looking for a little push in life?

I hope this is not seemed as spam here I'm not really sure how this site works but i'm getting there... I want to share my motivational blog with all of you, we all need some motivation, a little push sometimes to achieve some of our personal goals. http://www.andreyarias.com/...more

Mama wants a chicken coop

My poor husband has to wake up each morning to the next best and brilliant idea that I've come up with.  Today I was in the bedroom and the thought struck me...mama want's a chicken coop!"Hey,Davin!- I yell from the other room. "Do you think we have enough room for a chicken?"  ...more

It Just Goes To Show

Isn't it funny how, when we let go of our own timetables, that God starts to move on our behalf?I've been fretting about this whole thing, all the while knowing that doing so wasn't the right way to act. After all, if I trust God the way I say I do, then I can trust His timing, right?...more

A Very Chucky Christmas: Why Chucky from Child's Play is the Inspiration for my Holiday Cheer

My younger brother Jimmy was terrified of Chucky when he was a kid…except at first we didn’t know it was Chucky that he was afraid of because he would just run around the house in petrified hysterics crying, “The doll!! The doll!!”  I don’t know when he watched Child’s Play, but from the minute he did, that scary Chucky doll had scarred him for the rest of his life....more

Redux II - Piss and Whiz

   The Saga of Piss and Whiz continues, and I'm beginning to  have a profound revision of women's urinary problems. Until  now, the need for females to piss seemingly by the hour, was  simply a snickering joke, much like menopause was for so long (and still is.)I heard an ancedote recently whereby a female executive was forcefully and skillfully conducting a business meeting with eight or ten of her male collegues. She commanded the appropriate respect until she announced she had to use the bathroom.Then she was greeted by a chorus of spontanous laughter....more

Is Eating Healthy Really More Expensive?

The Issue: Is Eating Healthy Really More Expensive?...more

Friday We Went To The City And Dave Drew A Snowman On A Tablecloth

You know, we don't get out much.  So we decided to get out of Dodge and go to the "big" city for the day. I use quotes for a very obvious reason.  The city I am speaking of is really not that big. And we didn't even go to the biggest more city-est parts of the city.  We basically went to a shopping center, and people who get excited about that are very sad individuals.  And we are.  They say that acceptance is key in any kind of recovery and we are recovering from chronic smalltownism.  What is Smalltownism you ask?  Well, let me quote the experts....more

The Worst Gifts

With so many opportunities for gift-giving in our fortunate lives, nearly everyone has a story of receiving a terrible, terrible gift. An informal survey of friends recently yielded stories of some real corkers. Settle in with a cup of rose hip tea that your husband’s cousin gave you, even though she knows you spend your days mainlining coffee, and enjoy this list of:...more

This is all I know

The only way I know how to parent is to take the way I was 'raised' and do the extreme complete opposite. Take what advice I'm given bounce it around for a bit and then trash it. I was always told I didn't come with an instruction booklet, therefore, this justified any means with which I was parented.My cover photo on Facebook encapsulates the quote 'Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.'That's all anyone is ever doing anyway. Parenting and beyond....more