5 Reasons Why I Don't Have It All Together

Sometimes on the outside, it may seem that I have it all together. I share quotes and tips and advice that may lead you to believe that I've got it all figured out....more
Tammy - thank goodness we found you!  This post is awesome!  We can relate.  It is almost as if ...more

Dear Good Samaritan: You Save Christmas Every Year

Dear Good Samaritan, let me start by introducing myself: My name is Courtney. My husband and I have an 8-year-old son with autism and then some. Our little boy struggles with more labels than a clearance item, I have many chronic illnesses and my husband has more metal in his body than bones. ...more
derailed thank you! and thank you for reaching out to help someone in need <3more

How Do You Make a Child Stop Kicking Your Airplane Seat?

I recently flew from Orlando to Chicago. I love traveling, and hopping on a flight doesn't phase me. I enjoy the time being disconnected and immersed in a good book....more
I agree about involving the flight attendant also, although as a mother I would never have let ...more

How to Write a Better How-To Article In 10 Easy Steps

"Really? Is it really that difficult?" a friend asked when I told him I was writing a how-to article about how to write how-to articles. "I do feel a little like Alice going down the rabbit hole," I said. I am here to tell you, though, that yes, it must be that difficult to write a good how-to article, because most of the how-tos out there are terrible. ...more
LOL @ the seemingly simple task of writing a how-to piece. It's totally NOT that easy to do. It ...more

3 Affirmations That Quiet the Jerk in My Head

When I start to drift down, I tend to forget.I forget being happy. I forget that people love me. I forget that every down day doesn't mean I'm entering a depression....more
becksta1971 That's a great one. Nothing but good can come of this. I'll have to remember that.more

How Your Blended Family Can Survive the Holidays

The holiday season is only weeks away! If you’re in a blended family, that fact could cause your eyes to twitch and your beleaguered intestines to threaten explosive diarrhea because you barely got over the stress from last year's drama. ...more
I love this article. It's an honest look at the holidays.more

How Would Your Life Be Different If We Were Kind?

Recently we had the privilege of voting in some pretty significant elections. Since the results came in, I've noticed a lot of fallout on social media. ...more
femininecollective blogher  Amen!more

Welcome to My Life: I Didn't See That Coming

When I was little, I imagined ringing in the year 2000, which seemed so far off. With my fine math skillz, I figured out I’d be 34 going on 35 then, and I saw flying cars and me being very mature and all-knowing, holding several of my well-behaved children as we rang in the new millennium. Do you know how I rang in the year 2000? I got drunk with a bunch of my friends and we all stayed tuned to the TV, hoping for exciting Y2K mishaps. If I’m not mistaken, I wore some glitter on my temples that night. No children in sight. And the cars stayed firmly on the ground. ...more
So very different. Good different in some ways, not so much in others.more

Can You Buy Only Essentials This Month for No-Buy November?

Christmas is in the air the already, though the dust from All Hallow's Eve has hardly settled. Christmas music is on the radio, and the stores are rolling out the beginning of the Christmas sales....more
Useful advice. I'm always on a budget but I never thought to assign whole months a budget. This ...more

Sorry We Woke You, But Your Daughter Threatened Suicide

I'm sorry we had to call you last night. I know it wasn't a call you wanted to get. But my daughter doesn't get frightened, not like that. I've never seen her so scared....more
Sheila Todd Thank you. I do believe we have a responsibility to all kids, not just our own.more