And For My Next Trick ... Work-Life Balance

It starts at 6 a.m. Every morning, no matter what time I went to sleep the night before, weekday or weekend, it begins. My brain starts up, my eyes pop open, and I'm awake. More than awake, I'm on. It's a persistent stream of ideas; To-Do lists; reminders; goals; aspirations; turns of phrase, working titles, dialogue, and deadlines; appointments; house errands; if the weather will be kind to me on my run; random thoughts about the world and how I'm moving through it; and also how I'm guiding the way for my son to do the same. ...more
KateeBar7 Yes, I do have a writing schedule, though it changes depending on what I'm working on. ...more

Want To Get Published? Don't Be Afraid To Pitch

If you want to write things somewhere other than your own blog, learning to pitch your ideas effectively is key. ...more
This is very encouraging; thanks!more

I Had a Brain MRI and I Thought I Was Going to Die

There were times in my life that I thought I was going to die. It was mostly when I was a teenager and lived on my own and very bad things happened. But it's different when you're young. If you're not facing imminent death, from, say, a grave illness or an accident, the great beyond is not as scary because young people tend to think they're immortal. You don't have decades of anticipation of what death may be like, you're nowhere close to mortality and you don't yet have the people that come along through those decades that you need to hold on to. ...more
I had a similar reaction when I needed an MRI for chronic migraines. I tend to be vigilant about ...more

Why Don't I Go Dancing Any More?

Twenty-five years ago, if you'd given me a dark bar, a cover band and a lot of pink wine? I was set. I wasn't there to get drunk or pick up dudes. OK, I totally was. But those were just an afterthought. What I was really there for was the dancing. All I wanted to do was dance. ...more
Better take your own partner.....there is a shortage! That has been my experience....more

Some Female Grads Start Out Ahead But Still End Up Behind

A look at the morning paper revealed a headline that was a shocker....more

Everything I Know About How to Write Irresistible Headlines

It's great for SEO to put keywords in your post title. However, the actual post title isn't the only way you're attracting readers. You're also sharing some version of your post title and maybe some teaser copy on Facebook, Twitter, in newsletters, and probably in some programmable areas of your website. These places call for the art of the enticing headline....more

Dear Pet Sitter: I Apologize in Advance for What I Am About to Ask You to Do

Dear "Pet Sitter": I apologize in advance for what you are about to have to do. Sorry, sorry, sorry! But you said “yes,” and now you’ll have to suffer Public Domain Image via Pixabay The dogs need to go outside around 7 a.m. GO OUTSIDE WITH THEM AND KEEP YELLING AT GERTIE THAT YOU KNOW WHAT SHE’S UP TO or she WILL jump the fence! So will Ragano, but he’ll come back when you call him. ...more
I love this! It sounds like my instructions except I have to add an inhaler to one of the cats ...more

6 Lessons You Should Learn Before Starting College

With the back-to-school season in full swing, I wanted to take this time to share some advice with those heading off to college. I’ve only been out of college for two years, so it's still a time in my life I remember well. And I definitely recall what the biggest challenges were for me then. It’s an awesome time in your life, but also a stressful one as you try to figure out what you're going to do with the rest of your life. ...more
Good advice, I was a college professor and I saw a lot of students that could benefit from some ...more

What to Do If Your Male Cat Needs Perineal Urethostomy (PU) Surgery

Well, a year and a half after I wrote Help, My Cat Can't Pee on BlogHer, my sweet little black cat, Kizzy, almost died again from a total urinary blockage. Thankfully, before he blocked completely, we'd already decided to take the rather dramatic step of perineal urethrostomy surgery....more
THANK YOU SO MUCH for this Rita!  My cat, Theo, was just admitted tonight.  Had a blockage a ...more

10 Reasons Why a Post-Kids Career Rocks

I know it might sound counterintuitive, but just read this post to the end and see if maybe it's not as far-fetched as you originally thought. The reality is that so many women feel an enormous amount of pressure to get their careers to a certain point before ever thinking about having children. They wait and wait because there's a sort of unspoken, yet widely held belief that once you have kids, your professional life is as good as over. ...more
Mindful Memory Keeping Thank you so much for your comment, Mindful Memory Keeper!  I am grateful ...more