Reverse Snobbery: Too Pretty To Relate?

Oh...she's gorgeous. My heart sank a little as I saw Ann Voskamp's words, so inspiring and life-changing on the pages of her book, come to life in her small group study DVD. Her book, One Thousand Gifts, has been life changing for me.But her voice, decidedly sultry, didn't match the one I heard in my head as I'd turned those pages late at night. Her hair, a beautiful chestnut color, sat atop her head perfectly coiffed, not a strand out of place. And I'm ashamed to admit, I grew a bit jealous....more
I totally get this! Thank you for saying it outloud!more

Debbie Ford, Spiritual Leader & Transformational Teacher, Dead at 57

This week, the world lost a truly transformational leader as Debbie Ford passed away, losing her battle with cancer at the age of 57. Debbie was a New York Times bestselling author, teacher, trainer, and internationally recognized expert in personal transformation. Yet it's not the accolades that I mourn and celebrate today. ...more
She sounds truly remarkable. I am also of the mind that we need to explore the dark side in ...more

Shared Grief: Obsessing Over Another's Loss

When this blogger learned of another blogger's personal tragedy - losing a baby son - her physical and emotional reaction was both intense and mystifying:I don’t know this blogger, nor do she and I share similar parenting styles...I knew of her through other bloggers and occasionally checked in on what it was she was saying. Overall, though, she and I knew nothing of one another, she probably never having heard of me at all. ...more
@RSMunoz69  I am so sorry for your loss. So sorry. :-(more

The 'No Gays Allowed' Prom

After absorbing the details of a story out of Indiana, one blogger digs deep, offering up some startling observations about one town's decision to pro-actively exclude some kids from an annual tradition:...more
My husband grew up very close to this area.  Such a frustrating story, particularly the ...more

Do Books on Grief Make Grief Harder?

I didn't want anyone telling me how to grieve or giving me advice on something so crippling and unforgiving. I didn't want someone telling me it would be okay eventually or that I needed to move on and this was how to do it. I did read two books, but mostly memoirs of those who had babies die before me. I craved that literature, as I wanted to know I wasn't alone. But a psychiatrist's point of view about how to handle the worst thing conceivable? I wanted nothing to do with those words. ...more
Spot on. For the record, I hated Tear Soup, the only book I opened as well, and then shut half ...more

Transform Regret Into Action

When I find myself thinking, “If I knew then what I know now,” I admit that I feel a bit regretful. My younger self was full of ideas about the ways that I was going to change the world. I was excited about the possibilities that I had before me, and eager to embrace them. ...more
I, too thought that by my 40s, I'd be in a stable place just enjoying the results of what I've ...more

Pope’s Resignation: A New Catholic Weighs In

As someone who spent the majority of her life as non-Catholic, Elizabeth - now an ardent Catholic - has a unique take on Pope Benedict's resignation:I have to say, I’m very impressed. It is supremely rare to find a man freely willing to relinquish such a powerful position. Above all other considerations, I see a beautiful, exquisite humility in the Pope’s decision. I have to say, it is the kind of humility I rarely saw in all my years as a Protestant.... ...more

Solaria: An Off-Grid Earthship in Taos

Taos is very different from your usual Small Town USA. We have art, among other things. Boy, do we have art! And all manner of artists who create it. Sometimes it seems like everyone who lives here, no matter what they do for money, is an artist on some level. This is a good thing, rather than a competitive thing, because it makes for a pool of creative thinkers and doers. Like anyplace, Taos has its problems, but lack of creativity is certainly not one of them....more
When can I come stay?!more

Fun Cruise Ship: A Waterslide, Raw Sewage & Onion Sandwiches

What happens when more than 4,000 people get trapped in a listing, floating toilet with no working stabilization system and sewage backing up in showers? Can you believe this story about Carnival Cruise Lines' disabled boat?...more
@elaineR.N.  @Rita Arens holland america all the way!more

Photographing Gay Couples: Love Is Love

As a professional photographer, I truly love photographing gay couples. I write this post because it’s about fairness, acceptance and, of course, Love. I am purposely posting this right before Valentines day because again, these images are about Love. LOVE ...more
Love this.more