Me and My Non-Smart Phone (The Day I Realized that I'm a Fuddy-Duddy)

My kids swear that we are the last people on earth to not have a data plan with our phone service. They might be right too. Having just a regular cell phone—texting option only—is such a rarity that when I recently tried to replace my old phone, the Pink Dinosaur, as my daughter called it, I couldn’t. AT&T offered only one model of phone without data plans. I call it extortion, a phone company’s empire forcing me to comply with their money-making scheme. My kids call it keeping up with the times. ...more
Ginny Marie Pecked2DeathByChckns Oh my goodness, completely forgot about those. I never owned a ...more

My Experience With Online Harassment For Blogging About Race and Gender

In early January, Amanda Hess wrote an article at Pacific Standard Magazine detailing the harassment of women online, which spawned a follow up article with women around the country writing in about their experiences with online abuse. ...more
Wow.  As a mom, I'm always telling my kids 'watch out for the internet'.   That's a  huge reason ...more

Remembering @TrappedAtMyDesk: What a Life Looks Like in Tweets

What do we leave behind us?I’m not talking about leftover food or dirty laundry. I mean what happens when we’re gone?...more
Heather2run TrappedAtMyDesk I watched it this morning and cried so many tears.more

2014 Financial Bucket List

We've gotten to the fun bucket list... the one where we talk about money. Ahhh! Let's just put it out there, not many people enjoy talking about money. Many of us cringe at the words "budget" and "saving." ...more
csmsand So true Sabrina. The initial work/sacrifice is worth the reward.more

Why I Glued My Dog's Ears to His Head. No, Seriously.

Have you ever found yourself doing something in life you thought you would never, ever, ever do? ...more
I think this story is adorable and completely understand wanting to "fix" a dog's ears when ...more

Help! My Cat Can't Pee -- Run, Don't Walk, to the Vet

If your cat can't pee or poop, take it seriously. His or her life could be at stake....more
lindalange Also -- because I can't seem to get an answer -- what is the actual cost on the big ...more

In Praise of Blank Books

Their siren song calls to me -- at times shiny and new on professionally-stocked bookstore shelves ... maybe an unexpected treasure tucked in amongst the hodgepodge of inexpensive dollar store selections ... or, perhaps, stacked with an ambitious array of department store back-to-school supplies. Blank books. ...more
AnneSpellberg You are definitely in good company! :)more

Announcing BlogHer '14 Keynote Speaker: Grammy-Nominated Comedian Tig Notaro

I'm thrilled to kick off 2014 in jubilant fashion with another keynote speaker announcement for BlogHer '14: Comedian Tig Notaro will join us at BlogHer '14 and discuss her groundbreaking brand of comedy. ...more
Aw, I missed this post and I have such a crush on Tig.  Love her so much.  I until I cry when I ...more

I'm Late with My Resolution to Be on Time

Many of you have likely already declared your New Year’s resolutions. In typical fashion, I am running a bit late. This is particularly amusing to me and slightly hypocritical given that my first resolution for this year is: Don’t be late. ...more

3 Plans to Eliminate the Musty Smell in My Front Load Washer

A minor annoyance that makes itself known to me multiple times each week is the musty smell in my front loading washer.  I have had it for about a year, and I selected it over a top loading washer because of height.  No, not the washer's height, my height.  I am 5 ft. 1 in. and I have used top loading washers in the past where I had to lean in enough to bring my feet off the ground just to peel a damp sock from the bottom....more
I've had a few front loaders over the years (for the past 25+) and wouldn't have any other kind. ...more