Sunset In Newport

I snapped this photo at Fort Adams in Newport, RI. Sunset In Newport, Rhode Island Post Card by Bougie Girl Three years ago, I wrote a memoir about my 2 years living in Newport, RI. I laid it all out there ....more


Quite a while back Claire, over at Somewhere Beyond The Sea...more

Spoonie Spotlight: Brittany

Happy Sunday and welcome to this week's Spoonie Spotlight. Today I'm featuring Brittany! Spoonie Spotlight is my way to use my platform to share the stories of others living with arthritis or an arthritis-related condition ....more

April’s Goals List – Before the Big Move

It was an exciting month for Local Adventurer. :) It started with our friends getting married, then my family visited for a week, and we celebrated my grandma’s 97th birthday. Afterwards, we road tripped to Bryce, Capitol Reef, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, and Grand Staircase-Escalante for four days where there was no signal and barely any wifi ....more

18 Months in England

Well, I'm sitting here today on this rainy British Sunday, coffee cup in hand, reminiscing on the past 18 months. Wow. I can't believe it's been 18 months! ...more

It’s tea time

Let’s have a cup of tea today, shall we?...more

The Denver Zoo

This week was spring break for our area's school district so my husband and I decided to take our grandsons to spend the day in the Denver Zoo! (All photos and photo collages in this post can be enlarged for easier viewing if clicked on) The Denver Zoo is located at 2300 Steele Street in Denver, Colorado and is an 80 acre facility, founded in 1896. It is one of the most popular attractions in Denver ....more

Cinderella (2015)

Cinderella as a servant in her own home Dreams come true Arriving at the Ball Meeting the Prince at the Ball Dancing at the Ball Fairy Godmother Ella's Mother Ella's Mother:Have courage and be kind....more

#NigeriaDecides - Initial 2015 Presidential Election Results Are Probably Fake

Using the #NigeriaDecides hashtag for wider reach, the official INEC Nigeria Twitter account has warned that no announcements for the 2015 Presidential Election Results be made by any third parties. However, their threat has not stopped some sites from releasing unverified and probably cooked up and fake results for the elections which just held yesterday.While it is very likely that most results from polling stations have been counted, I find it stretching credulity that LG level and State level results could have been collated overnight. It is probably advisable for all to wait till INEC to release final results in 48 hrs as they promised ....more

Birthdays & Beginnings

Today was my fiance's birthday. The third year without him here. You always think it's going to get easier ....more