'Coming Out' to Family with Disbelief

Being honest with family about something as personal as spiritual beliefs or non-beliefs can be a daunting challenge, especially with the onset of the holidays. One blogger wrestles with the concept in her own way:...more
I'm not sure which is worse: coming out as an atheist to believer folks, or coming out as a ...more

Save Lives: Do NOT Drive Distracted!

This post is a hair-raising reminder of a bad habit that we all need to break. Whatever is happening on our phones - guess what? It can wait:...more

Eco-Travel Tales From Central America

If you’ve been shopping for a vacation destination lately, you have probably come across the term "eco-tourism". Brochures – made from recycled paper of course -  entice guests with panoramic views from private lounge chairs on teak-decked terraces. Zip lines traverse deep gorges over the rainforest canopy while Howler monkeys frolick in their natural habitat. These venues boast of private reserves, diverse ecosystems and an opportunity to experience nature in unprecedented fashion....more

A M/M Romance: "Frat Boy and Toppy"

I really enjoyed seeing a coming-out tale that wasn't mired down by a bunch of emotional dreck. There's certainly a place for the serious, emotion-pummeling stuff. I have enjoyed many a thoughtful, heartfelt, intense M/M read, but I also love getting a healthy dose of temperature-raising smutty goodness with lots to chuckle about besides. And that is exactly what Tenino offers readers with this one. ...more

Battle of Self-Loathing: Embracing Imperfection

We all do this, sell ourselves short, let that bitchy inner critic have the last word. Throw in long, critical looks in the mirror plus a blogging summit and this woman maxed out on self-loathing. These days she's looking into what the Japanese call "wabi-sabi", embracing the imperfection:...more

Ditching the 'What's Next?' Mindset

We are all trained to aspire to a life that's bigger, better and more, more, more stuff. But what about appreciating what you have right now? Being happy and grateful for today's riches instead of always dreaming of what's next? This wise blogger gives it a go:...more
@momtinilounge Exactly. -Momomore

Abraham The Fish

Dreading the idea of even more mouths to feed, a mother strikes a sneaky deal with her pet-loving kids, only to have her plan backfire. Please enjoy this truly adorable post about a standard childhood lesson - the famously brief life span of goldfish:...more
Jordan's beta PB (pretty boy) is defying the odds as well and continues to thrivemore

Health Benefits of Religious Fasting

Fasting, as in, not eating. For many of us, the idea seems ludicrous. But for many who engage in fasting for religious reasons, they find additional health benefits as well. This post explores both aspects of this ritual:...more

How Much Would You Spend on That Dress?

Let's play a game, shall we? I think pretty much all of us have ideas about wardrobe basics and what they should cost, but they vary vastly by geographic location, socioeconomic class, vocation, age and myriad other considerations. Still, I'm curious if there are certain overall financial fashion guidelines on which most women agree....more

Photo Tips at Oregon's Painted Hills

After exploring the surreal terrain of the Painted Hills, Amanda offers some useful photography tips for capturing the jaw-dropping beauty. If you've never seen this unusual place, it's worth checking out her stunning photos:...more
@BlogHer love that place! :) i went there in May with my honors biology class :) ...more