Abandoned And Left To Die, Adorable Pit Bull Finds Forever Home (VIDEO)

This poor Pit Bull's owners had abandoned her in a remote location in a desert area and left her there to die. But she was given a second chance in life when the Los Angeles-based organization Rescue From The Hart called the well-known animal rescue organization Hope For Paws. As it turned out, this scared stranded girl only wanted to find a loving family with lots of love and affection....more

Shed the Tyranny of the To Do List

Recently a client admitted to falling back into an old undesirable habit. Ashley had once again become a tyrant at home. She was obsessed with the cleanliness of her house. She worried about getting things done on time. She stopped interacting with her family. The only time she spoke to them was when she was barking out an order or reprimanding when something was not done correctly or on time. Ashley was obsessed with her to-do list. She was frantic to complete each item. She was becoming very stressed by all she wanted to complete....more

10 Positive Money Affirmations

Money is pervasive in our lives and winds its way through all of our thoughts. More often than not, these thoughts are negative and induce a state of panic or worry.  The stories we tell ourselves directly impact the future that we create and so it is important to make sure that these stories are full of hope....more

Someplace Else

Most days are good days. I find my zone fairly early, and I write while the kids are at school so that I can pay the rent and buy the groceries and shop for the non-sparkly shoes. I am happy to see them walk through the door at half past three, listen to Erin tell me in great detail how her classes were and what she and her friends ate at lunch, and try like hell to nudge Nicholas to say more than ‘ugh’ and ‘I guess.’...more

Reef hide out

I’m a Cancerian. I say that, but I literally fall on the cusp between Cancer and Leo. Had I been born 30 minutes later I would officially be a Leo, although according to some astrologers’ dates I am a Leo not a Cancer. Muddled? Yes, so too is my brain! However the typically Cancerian trait of retreating to hide in my shell is right up there, alongside being very intuitive and being a water lover as key parts of my blueprint....more

Natalie Merchant Ate My Blog Post

Natalie Merchant ate my blog post.Okay, okay. Not really. But kind of. See, this is what happened: I’d planned on being a good little blogger, and had resigned myself to a Saturday night spent with my editorial calendar. I imaged there might be wine, andGilmore Girls looping on Netflix, just for added fun. I aimed big: not only that I’d not only get Saturday’s post done, but that I’d get posts planned out for the entire week....more

Featured Post on Mom Babble: The Evolution of a Mother Runner

One of my writing goals has been to start submitting my work to other websites, and you know, hopefully have it accepted . I’m so excited to share that my essay about how my relationship with running has changed since having my daughter in 2012 is featured today on Mom Babble. ...more

Still a mama...

For months I have been working with colleagues who are mothers of young children, newly entered into childcare situations and suffering the germs and illnesses that come with that. These young moms come to work tired, sharing stories of how little sleep they got the night before because their child was sick.Today is my turn. Except my son is 18, well above the acceptable age for daycare. His "babysitters" are his 30-hour-a-week job at a pizza parlor and his college classes, but despite his 6'4" stature and his apparent maturity, he needed his mama last night....more

Girls Should Never Fart