Why HRC's Equality Sign Made Me See Red

Last week, in support of gay marriage being argued before the Supreme Court (California's Prop. 8 and DOMA, specifically), a few million folks changed their Facebook profile photo to the red equal sign created by the Human Rights Campaign....more
Interesting article.  I saw those icons all over lately, but I find it easy to put something ...more

April Fools' Day: Feeling Pranky?

Happy April Fools' Day! Finally, a (sort-of) holiday which requires no obligatory cooking or shopping, unless there are serious hijinx involved. While history notes that April 1 and foolishness are tied together as far back as 1392, serious prankage and prankity have only grown in modern times - even the White House plays along....more
@SunbonnetSmart.com Thanks for the note, Robin. Kind of dangerous out there with both of us ...more

10 Dumb Pinterest Purchases

Editor's Note: I try to stay the hell off Pinterest most of the time, because it makes me feel slovenly and uncoordinated. So it was with great satisfaction I read The Dose of Reality's list of the 10 dumbest suggested purchases on Pinterest. Please to enjoy. -Rita...more
Okay, the moss bathmat is disgusting, but I have to stick up for fleece lined leggings! They're ...more

Remembering Gail: How the Life and Death of My Sister Changed My Family Forever

My little sister, Gail, died of MLD (infantile-onset metachromatic leukodystrophy) when she was two. I was four at the time, and my older sister was seven. MLD is a rare, terrible, genetically-inherited disease that a child is born with only if both of their parents are carriers. My older sister and I were born normally, without the disease, and Gail seemed completely normal for the first year of her life....more
Such a  moving article. Your sister is with you all where it matters, in your hearts. I am so ...more

Rabbits Disapprove of Giving Rabbits for Easter

Editor's Note: Thinking about a cute baby bunny for Easter? DON'T, unless you are serious about taking care of the animal long-term. For an idea about what that means exactly, please read this post. --Heather: ...more
I'm happy to share this news with both Jackson and Coco. They approve...slightly.more

Gay Marriage Bans Don't Help Children, or Society

In light of the Supreme Court reviewing Prop. 8 and DOMA this week, a personal realization has come to light: If you had asked me ten years ago if same-sex marriage mattered to me, my answer would have been, “meh.”In fact, at my extra-legal wedding, (ten years ago in June) that was my answer when someone asked me if my partner and I would be traveling to Canada to marry where it had recently become legal....more
@Hellz_Belle Awww... thanks! You are too kind.more

How I Changed My Mind About Marriage Equality

I have wanted to write and share about this for a while. With this week being so pivotal in the United States Supreme Court, it seemed to be the right time for me to do so.I haven't always believed in marriage equality and I am the first to admit that. The idea made me uncomfortable, especially because I didn't know anyone personally (or at least didn't realize that I did) whom it effected....more
@one_woman  This is such a difficult area of life ,and I am so glad that Jesus is compassionate ...more

5 Tips on Dog Photography

Editor's Note: Strangely enough, we all seem to own the best dog in the world -- how is that possible? Any dog owner with a camera has tried (sometimes, in vain) to capture the special canine magic in a photograph. Here are five clever tips to help you do just that. --Heather: 2) Wait until they are tired...more

SCOTUS on Prop. 8: When Did Gays Get Into the Constitution?

Analyses, prognostications and educated guesses abound after Tuesday’s argument before the United States Supreme Court on the merits and legal technicalities of California’s Proposition 8....more
@nickelshrink Precisely why the anti-marriage equality lawyers are having such a hard time ...more

10 Ways to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

Editor's Note: When the daily stress of life's relentless treadmill piles up, we go into a state of high anxiety. This blogger offers 10 helpful tips on easing the insanity of each day and tackling that horrible never-enough-time feeling. --Heather:...more