Walking the BlogHer Fashion Show: Anything Is Possible

Ccould I really do it? Could I walk a runway in front of hundreds in New York at the BlogHer '12 Fashion Show, knowing full well I’d be in tears and hating the body I’m supposed to show off and love? Would it be a big lie?...more
Hey I'm a fashion blogger but mine is by no means silly. I try to send the message to all women ...more

9-11 Memorial: Saying Goodbye to Friends

While in New York for BlogHer '12, I had the privilege of visiting the 9-11 Memorial. The last time Cheryl and I were in New York was in April of 2002, six months after the attack. The city was still somber and the remnants of that horrible day were still scattered for miles along the fence line of lower Manhattan....more
Thank you. I appreciate your reading my post!more

In Which I Try Not To be Afraid of Myself

"And if all I can think about is people yawning at my vulnerable dreams with their big eye-glazed stares, and my natural response is to kick, kick, kick at myself because I don’t want to be yawned at or glazed over, or be different than what is normal and convenient and that for which people have the patience for, then what, oh what, am I missing of my one true self? What would it look like to be untamed, vulnerable, running wild, brazen, free?"...more
@jessd0727 thank you so much! it's so hard learning to not apologize for that 80%...more

If You Died Today, Would It Be Okay?

A blogger who normally writes about money, takes a moment to consider her mortality in this ponderous post:...more
@BlogHer Actually, I am proud of http://t.co/mzhwKD5I achievements, I have far to go but I have ...more

A Dog Story: Happy Saved My Best Friend

Please enjoy this harrowing doggie tale with a (literal) happy ending:...more
A harrowing read, but what an ending. Also, what a beautiful dog! I love Setters, even though ...more

Standing Up For Chick-fil-A

The ruckus over Chick-fil-A raises the question: Who's behaving like the hater here?...more
@SadieLankford Once you spend your money at a CFA, it is no longer yours and the owners can ...more

Can Liberal and Conservative Christians Talk Politics?

In a lot of people's minds, there seems to be a "right" way for Christians to vote (yes, that was intended). But what if people in the faith community could talk-- really openly talk-- about how their religion informs the way they stand on political issues? Author Rachel Held Evans has a thought-provoking post about this on her blog. Here's an excerpt:...more
I am in the same boat. One gay friend described me to her transgendered atheist friend as a ...more

PARIS: The Good, the Bad and the Food

This may be an expensive post to read for it will make you start searching for flights to France. But the gorgeous Parisian photos are reason enough to check out this post. Oh, and the food! Incredible:...more
i was there in May and as my first time in Europe, it was the best experience! The food!! I must ...more

Tracking Your Life on Your Blog Sidebar: Are You a Self-Quantifier?

I’m older now. My checklists and charts are now mostly electronic. But they are still there. It seems they may have even multiplied.  Before I walk anywhere, I turn the pedometer on in one of my handy phone apps. Every weekend, I make a list of things to do, activities to complete, food to make and systematically check the items off on my iPad, keeping track of what was done, what still needs to be completed. I’ve tried time and time again to keep a food journal – that eventually fades out after a few days – but I know people who swear by programs like Lose It to keep them focused on their weight loss goals. Running almost never happens without my RunKeeper app coming along with me. (why’s that girl running with her phone? Oh non-quantifier, you wouldn’t understand.) ...more
testing somethingmore

Do Michele Bachmann's Statements Keep Muslims Out of Politics?

Key GOP leaders did the right thing last week, with Sen. John McCain speaking out against Rep. Michele Bachmann's allegation that Hillary Clinton's aide may have ties to the Islamic terrorists. As you may remember, Clinton's aide, Huma Abedin, has seen enough troubles of her own-- unrelated to her religion, but to her husband Anthony Weiner....more
I hope people would actually take time to read the blogger's whole post, and see that there are ...more