Wednesday with Chey

Yeah, I’m here. I stayed up so late the other night laughing at the Woman after she sat in Gemini’s yak that I’m feeling a bit fatigued ....more

My weekend ...


Crazy Diets: Two Hot Twin Doctors Put the “Low Fat” and “Heavy Protein” Diets to the Test. Guess Which Came Up on Top?

Chris and Alexander “Xand” van Tulleken, twins who also happen to be doctors, recently embarked on an experiment to see which diets were worse–the low/no fat diet versus the high protein/low/no carbs diet. Chris did low fat, Xand did high protein. They followed a very strict regimen for what foods they ate with no variance ....more

Cubby's Crew

Have you signed up for Cubby's Crew yet? You can sign your kids, ages 13 and under for just $6.00. This get's your child free admission to every Friday night home game ....more


It started this morning with flakes so fine it looked more like the air was moving instead of snow. Then they got larger and larger until they were fluffy and there was no mistake. It was snowing ....more

Kumquats! I Can’t Believe I Was Sleeping On Them…

Do you know what a kumquat is? It’s the color of an orange, and it sort of taste like an orange peel. Not the most appetizing by itself, but mix it in a vodka tonic (love you, Daddy Karazin) or a smoothie and wowzers…so delicious and nutritious ....more

Counting sheep and Noah’s ark

Some nights I don’t sleep well....more

'Philomena": The Book

"These things did tale place" said Steve Coogan on The View. Coogan wrote the script for the Oscar-nominated film Philomena and played Martin Sixsmith the journalist who helped Philomena Lee find her son, Anthony, placed by Irish nuns for adoption in the United States in 1955.Yes, these things did take place and they still do. The players are different: social workers and lawyers have replaced nuns as marketeers of children ....more

My 50 Plus Face Faux Pas

Your skin is so dry,” said my esthetician D. “What have you been using on your face? Have you been exfoliating?” I was embarrassed to say that I had gotten lazy and stopped using my Clarisonic brush ....more

January 28 - Dinner

Breakfast! It's what's for dinner at least once a week here in the Middle of Nowhere ....more