The Conflict Between Church and Divorce

One of the greatest obstacles to divorce that faces some people is the often perceived and real conflicts between divorce and their faith community. Some people are unable to resolve the conflict and choose to stay in both their marriage and their faith community. Others choose to end their marriage and while their faith guides them through divorce, they find another faith community that is more accepting. Others, like my present guest, RMJ stay in their faith community but may ...more
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What's Your Perfect Moment from December?

Perfect Moment Monday, a bloghop that began in 2008, is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. On the last Monday of each month we engage in mindfulness about something that is right with our world. Everyone is welcome to join. To participate in Perfect Moment Monday:...more
@Kathy Benson And thanks for participating! I really liked reading about your perfect moment and ...more

Duct Tape & Tin Foil: A Christmas Tradition

It sat there--the final gift under the Christmas tree.  A huge box wrapped in shiny green paper that came up to my hip and much to my excitement had my name on it.  As I reached down to pick it up I was stunned at the heaviness of it. Reading the tag I saw that it was a gift from my grandmother. I remember looking over to her and seeing her smirk. She looked pretty proud of herself. Getting excited I plopped right down on the floor and got ready to open it....more
@Semi True Jen  I miss her every day ! She was so spectacular and I am so grateful to have had ...more

Post Office Procrastination - A Guide

What happens when you wait until the last possible minute to ship all your holiday packages? You end up at the post office, impatiently waiting in a long line, so you move to the automated machine, where you end up waiting in another long line, which is where this hilarious post picks up....:...more
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How Do You Celebrate Christmas When No One Else Does?

If you live in North America or Europe, it may be hard to imagine December without reminders of Christmas everywhere, from the festive decorations in public spaces to the days that business virtually grinds to a halt around the 25th. But what about people who want to mark the occasion in a country that is not a predominantly Christian culture? Image Credit: jmurawski via Flickr...more
When I lived in Dubai, I worked for a gove.rnment college so worked on Christmas. Not working ...more

The Power of Storytelling

As the end of the year approaches I find myself thinking a lot about stories -- the stories I've told, the stories I've read, and the stories that all of you have shared with us. As I reflect on all the stories that I connected to in 2012, and wonder what stories I'll hear in 2013, I keep coming back to Litlove's post on the power of stories. Inspired after hearing two authors speak, she reflects on the ways that we use -- and abuse -- storytelling....more
@Karen Ballum Lina Srivastava also wrote a very thought provoking post on the power of ...more

Remembering Sandy Hook: His Name Is Noah Pozner

Noah Pozner will forever be six-years-old because of the unspeakable madness of Friday, December 14, 2012. A news reporter prompted me to write this blog. He looked into the camera and asked if the viewers remember the killers’ name in the Columbine killings of 13 years ago. Two names quickly came to my mind, which I refuse to put in this blog. The reporter then asked if I, the viewer, remembered just ONE of the victims’ names at Columbine. My stomach tightened and I felt personal disgust, at the realization that I could not come up with a name. Then it hit me, that is the ONE reason this American shame continues....more
That was such a horrible thing and I am praying for everyone involved! As a mother of 2 yr. old ...more

Christmas Cheer Overload: Enough Already!

I don’t hate Christmas.  I don’t hate people having a good time and eating a metric ton of sugar in the name of Christ or the anti-Christ.  I don’t hate people gathering to drink and eat and gossip and keep warm and drum up a whole lot of good will.  I don’t mind seeing people become more generous and I don’t mind all the decorations except for all the Santa-specific ones....more
I truly believe Christmas is for little kids and once you reach a certain age it's time to chill ...more

It's Not a Mayan Apocalypse Unless Neil deGrasse Tyson Says So

So, it's been bruited about for years that the world will end on 12-21-2012 according to the Mayan calendar, and even though all the media and all the science is saying "Nuh-uh," and even though experts on Mayan culture are going, "Dude, it isn't so, that calendar goes up to th ...more
Hey there, Julie! We're still here in Washington, D.C. Better go clean my room...that is the ...more

Behind the Smile: Viral Video Shows Black Female Depression and Friendship

Until a couple of weeks ago, no one knew who Amber Mondane was. On December 6, Amber and her best friend, Nash, made a four minute video that as of this writing has been shared over 56,000 times on Facebook. Amber and Nash silently narrated their story -- one that resonated not only with young black women, but with anyone who has either been touched with depression themselves or knows somebody who has struggled with it in the past. ...more
Thank you for writing this article.  It was beautifully written. I have a 12 year old daughter ...more