July 2014 Updates (and Link Round-Up)

If you read the major update earlier this week than you know exactly where my head is at right now. Mike and I are moving to Seattle in about ten days and things are crazypants. Unlike prior moves to Mexico, South America etc, This one involves more than just packing a single suitcase ....more

Questions and Answers; Ask Away

Hello and happy Thursday my friends. It's the last day of my four days off and I'm off trying to get some organization in this house. Mostly because I had a burst of inspiration for some things I'd like to do around these parts and in order to make those things happen, I need to get organized first ....more

Book Talk

First and foremost, happy 33rd birthday Harry Potter!!! I’m going to drink a whole lot of beer in your honor. City of Thieves During the Nazis’ brutal siege of Leningrad, Lev Beniov is arrested for looting and thrown into the same cell as a handsome deserter named Kolya ....more

Chibok Community Says The Presidency Shared N22.4M Directly To Parents And Girls

The Chibok community in Abuja has explained that contrary to reports that the Presidency gave them N100m, it was Dan Adebiyi,...more

paint colors of our home

Let’s talk about something very serious. Paint colors. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CONSERVATIVE GRAY I’ve always loved grey paint colors, but finding...more

Peek into My Home: Gallery Wall Revamp

While I was visiting my sister a couple months ago, my husband Joel got a wild hair to do a little decorating. Now Joel always says that decorating decision are up to me, and although he has some strong opinions, that’s pretty much true. I’m also the one who does all hanging, assembling of IKEA furniture, etc ....more

Making Charging Easier

I charge my phone every day (shocking, I know). And every day I look for the charging cord- sometimes it is under the bed, sometimes under the bedside table, sometimes it is just gone. It is always plugged in to the power strip under my bed, but I can never seem to find it ....more

Do You Compress?

I've talked before about how much I love ProCompression calf sleeves in my post on "6 Tips for Faster Post-Run Recovery." It was tip #5: compress your calves. I've found this to be fantastic for recovery after a particularly long or tough run. I am a Sweat Pink ambassador, and recently I was offered the chance to review a pair of ProCompression socks ....more

I'm no longer a pie virgin! [gluten free pie crust recipe]

In an effort to make my mom proud earlier this week, I set to work on mastering a gluten free pie crust so that when she comes to visit later this year, I can have one waiting for her.You want to know a secret? I have never baked a pie in my life. Why would I bake pies when I could simply have my mom do it? ...more

10-year-old Female Suicide Bomber Arrested in Katsina Wearing Explosives Belt

A 10-year-old girl, suspected to be a suicide bomber...more