Chapter Closed

Well, almost…our house sold today. It’s officially over. As a result of the finishing touches I had to complete this week, it’s been extremely emotional for me, lots of crying ....more

My First Visit To Hogsmeade & Diagon Alley!

Last Tuesday Florida had a single day of truly cold weather - we're talking, like, fifty degrees! - so John and I dropped everything and finally - FINALLY - went to Universal.John's been to Hogsmeade once before, but embarrassingly enough I'd never been to either of the new Harry Potter areas. I've watched tons of walk-through videos online, clicked through every slideshow, listened to the stage shows, read all the ride reviews, drooled over the merchandise and menus, and generally fangirled over every detail ....more black friday deals

Tummy Control Fleece Leggings – 7 Colors Here is the original link to this post: black friday deals ....more

Anything is POSSIBLE!

When I was performing in Boston, we would put up a brand new revue show every few months....more

The Mall on Black Friday?

Where do you like to shop on Black Friday? Will you be hopping around to different stand alone stores, trolling the mall, or doing the online thing? The convenience of a mall is definitely a plus, especially the convenience of being able to shop for everyone on your list if you plan ahead ....more

“Thanks for Causing a Rift Bitch”- And How I Responded (A Coffee Shop Confrontation)

I like to think that I’m a pretty nice person – too nice of a person? — so bitch isn’t a word that I am entirely used to being called. And even though the reason for the comment was completely ridiculous it still hurt ....more

My thoughts on Black Friday

In a blog that I am well aware is largely devoted to material things, I'd like to share my thoughts on the most material of holidays. ...more

Work It: Liv Jacket

So what do you think? Leave a comment and let me know! Lafayette 148 Liv jacket – $203.31 – Photo: I like this vibrant Lafayette 148 Liv jacket from Bloomingdale’s ....more

easy pesto with almonds

In our travels, Robert and I often skip restaurants in favor of a more intimate option... picnics! ...more

Holiday Photo Shoot

We ran out to the ‘burbs with Sarah + Lucas who talked about this park like we were supposed to know about this park and then, once we got up there, I understood why we needed to know about this park. Tilden, I believe. This time of year, the leaves are crunchy and more yellow than not ....more