By The Time You're Reading This...

By the time you’re reading this my Memorial weekend has hopefully already started.I’ve already made the painful 7 hour drive back to Nebraska with Chris driving, and 70 pound Harlow sitting on my lap the entire way- breathing heavily and farting at his leisure. Same goes for Harlow. Just kidding (although I think we all know I’m not.)We’ve already had our pre road trip bickers ....more

Nowhere but up from a trashed chicken, right??

Well. As you all know, I had an epically bad start to my week, at least as food waste goes. Throwing away a whole chicken = not exactly a fortuitous start ....more

The Blogger Vs. Wordpress Debate

To help us clear some of the air and talk about the benefits of Blogger, Kristyn and I got together to dicuss the benfits. She's talking all about Wordpress, I'm focusing on why Blogger is best. Let's get started! ...more

D Town

As I mentioned yesterday, we jetted to Dallas recently thanks to some super cheaper Frontier flights. We had a fabulous time and due to a cancelled flight and an extra day there, we contemplated just moving in with our friend Whitney. ...more

thoughts for friday

>> C graduated! We had such a great weekend with family celebrating this impressive accomplishment. I'm incredibly proud of him for achieving this goal and for pursuing his dream no matter what ....more

5 Must See Attractions of Chile

The South American country of Chile is one that never fails to impress visitors, especially those who love awe-inspiring natural scenery. Add to that the warmth and sense of fun of the friendly Chilean people, and you have the perfect recipe for a great time. Chile has visitor attractions throughout the country, and the following are just a few of the many great sights and locations awaiting any visitors ....more

Bachelorettes on the Run in Portland, Maine

Despite being a native New Englander, it took 30 years for me to make it to Portland, Maine!...more

Hello, Friday! Link Roundup + The BEST Memorial Day Weekend Sales

Happy Friday, friends! It has been a busy couple weeks! Last weekend my husband and I went to the Frieze Art Fair here in NYC ....more

Oh Hey, Friday!

Want to hear the reason I haven't blogged all week? ...more