10 Things I Hate About the Holidays

10 Things I Hate About the Holidays Christmas is commercialized, Chanukah (my holiday) is boring, and Kwanzaa is a lot like underwear you put on before pantyhose…I’m not sure I understand the point. By all means, enjoy the nog and rotting trees in your living room that violate at least 19 fire-safety laws. This list is for the rest of us.1.     Oil...more

I Did It!! #NaBloPoMo Day 30

I did it! I’ve written every day of National Blog Posting Month. I’ve learned about search engine optimization, and I renamed my blog at the beginning of the month. The old name really didn’t apply anymore. I had written a post entitled, Stepping Aside which explained some realizations I had arrived at over time. Women in their Crone phase of life are often dismissed as emotional and out of control. Menopause is a time of challenge, to be managed....more


This is a rant. I have several pet peeves, as I'm sure is pretty universal, even for peace-loving pseudo optimists. But there's one in particular that's really bugging me right now. I want to cry-scream from the rooftops (and maybe throw some shit), "For the love of all manners and human interaction, back away from your goddamn devices and take off your f*cking headphones!"...more

Past, Present, and Future

As I look back and ponder on the life as how I perceive it…I see someone who needed guidance and discipline. A young girl with abundant dreams and hopes of being “someone” had fallen through the cracks....more

Prepare for Cyber Monday

Black Friday is just one of the best sale days we are lucky enough to have these next few days. I am not one for shopping Black Friday deals but Cyber Monday I am all about. I have a few ways I like to prepare for my shopping on Monday. ...more

Accidental Expatriate

Random Questions To Ask Your Significant Other When You’re Extremely Bored

As great as my relationship is with my husband, and as much as he is my bff in the whole wide world, there’s sometimes where there’s just not much to talk about. Either that or we’re really bored and too dull to think of meaningful conversation....more

This? Why, I Can Make A Hat Or A Brooch Or A Pterodactyl . . . .

Pinterest is the answer. What was the question?<...more