3 Steps To Come Up With The Perfect Blog Name

Picking the perfect blog name (and domain name) that attracts potential visitors/clients, is memorable and projects the message you want to convey, can be one of the biggest challenges when starting or rebranding your blog. Sometimes your name just comes to you instantly, sometimes you need to spend some time thinking and brainstorming options. Some […] ...more

An Interesting Idea on Sensible Gun Control

I love Ronni Bennett. ...more

B2G1 Free Cards at Cardstore through Wednesday

Buy two custom cards at Cardstore.com and get another FREE (or buy four and get two free, etc.). Use coupon code...more

In My Mailbox #11

I went back and counted-- this is my eleventh In My Mailbox post. At some point I started numbering them and then stopped again. As usual, not all of these technically arrived in the mail.First, my Labor Day Sale haul from the local Half Price Books: Displays by the checkout are for people like me ....more

Iron Tribe Huntsville

This is original content by C.A. Marks | Moxie Beautiful I have officially made the switch from CrossFit Impulse to Iron Tribe Huntsville. It is a bittersweet adaptation. The explanation.. ....more

10 Unique Baby Halloween Costumes

Baby costumes are straight adorable. I love all the creative ideas out there...more

My Brand New Site + Quit Your Job to Blog Giveaway!

It's been a whirlwind week and it's only the beginning! When I first started blog consultations (over a year ago) I never thought it would turn into online courses that 100s are joining. Because of this I wanted to have a new site, dedicated specifically to these courses ....more

Eggplant Meatballs

These meatless “meatballs” have been on rotation in our house for quite awhile now. ...more

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Like I've said many times before, I love sharing content that's helpful and valuable. But, every now and then, I think it's nice to bring in a bit of a personal touch. After all, it's hard to really listen to someone day in and day out if you don't know anything about them....more