went to a single dad event held by a non-profit organization I'm partnering with for future workshops. Upon leaving, all the single parents were given gifts to take home, some were food items. I was given a large package of hamburger patty meat. As I left, the lady handing the food to me said, "Just stick it in the freezer." When I got home, in typical A Clueless Mom fashion, that's EXACTLY what I did....more

Answers from mamas

Again, thank you all so much for giving your input, insight, recommendations and advice in my questions for mamas post. I am so humbled by the time and effort so many busy mamas put into their answers, I really appreciate it! I had a few requests from mamas to be (and new mamas) for a compilation of answers so today, I am compiling the most popular answer for the questions I asked ....more

Mastering time in the SUMMER!

Mastering time in the SUMMER! Paula Washington | www.paulawashington.comDesign Your Life First: Strategic Life Alignment for Leaders ...more

Shade Winery and Vineyard

Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.― Paulo Coelho, Brida ...more

I’ve designed the perfect job. For me.

It begins with cheese. Or perhaps it’s simply that I cannot imagine life without the pleasure of cheese. This is sensory deprivation of the worst sort. And food is all about our senses and emotions. A love of cheese is hardwired into my genetic code. There’s a part of me that’s French après tout. Mainly my stomach, but a few limbs and half my brain too....more
@Denise Exactly. Now to find someone who thinks this is a brilliant idea... ;)more

30% Off at Boden plus Free Shipping and Returns [Last Day]

Today’s the final day to save 30% on clothes for kids, women and men at Boden online (priced as marked). Enjoy free shipping and free returns, too. You just finished reading 30% Off at Boden plus Free Shipping and Returns [Last Day]! Consider leaving a comment!©2005-2013 Angela Wynne,™ Thanks for reading! For more, visit Baby.. ....more

Your Prayers Answered: The Times of Malta Interview Available Now as PDF

FYI Download TIMES interview Thanks for your interest! ...more

Jewelry for DizGeeks

There comes a point in every Disney geek's life when you've had all the Mickey-head charms you can take, and you just want something a little more interesting to show off your pixie-dusted passions. ETSY TO THE RESCUE!  Yep, here are some of the best goodies I've found during my online shopping therapy sessions: ...more