5 Tips For Female Entrepreneurs Breaking Into Startups

Tech entrepreneurs are leading drivers of economic development, introducing ground-breaking and innovative technologies, creating jobs for thousands, and improving lives all over the world with new products and services. However, their potential to transform society is limited. The startup scene will continue failing to meet its full potential until half of the world’s population is adequately represented amongst its ranks - and by this, I mean greater inclusion of women....more
BLANKSPACES Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress. #SethGodinmore

10 Things I Learned From Flying Around the World With an Infant

By the time my daughter was 6 months old, she had circumnavigated the globe. Over the course of nearly 24,000 miles and 48 hours in the air, we learned a few tricks, which are useful whether you’re traveling for an hour or a day. 1. Don’t worry about the crying. ...more
Definitely. I pack one going to my destination and also leaving - I almost got stranded at the ...more

WTF! I Found My First Gray Hair

So first off, WTF. Seriously body, WTF? I’m not even 40 yet. Almost, but no. No, no, no. This shouldn’t be happening. You owe me a really great explanation for this shit. One minute, I’m a care-free, fully brunette babe, and the next minute... BAM! Grandma. ...more
I'm not even 30 and I started finding gray hairs :(more

Who's Number 1? You! (Or, At Least You Should Be in 2016)

I have a few confessions for the New Year. I haven't had my hair cut in well over a year, maybe more. I wear it slung up in a messy bun most days, and some days I don't even comb it. I am far overdue for a dental cleaning, and I need a routine visit with my doctor as well. Let's not even discuss the sad state of affairs of my weight, skin, fingernails, and feet. ...more
Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement, Rioannie! I can only hope sharing my own ...more

10 Things to Do Now for Financial Success in 2016

A lot of times, the world of personal finance many seem complicated and confusing but below are 10 simple things that you can put into effect for your personal finances in 2016 to make things less complicated and make planning your finances so much easier. 1.) Pay Yourself First Contribute to your retirement accounts (401k, 403b, IRA, ROTH etc.) first by automating this process as soon as you get paid. ...more

One SAHM's Answer to the Dreaded Question: 'Do You Work?'

We volunteer at school (but not too much). We get involved with sports (but not too much). We show up at every poetry reading, tipi-making event, book club, swim meet, hockey game, glockenspiel recital, and gallery opening ... ...more
Rivkasmom That makes way more sense than "Stay at Home Mom." I don't know any SAHMs who actually ...more

100 Minutes of Me Time

There is a phenomenal woman that I work with. Every day she comes into the office a half-hour early, sits in the break room and reads. She regularly encourages other people to take time to do the things they love. And when I once asked her who she could make happier, she said she wanted to make herself happier by putting the same amount of time into her interests as she invests in the people around her....more

Granny Fanny Bo-Banny (Or, Why I'm Too Young to Be a Grandmother)

At the age of 46, I became a grandmother. I don’t know how it happened. I mean, I’m not stupid. I know HOW it happened, I just don’t know WHAT happened. To my life, that is. Where’d it go so fast? The worst part of the grandmother gig was The Name Game. ...more
kathybrowndavis Love it!  I think it suits you.  :)more

Why 2016 Should Be the Year You Start Playing Big

If you've never heard Tara Mohr speak at a BlogHer conference, you'll definitely want to check out her book, PLAYING BIG. I've been to fourteen BlogHer conferences and events, and Tara was definitely one of my favorite speakers. Her book? A must-read, in my opinion. Tara talked to BlogHer about her Playing Big mantra, her book (now in paperback) and her webinar for BlogHer. Read on!...more
Thank you for a well-spoken reminder that everything we need already exists inside of us. This ...more

10 Tips to Help Your Startup Compete with the Big Boys

When you’re first starting out with a few thousand angel dollars and hanging out in founders’ circles at networking  events (where everyone has tags that proudly display their names, followed by catchy, but made up words like Zymergen, Xobni, and Parse.ly), it might seem like you’re playing in the toddler park. ...more
SocialMktgFella Thanks for the mention! Though technically... Parse.ly is not a totally made up ...more