Stumbling Proudly

I've been feeling the strains of beginning anew lately. Let's face it - starting to date someone is always messy. New person, new energy, new triggers and sensitivities ....more

Top Diaper Deals of the Week [Amazon Deals – 5/3

New to Baby Cheapskate? Welcome! and don’t forget to...more

Top Amazon Baby Wipes Deals of the Week [5/3]

Welcome to BC’s weekly rundown of the best wipes deals I’m seeing through...more

Meal plan for May 4th – 10th

Warning: gratuitous t-ball photos ahead! Playing with his nasty loose tooth I wish I could share photos of him batting, but they include other people and show the name of his team....more

Do you live inspired?

I’d like to be one of those people who carries a beautiful notebook like this one around and jots down inspirational things that they see and hear. (Don’t tell me to use an app, it’s just not the same.)...more

Marie-Antoinette Gives Alms to the Blind

The Queen and Madame Royale assisting a blind man. Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette were founders of a charitable society called the Maison Philanthropique that cared for the blind, the aged and widows ....more

Cinco de Mayo Cocktails: Herradura Vesuvio

In honor of Cinco de Mayo and our love of cocktails, we will give you a few days of cocktail recipes that help you to celebrate in a great way. Next up we give you a spicy cocktail…ENJOY!!! Herradura Vesuvio Ingredients: 2oz...more

Tales from the 18th Century Old Bailey

From Madame Gilflurt: In 2017, Pen and Sword will publish my second non-fiction work, Tales from the 18th Century Old Bailey. The book will offer a peek into the annals of the most famous criminal court in the world, in what must arguably be the most tumultuous century in British history. In an era when the Bloody Code sent thousands of men and women to the gallows and saw children transported to the far side of the world for what seem now like the most trivial of wrongdoings, an appointment with the judges of the Old Bailey was the last thing any self-respecting miscreant wanted to receive!From bloody murder to impulsive shoplifting via not so dandy highwaymen and the real stories behind Mother Clap’s Molly House, a microcosm of Georgian society passed through the Old Bailey as tragic prostitutes and murderous hangmen alike found themselves standing before the bench ....more

John Made Me Cry Today, And He Doesn't Even Know It

John's been sick this week, so it's been kinda quiet over here as he sleeps and sniffles the days away. (I would say it's "just" a head cold, but given the sonic boom quality of his rapid fire sneezes, there is no "just.") He always insists on sleeping on the couch when he's sick, and growls angrily if I get too close to "the contagion zone," no matter how hard I roll my eyes.Today John started to feel slightly human again, so I tried to convince him to sleep in the bed for the afternoon. "I'm not even in there," I said, "You won't get me sick! ...more


I think I need some vitameatavegamin. Just got home from a long road trip. The post Vitameatavegamin appeared first on Eve Out of the Garden ....more