High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday, ya'll — and a happy "almost Fourth of July" to you, as well! I went a little patriotic with the title photo today in honor of the holiday. How's that for sticking with a theme?This week was busy as always, but that's really nothing new at this point! ...more

Don’t Sweat the Rain & Make Some #GloriousMesses with Green Works!

Once the winter weather finally subsided, I had hoped that the warm sunny days...more

Fri-yay July 3rd!

It’s Fri-yay, and my husband is home with me all day! Fri-yay!! I’m sure you’ve noticed from most of my blog posts this week that my friend Nina has been in town ....more

Cruising Weirdtown, USA

Sometimes, zooming around town hither and yon, I see interesting things. Weird stuff. You probably do, too ....more

Annabelle Cosmetics Fall 2015

Nude eyeshadow palettes, double-sided eyeliners, lipsies, blushes and more! We are in the middle of an early summer heat wave here in Vancouver. Not even joking ....more

My Outfit Photography Process

If you read my outfit post on Wednesday, you may remember I mentioned wanting to write about the process behind style photos. Well, guess what: I actually did, and this is that post. Here, I’m going to tell you about everything that happens between ‘deciding to shoot an outfit’ and ‘getting enough pictures on my camera to call it a day.’ I’ll try to account for people who shoot with tripods and remotes, but obviously, what works for me may not work for you ....more

Fourth of July Weekend!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July which is a big celebration for the USA filled with noisy booms. I'll be celebrating from under the nearest bed or inside the closet or my cubby... However you celebrate, we hope you have a Happy Independence Day! ...more

Blogger Love Vol. 48

This was one of those weeks where I was impressed by so many posts I read. ...more

The Stage at Marie-Antoinette's Theater

From Anna Gibson ....more

What does having more money really change in the end?

My parents were musing the other day about what they would do if they won the lottery. I always thought that if you had more […] ...more