Travel to Rotorua, New Zealand

A trip to the land of the long white cloud would not be complete without visiting the enchanting place called Rotorua. Adventurous people will enjoy the geothermal forces, biking trails, walking tracks and Maori art and culture available all in one place. There are 16 lakes, tall redwood trees and miles of endless activities for families and individuals alike....more

Want a Miracle? Shift Your Perception!

Losing is painful. It doesn’t matter what - a job, a promotion, your health, a lover, a spouse - it’s painful. Sure, the pain is greater, the greater the loss, but whenever we lose something, we feel it deeply....more

New Trails and Paths

Perhaps there is irony in regards the fact that as a transition counselor I am embarking upon a career transition. I am encountering new trails and paths in my career that I have not seen or thought about. Surprisingly, preparing for this change has created more anxiety than I expected. Also not surprisingly, the anxiety I am dealing with is self created.I have no pressure from my new position and have been told there is flexibility in scheduling. In essence, I have the ability to create my job....more

The real life, always something

Had a pretty good day today slept in a little ( although I was up couple times early morning with my 2 year old grand daughter ) we actually got up for the day around 8:30am it's usually 6am....more

5 Strategies For Watching Live TV (Just Like In The 1980s)

Originally Published On Pecked To Death By Chickens...more

Vague Goals Equals Vague Results

It has been said that those who do not have a vision for their future will eventually return to their past. I know how scary it can be to dream big. When we have big dreams, trying to find out where to start can be so overwhelming and intimidating that we may choose to not even start at all.This is actually the natural reaction as it is human nature to seek the path of least resistance.However, there is a key to unlock the secrets of not only starting to work towards your dreams but also to actually finishing what you start. The secret is to have goals!...more

5 Things Everyone Should Forgive Themselves For, but often won’t.

I am the bearer of guilt.  Not just growing up guilt that we are all given as children, but guilt I gave to myself. I don’t believe that self-guilt is primarily a woman’s affliction.  Yet women are the loudest about their burdens. We like to talk about them, regret things, and ponder them out loud for discussion. While men tend to just clam up and silently carry around their guilt. However through the years I’ve come to realize there are some things that are just not worth dragging around with me. Learning to let go of things that are in the past is one of the hardest lessons I’ve ever had to learn. And honestly, I still struggle with accepting when it is time to forgive and forget. I find forgiving myself even tougher. ...more

Friend or Faux

FAUXadjectiveadjective: fauxmade in imitation; artificial, not genuine; fake or falseIf you are a blogger, a Facebook page Admin, an avid reader of your friends' Status Updates, belong to any Facebook Group or happen to engage with people on any social media platform -- you've heard it before. "Those people are NOT real! They are not real friends, they don't even know you and God knows, you don't know them. Why do you spend so much time on that damn thing? Why don't you go out with ACTUAL LIVE PEOPLE?"...more

Bladders and Bears and Butts, Oh My!!

 Vaginal Mesh, Vaginal Sling, Bladder Mesh, Bladder Sling. I have heard these 8 words over the last three months more than I have heard my own name spoken over my 60 years on earth. I don't know what they are. I don't want to know what they are. The visual I conjure in my mind is enough to make me feel I may need an Optical Mesh or Optical Sling....more

Female Genitalia Police

 I recently wrote a humorous piece on things I would never subject my vagina to (key word here being humorous). One of the things on my list was waxing. I have nothing against it personally, I am just a quaking coward and at 59 don't feel the need to bare it all....more