Monthly Snapshot {July 2015}

Oh my July, why you go so fast??? I spent about half the month away from home which of course made the last few weeks go by faster than normal. Or at least, they seemed to anyway ....more

30 Free Apps to Test Drive Before Freshman Year

Once you touch down in the never-never land of summer between high school graduation and freshman year, the time you spend with your teen in the very same room is rare and precious. Though you want to nab him to shop for dorm provisions and to complete his college paperwork, all he really wants to do is check his group texts to see where and when his friends are gathering next. But snare your illusive teen, ask him to sit with you, phone in hand, and take a look at a these great free apps to download now before he’s truly gone ....more

4 Crucial Additions to the College Dorm List

College freshmen are finalizing plans for school and, no doubt, their university has provided them with a long list of necessary items – immunization forms, financial information, and registration instructions. In our household, my wife and teen have downloaded the college dorm list and headed off to Bed Bath and Beyond to get the requisite shower caddies and surge protectors. They’ve rented the micro fridge and selected the meal plan ....more

Simply Saturday


[Eat] Hot Milk Cake

The past few rainy days have called for one thing. Hibernating inside with cake and cup of tea. It's hard to believe that this is summer ....more

Fitness Friday - Transformations

It is so important to take pictures during your fitness journey - MANY PICTURES.Wouldn't you want to be your own motivation? Instead of looking at Victoria Secret models and super fit girls on Tumblr and Pinterest, we need to motivate ourselves in a healthy way. Every single one of us is unique ....more

Table Manners

Time for a refresher from Southern Lady: Q: Cloth napkins add lovely touches to dining. What are the rules for napkin use during and after the meal? A: The use of the napkin seems a simple thing, but opinions vary ....more

In the world of Save. Spend. Splurge.

*mesmerized*…..What an incredible photo spread of food. How badly do I want… this ring,...more

Sculpting Fruit

From Victoria: About ten years ago, after Eva was injured in a...more

Becoming a Southern Lady

An essay. To quote: Born and raised in the South, I have naturally known Southern ladies all my life, starting with my momma, her friends, and my aunts; moving on to my schoolteachers, Sunday school teachers, and the mothers of my friends. As a child, I simply assumed all women were like these wonderful ladies who, each in her own way, strongly, gently, and often unintentionally shaped who I grew up to be ....more