Work/Life Balance? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself … and Answer Honestly

Are you tired of working too many long hours? Do you feel occasional pangs of guilt that you “should be” spending more time with your loved ones? Or working out and staying fit? Or engaging in your hobbies and passions? Or keeping up with the stacks of unread books and magazines? Or just going out and having more fun? ...more
These are really good pointers--and they work for stay-at-home mom's too.  Women, and this is a ...more

What It's Like Being an Introvert

I've been called a lot of things over the years: quiet, shy, reserved, socially awkward, rude, a bitch, weird, anxious, anti-social. I've heard the cliche, "It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for!" so many times that I may actually punch the next person who says it to me right in the face. I get "You're so quiet!" and "Why don't you talk?" so much that it shouldn't even bother me anymore. But it does....more
This book has been so helpful to so many people: introverts and those who love them!  I have to ...more

Choosing the Right Dog for Your Life

Ever feel like something is missing from your life -- perhaps a void that can only be filled by a furry best friend? Once you recognize you want a dog, the biggest challenge is selecting the right breed for your specific circumstances. Of course you want a dog that you like the look of, but there are more factors that go into choosing a dog. Just like people are individuals, dogs have unique personalities too – largely influenced by their breed....more
What would be some good advice for neighbors who seem to treat their dogs cruelly?  We had a ...more

Do You Ever Worry If You're Dressing Your Age?

Tell me the truth? What do you think about these shoes? The fact that I am having deep thoughts associated with a shoe lets me know that something is going on.I am a shoe fan from way back. The first pair that I ever loved was a sassy brown zip-up boot with a chunky rubber sole. I was three. ...more
@Bibliomama I could really get behind a walker that was leopard print! Great idea.more

Frugal Tips for the Furloughed: Saving Money in a Government Shutdown

Last night on the way to ballet, my daughter and her friend asked me to explain the government shutdown. Fortunately, my daughter has seen me in the act of creating and sticking to a budget, so it was pretty easy to frame up. She was rather shocked adults could let things grind to a halt the way Congress has done this week. And, frankly, I am, too. Since I'm not a member of Congress, I can't do much about that. What I can do? Mind my own budget so that when things look gloomy outside my door, at least I can feel in control of my own amber waves of grain....more

MamaCare: Women’s Influence on Family Health and the Promise of ObamaCare

Valerie Jarrett is Senior Adviser to the President and Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls. It has been said, if you want to get something done – give it to a busy person. And who is busier than today’s moms? From managing pickup and drop-off schedules that could make a Pony Express rider’s head spin, to finding creative ways to make our little ones eat their vegetables and put down their video games long enough to finish their homework and play outside. ...more
I have a mantra:,, While insured congressmen ...more

BlogHer PRO '13 Speaker Interviews: Joanne Tombrakos on Being a Salesperson

For our BlogHer PRO '13 Speaker Interview this week, I bring you Joanne Tombrakos, a storyteller, consultant and digital evangelist. She is speaking during our BlogHer U: Business Development Intensive on Day One of our conference, during a panel that makes various people nervous for many reasons: "If You Want to Make This Your Business, You Have to Be a Sales Person." Gulp. But don't be nervous. You probably know more about sales than you already realize. Read on for what Joanne has to offer....more

Being a "Girl" in the Dojo: Sexism in Karate

I remember the first woman I saw in the dojo. She was a green belt, I think -- and I was still in sweats and a T-shirt (hadn't even gotten my karate uniform yet). Back then, I was so busy trying to figure out these hand, foot and body movements that I didn't realize I was one of only two adult females in a class of 30 people....more
Majority of my dojo mates are female because the guys can't take the "tough love" dished out ...more

Sometimes I Feel Like Being a Work-at-Home Mom Is the Hardest Thing in the World

Sometimes I feel like working from home is the hardest thing in the world. I'll pause here, so all the working moms can angrily exit my blog and remove me from their Google Reader. Oh good, you're still here? Let me explain. When my husband gets home, and I'm still wearing yoga pants and have not yet gotten into the shower, I feel so lazy. Granted, he never makes me feel this way, and it's absolutely something I put upon myself... but still. If I feel it about myself, it must be accurate, right? ...more
@elleinthecity LOL dang it... they may be! I feel you, haha.more

The Government Shutdown is Really Happening

It's October 1st, which means the government shutdown has indeed happened. 800,000 federal employees face furloughs, National Parks, and passport offices are closed and some states may discontinue WIC benefits to low-income mothers and their small children. It's the first time since 1995 that the federal government has come to a halt like this. ...more
We send 1.2 trillion (that's THIS many zeros: 1,200,000,000,000.00) in tax payer money to ...more