Grandmother Power Blogging Campaign: Interview Gram

Yesterday, I came across Britt Bravo's terrific post, Celebrating Grandmother Power: Interview with my Gram, her offering for the The Grandmother Power Blogging Campaign, a collaborative blogging effort (May 7-14) about how grandmothers are changing the world....more

Oh, Spring, How I Really Feel About You

Everyone loves spring. Oh, the pretty cherry blossoms! The bunnies and kittens! The first hint of warm breezes lifting the manes of unicorns! Let's. Discuss. Spring....more
@HomeRearedChef I don't think I've actually ever liked spring -- I equate it with drizzle.more

Your Ten-Dollar T-Shirt Is Not The Problem

In the wake of the April 24th Bangladesh factory collapse, which is now considered to be the most deadly accident in the history of the garment industry, I’ve been hearing a lot of people sharing some pretty uneducated and uninformed opinions.I’ve heard stuff like, “Well, where did you think your ten-dollar T-shirt came from?”And, “Major clothing brands should refuse to do business with manufacturers in Bangladesh.”And, “Why do we even make stuff overseas anyway? It’s all crap.”...more
@Tommie Yeah, totally a typo, sorry!more

My Third Great Grandfather Warren McKinney's Slave Narrative

My third great grandfather Warren McKinney (1859-1938) participated in the Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves. The interviews took place between 1936-1938 and were conducted by the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration for the State of Arkansas. These records are in the Library of Congress. My great, great, great father's interview was took place in Hazen, Arkansas. He was 85 at the time. He died in 1938 so finding this has been an invaluable treasure for my family. I was shocked that we found this....more
This is a blessing for you. I have looked hoping that I would find one of my relatives words ...more

Too Busy to Help a Stranger? Think Again.

Editor's Note: I read many, many posts from my perch here at BlogHer and this one wins for 'Shortest Post to Put a Sudden Lump in Your Throat' hands down. The little story is a great reminder about how no matter how "busy" your day may be, God may have other plans. --Heather...more
Thank you! @Karen Ballummore

My Memories of Eating Below the Poverty Line

Last week, various folks participated in a campaign called Live Below the Line to bring awareness to living on $1.50 a day. The goal is to experience what it is like to ration your money to buy food. Not good food, not healthy food. Just food. I feel somewhat detached. Now anything that will help a child get near nutrition needs is okay with me. It is just that...well, I remember being a kid in that situation. ...more
Gena, I can completely understand your stance on the Live Below the Line challenge. I have been ...more

Coming Out at Work

For some, coming out at work is big news and has potentially serious consequences. In the case of Jason Collins, the NBA player who recently came out, it was international news. Fortunately, he got mostly positive responses. I didn't know what would happen when I recently came out at my small office... ...more
So happy for you!  Glad to read you are happy!more

The Cost of Saving Yourself

"I had the most amazing conversation with her about my goals and my fears. It was so emotional, but so positive at the same time," she told me. "So are you going to do it? I think it sounds awesome!" "Well, if I do it I'm going to have to go without pretty much everything for the next year, because it's really expensive. Like no cable, no shopping, no crossfit, no gym, nothing."...more
I loved this post on your blog, and I love it here!  My yoga teacher reminds us every time I go ...more

Tell Us About Your Ultimate Mother's Day Fantasy

Mother's Day is coming soon, and we want to know your ultimate fantasy regarding how you'd like to spend it. Ladies, you don't even have to be a mom to play this game. Maybe your kids are of the cat or dog variety or maybe you'd like to make plans with your own mom ... we want to know what kinds of activities would make your heart soar. Some families like a big Sunday brunch. If you're planning to do lunch outside the home, you better make your reservations soon....more
I already know that we are planning breakfast out at a restaurant, and since my husband's ...more

Gasparilla: Pirate Party in Tampa

Editor's Note: Ever heard of Gasparilla? Me neither - been out of the Pirate Party loop and feeling a bit scurvy-ish too. No more. Here's a dastardly date to put on your calendar for 2014. --HeatherFor yet another year, Tampa was pillaged and plundered by pirates. And of course, every year since 1904, we have made it out alive! Relatively of course – it was Gasparilla after all - Tampa’s biggest party day of the year!...more
I used to live in Tampa and LOVED GaspARRRRilla, as we called it.  Things were wild but fun.  ...more