Recent Calligraphy Prints + Projects

I first started doing calligraphy...more

Music: Shakey Graves

If you need a little funky, hand-clapping soul in your life (and who doesn't?)....Then this is the song for you. My friend Carrie posted about Shakey Graves...more

“Take your risks now. As you grow older you become more fearful and less flexible.” — Amy Poehler

How to be Smarter: Great article about how to optimize your experience on LinkedIn. [I am a huge fan of LinkedIn - previous post about it here, and my own LinkedIn is here]. How to be Prettier: I bought these heels in black for a recent wedding and just love them: the thicker heel means you can dance in them easily [I did 4+ hours on the dance floor pain-free] and the gold heel is just really fun ....more

Back from the Residential Living

It is I, Jones....more


Life has been a bit of a blur lately. I turned 29 years old on Monday, so it’s a new year. For me, and for you too,...more

The Best Views of Paris

Bonjour! I’m Sara from Simply Sara Travel and I’m thrilled to be able to share with you some of my favorite spots in Paris. I love my new home for many reasons, one of them being just how gorgeous this city is to walk around and just be in ....more

How to: Plan a Tea Party

I’ve mentioned my (wedding planner) friend Cynthia a few times on my blog. She’s an incredibly talented event planner, and everything she puts together seems to go off without a hitch. The adorable Cynthia! ...more

Beyonce Shares Bikini Pictures From Luxury Yacht Vacation

Beyonce uploaded a series of new vacation pictures to her website and among them were these bikini pictures that showed off her trim figure. Some say they prove she's not pregnant after all. I only smile...all I can say is that she looks incredible ...more

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do what you love

Transformations How often do you do the things you love? Do you give yourself the time to do the things that make you happy?I don't know about you, but I get very wrapped up in day to day living. Doing my daily tasks ....more