My Family Thinks I'm in a Hotel. I'm Homeless.

Homelessness is all around us, and often many of us choose to overlook it, ignore it, and blame the homeless person for being in this situation. We say they are not responsible, they drink, they do drugs—it is their own problem. I am writing this to share my personal experience as a homeless woman....more
All the best as you break out of your homelessness.  You seem like a fighter and a manager.  All ...more

I'm Not a Great Dancer But I'm a Dance Enthusiast

I’m not the world’s greatest dancer, although I’m completely uninhibited. It’s not that I’m a bad dancer, but I lack a certain “wow” that you often see on a dance floor, like when an otherwise unremarkable cousin busts a move at a family wedding. Image: Stewart...more

Same-Sex Marriage: Why Everybody's Right ... and Wrong

Lines have been drawn, the symbolic moral high road taken, and the demands for social demanded in the latest showdown between Christians and homosexuals in the War on Marriage/ Battle for Marriage Equality. (It all depends on which side of the fence you're on. But everyone seems to agree that they are engaged in combat of some sort.)...more
janespringfield Good point.  And "Dresses for Jesus" is kind of catchy.  And I would definitely ...more

Is There an American Right To Education?

Why does the United States mandate education up to the 12th grade, but not beyond?...more
And why does our public responsibility to children not start until age 5? Better to put ...more

What if You Can't Unplug? Being Productive While Still Checking Social Media

In a few weeks, my kids will return to school and I will get back to work.  Sure, I've been working all summer, but at a much lighter load.  In the fall, things will pick up again, and I will have to find the discipline to tear myself away from email, social media accounts, and blogs for a few hours a day lest I get nothing accomplished. Do me a favour and help me by not posting so many good thoughts online that I can't help reading.  Re-entry is always rough. ...more
I don't know if you'd be interested, but if your main browser is Chrome, there's an app that you ...more

I'm In Love with All of the Important People In My Life

"Epiphany" in English, the "Ah-ha moment" in Oprah, call it what you will, I had one — at 40. After a lifetime of plunging head-first into all-encompassing relationships with all the wrong paramours, I recently realized that I was, and could be, in love with all of the important people in my life — as a group — and therefore, give my significant other a big, fat break. ...more

This Is Not My Body

These aren’t my hips, breasts, calves, skin, or hair. The curves swallowing me whole, the sagging, the structure, and the shape, don’t belong only to me. They don’t tell my story....more
Love this...thanks for writing it!more

Reasons to Get a Master's Degree

Only approximately 11% of the population has a master’s degree, and many would argue that a college degree is sufficient for getting your foot in the door to a good job. Depending on what you majored in at college, you may agree with this statement. I know a ton of accounting majors who got jobs right after we all graduated college, while the liberal arts majors looked around and said, “back to Mom and Dad’s?”...more
You shared some great advice, particularly on networking and gaining new skills. I was fortunate ...more

College Students Need All The Handy Stuff in This Gift Guide

College! It's time to go to college! Get ready to spend all the money at Target! But after you've gone crazy stocking up on matching comforters, shower caddies and collapsible laundry hampers, think about surprising your favorite student (or yourself) with some of these more original supplies....more

Budgeting for Back to School: Tips to Save Money on Everything from Backpacks to Pencils

Yay, back to school time! Sure, new stuff might soften the landing a bit for kids who are reluctant and cranky about starting the new school year. But what if you don't need anything to buy anything new this year? What if the school stuff they were just using back in June is still fine and acceptable for September? ...more
Your point regarding pants with blown out knees and other clothing that's pretty rough is pretty ...more