The Problem With Delegating Parenthood

As a childcare provider I get a lot of requests from parents. Some of them are completely reasonable and understandable, like a request to use bug spray on a child who is allergic to mosquito bites. Some are on the verge of inconvenient, like a parent who wants me to change their child into a fresh outfit right before pick-up three to four times a month because she is going out with friends. Then there are the ones that are completely over-the-top inappropriate and come under the heading of: "The delegation of all parental duties." ...more
Excellent points!! I have used childcare for many years. I've valued our long term in home care ...more

Family First: Why I'm One of 3 Moms Filming the Push For Paid Family Leave

Now that both Democrats and Republicans are talking about paid family leave, three women are making a documentary about the issue....more

The Organized Girl's Guide to Packing for Travel

VACATION! We're going on vacation with three of our closest friends this upcoming week. We're all leaving our babies behind with their very loving and very capable grandparents. I’m equal parts excited and nervous. ...more
Great article with good tips<:} As someone who has traveled back and forth between Mexico and ...more

Learning to Accept That "No" Is a Complete Sentence

"No" is a complete sentence. That line used to drive me crazy when my kids were little. Remember those days when every request, every plea, every last ounce of your mommy-breath received a "no"? Do you remember their determined little faces, squeezed into such ferociousness, fists in the air? ...more
JanErickson  Jan, your kind words are so appreciated. I hope that I (and other moms) are ...more

An Open Letter to America’s Parents and Teachers: Let’s Make Our Testing Smarter

Here’s a simple question: If your kids had more free time at school, what would you want them to do with it?...more
I am excited to hear what will take place with this new reform from test focused teaching. ...more

How to Make $204 This Month Selling Your Writing

Did you know that you don't need to have an English degree or a long list of impressive bylines to make money from your writing? There are tons of places you can submit personal essays, humor stories, lists, how-to's and more that will pay for your content. Here are 26 places to consider. ...more
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10 Life Lessons I Learned from Quitting My Job

Last week was the one year anniversary of me quitting my job. I wouldn't have noticed the date if it weren't for a recent conversation with a fellow mom regarding working after motherhood. And I noticed that it has already been a year since I quit! I have been bloody busy and I've hardly had any time these last few months to take notice of the distance between me and my ex-job....more
Jenee D J-MOM Thank you. My father-in-law said I need to refresh, too before I get back.more

Adulting Sucks: 7 Ways to Fake It Like a Boss

Can we discuss the “A” word for a moment? And no, I don’t mean that word – I mean “adult.” Adulting sucks. I suck at being an adult... ...more
FANTASTIC post! I laughed out loud. Even though... I do all those adult things... which makes me ...more

One SAHM's Not-So-Secret Resentment

Before I had kids and before I was married, I had big, fat dreams of living in New York City and owning my own event planning company. I'd wear high-end clothes that even Olivia Pope would envy. I'd be invited to fancy galas and black tie events. I'd even be honored at a few of them. I had it all mapped out: I'd be married by 27 and I’d have my first and only child at age 32. ...more
Thank you for reading it and truly understanding me.more

Is Cleaning Demeaning?

One of my responsibilities at my new job happens to involve cleaning. When I read the job description, I knew it mentioned “light cleaning” but did not exactly know what that consisted of. Having been my own full-time housekeeper since I became a stay-at-home mom almost 14 years ago, I didn’t mind. Sure, it isn’t ideal when I really want to write or edit professionally full-time, but what with my family’s schedule, this temporarily fits the bill....more
DeliberateMom Thanks! I'm much happier when things are clean, so that is a point of pride to ...more