Packing Just for Me: An Empty Nest Vacation

Vacation. Spending quality time with family, touring exciting cities, hiking new mountains, and tasting new foods are all images that are conjured up when I think of a vacation. I love just about everything about a vacation: no dishes to clean, no beds to make, no laundry to wash, no time schedule that needs to be adhered to -- and the list could go on and on. ...more
@uniqueandnovel I couldn't agree with you more about the getting lost in a painting! I have ...more

My Husband Won't Let Me Go Back to Work

Last night, my husband and I got into an argument. ...more
Ha! I used to say that myself!more

Could I Actually Become a Full-Time Blogger?

"You want to do what? Can you really make money at that?" is the reaction I usually get when I talk about wanting to leave the 9-to-5 world to stay home and become a full-time blogger. It’s said in the same condescending “Oh, that’s cute” voice used when a three-year-old says she wants to be the next president or pop star. Now don’t get me wrong, my family and friends are supportive of my blog and writing, but many view it as more of a hobby than something “real.” But I know it’s real. So the question is, do I have what it takes to leave the work world I’ve known and make a-go of this, writing in my space and picking up freelance work because of my blog? ...more
I regret that I'm just now seeing this! My 10- year telecommunications sales career came to a ...more

Announcing the BlogHer PRO '13 Keynote Speakers: Porter Gale and Daria Musk

Today we are thrilled to announce our two keynote speakers for BlogHer PRO '13 (register here!): Marketing expert Porter Gale and entrepreneurial musician, Daria Musk. ...more

What It's Like to Be a Pit Crew Chief at a Drag Race

Yesterday was Musclepalooza, a bi-annual drag race my husband Paul competes in. It was a hot day, with 150% humidity -- pretty yucky weather for racing and watching racing. Many people have asked me if I get bored while I’m at these events with Paul. But I am the pit crew chief, so there are things that I need to do. I am also the only member of the pit crew, so I have to do all the things. ...more
@RebeccaRaige Thanks!  He has had this car since before I met him 9 years ago.  My favorite part ...more

Slowing Down and Seeing God Through My Camera Lens

I take a lot of pictures. I mean, a lot of pictures. Ever since we bought one of those cameras that makes a regular mom look like a semi-capable photographer, I have probably taken somewhere in the thousands. I easily unload 100+ a week from my smart card. Sometimes I worry that I’m guilty of watching life happen through a lens rather than right in front of me. But other times, I know that my kids -- my babies -- are growing up in a blur and I feel that if don’t snap those precious moments, they might just fade away. ...more
I love this.  I feel the same way so often.  I don't want to take pictures with the idea of ...more

On Not Feeling Connected to Your Baby

I am sometimes struck by one very vivid memory of being pregnant with my firstborn, riding home from the ultrasound with the woman who would eventually become my daughter's mother. My daughter was kicking my bladder and ribs and everything she could so fiercely. My daughter's potential adoptive mom asked if she could touch my belly, I agreed, and as she did... my daughter stopped moving. I watched as my daughter's potential mom's face fell. She longed for some kind of connection. It made me sad for her. ...more
My kids' father was really open about his envy, especially when it came to breastfeeding, oddly ...more

I Tossed My Pants, and I Liked It

I could not leave the house like this, with my underwear creating total mayhem under my jeans. The top two inches of my bum was exposed. My tag-flag was niggling. My lady bits were in danger of busting free entirely if I ordered the wrong entree or leaned too far in any direction....more
Great article.more

Childfree Response to "Of Pleasure and Parenthood"

I call this "On pleasure and personhood -- the final word." Last year I was visiting my childhood friend, now a mother, when dinner time arrived. She squirted ketchup onto her daughter’s plate and then her son’s. And then mine. I looked at it. She immediately recognized her mistake and laughed. She knew I could squirt my own ketchup, she said, but she was just so used to doing it … she apologized (still laughing) for overstepping her role as “mother” by inadvertently mothering me. ...more
I'm late to the conversation, but I too feel uncomfortable defending my decision to not have ...more

24 Pounds of Happiness

When Stephanie asked me to write a post on happiness, I thought, well, this is easy! So I started compiling a list of all of the things that make me happy. Like that new, just-out-of-the-box shoe smell, a cold beer on a warm summer afternoon, some cheesy queso dip with crispy chips ... but then I thought, wait. Let's focus on ONE thing that brings me ridiculous amounts of happiness each and every day. This thing .... ...more
awwww so cute. my pooches definitely bring me daily happiness too :)more