5 Valuable Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

“A kite goes into the air? It's not the kite; it's the air.” So said Pharrel Williams on Oprah. I like to say it takes a village. And, when it comes to women on the rise, bouncing back from adversity, and those who are at those pivotal points in their lives and careers, I am reminded of how important the “shine theory” has been in my life. ...more
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Shame Makes a Hard Thing Even Worse

2009 was an extremely challenging year for both Michelle and me. Among the many issues we faced that year, one of the most painful was the difficult financial situation we’d put ourselves into: We were $105,000 in debt and about $300,000 upside down on our house by the end of that year. There were a number of factors that contributed to this, some of which had to do with the economic downturn and the collapse of the housing market, but more had to do with our lack of awareness, understanding, and responsibility with our money. ...more

How to Suffer Less

The other night my friend and I went to see a show. It was very crowded in the theater, so when the show was over it took a long time to exit.   My friend started to get very uptight about people not walking more quickly and was really bothered. For my part, I really didn’t think much of it. We were talking about the show as we were shuffling out, and I accepted the slow pace as part of what happens when you go to the theater. Part of my mind detached and looked at the situation....more
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Standing Up to a Stalker

I was backed into a corner in the university library’s stacks. Looming large, Cliff was blocking my way out. Had it come to this? Was he going to attack me, placing his meaty hand over my mouth so I couldn’t make a sound? Heart pumping wildly, I put one foot in front of the other. Cliff didn’t budge. I kept moving, closer and closer. Finally, I stood right in front of him. We were practically touching. He moved away. I half-ran towards the library’s exit, turning around once to make sure that he wasn’t following me....more
Scary. When someone packs up and moves in order to follow, that's a major red flag.more

How to Properly Prepare for a Disaster: Are You Ready?

The United States experiences more than 1,200 tornadoes annually—four times the amount seen in Europe. In the last 100 years, we have had about 130 major earthquakes world-wide per year.  It seems like we are also experiencing more earthquakes and that they are increasing in intensity and destruction.   Earthquakes and tornadoes can cause mass destruction, completely destroy houses and businesses, shut down entire cities, leave many residents homeless, and lead to devastating injuries with vast numbers of lives lost.  Do you know exactly what to do if disaster strikes?...more
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What Maya Angelou Knew

It is a gray and misty day, hovering somewhere between lovely and lonely. I am sitting on my train, riding into the city, as to my right the Hudson river looms, placid and colorless, doing its best imitation of a lake. ...more
With that wide smile, she helped us all accept our beauty and our gifts.  She expanded the ...more

When a Jehovah's Witness Grows Up to Be an Atheist

After all this time, all these years, all these degrees of separation —a mere knock guides me to shedded enemies. It was midmorning when a pair of shadows alerted me to some unexpected presences. I think I knew before I knew, my gut clenching beyond the usual spasm of social anxiety....more
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How I Found My Libido Again (It Wasn't the Vajankle That Did It)

The romantic energy in my marriage had become a faint blip on the radar and then dwindled to nothing, yet I barely noticed. I had been focusing on my work and my kid and conjuring some kind of creative prosperity. And then a divorce and figuring out my new single-mom dynamic took all my focus. I realized it had been nearly a year since I — one of the most pro-sex, “Ready to go again?” “Can we try it this way?” kind of people I’d ever known — had essentially become celibate. Even the small appliances in the nightstand, ready to vibrate at the flick of a switch, were no competition for a fresh issue of "O" magazine and a hot bath....more
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Sudanese Woman Sentenced to Death: I'll Stand with Meriam

Why are the headlines filled with news about Solange and Jay-Z and not about the Sudanese woman sentenced to death for her religion?...more
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Think Before You Speak

When I was 13, I was a pretty good tennis player. I spent summers as a child at Camp Birchwood for girls in Vermont, where most of my time was centered on playing tennis. The lake was filled with seaweed and fish, I didn’t like volleyball, and rest period, when I could read comic books and write letters, only lasted an hour, so tennis was my thing. I was never particularly athletic, but tennis was one sport I not only enjoyed, but seemed to be able to do reasonably well....more