Can You Spot the Fake Food Truck?

Apparently, if you remember a truck's name, you'll want to eat there -- even if the name is unappetizing. Or downright tasteless. Or (by far the most common) a terrible, terrible pun. So let's march forth with a Pun Day quiz: Can you tell the real food truck from the fake? ...more
Seriously. I need to plan a layover in LAX long enough to go to Egg Slut. Wow! I agree Jane ...more

Leaning In and Falling Over: Failures of Mainstream Feminism

After I graduated from university, full of inspiration and dreams for the future, I tried "leaning in." I did all the stuff you’re supposed to do. I tried "networking." I revised my CV a million times and sent it off everywhere. I slept on my sister's floor for seven days so I could do a work experience week that pushed me to my health limits and left me out of money. I did a course for unemployed graduates (again pushing my health to the limit) that promised a work experience opportunity -- which never materialized. ...more
Thank you both for your supportive comments, I'm sorry for the late reply but I've been a bit ...more

Don't Be a Robot for Jesus

I know I cannot go back to a faith where I need to cut out the deepest parts of me to belong to Jesus. I am done believing that that’s what he asks of me. The truth is, if I believe Jesus is a good God, I must believe that he isn’t asking me to lop off my humanity, my emotions, my soul. ...more
Excuse me, the Bible is not a book. It is a library of sacred text with more than 39 different ...more

How to Make a Living as a Crafter

I have made a living as a crafter for close to 15 years. It has not always been easy. There were times I was poor, and there were times I felt rich. There were times without health insurance, and times when I was staying in hotels in Beverly Hills. The craft industry waxes and wanes like anything else. This, my friends, is why I always live by the motto that you need to have several financial irons in the fire at once. ...more
jenniferperkins It was packed with good info! Thanks for sharing!more

Things That Can Go in the Dishwasher or Washing Machine

We got a puppy this past fall. She’s adorable. And a puppy. So we have had a love/hate relationship with her at times. We love how cute, and sweet, and smart she can be. But we have hated the housebreaking, and wild energy, and puppy teething we have gone through. ...more
I use denture cleaner (any brand) for my son's football mouth guard. Works wonderfully! Washing ...more

Lessons Learned from Purse Theft

I never really think about what I'm putting in my purse.  It seems I always use it for everything from a filing cabinet to a safe deposit box or a medicine cabinet.  But the morning of July 4, 2013, changed that habit forever when I decided to take the 5k walk around Prospect Park. ...more
hannahcatherine  so true. Sorry about your loss. Hope you will be able to recover without any ...more

Do Disneyland Like a Pro

As season pass holders, my family has figured out what we believe are the best tricks to an enjoyable day at Disneyland. Growing up, my memories of Disneyland trips consist of carrying around frozen water bottles while being bused to the park. Not the most efficient route, but we made it there. We would stay at the park until closing, leaving us so exhausted that it would likely be a year before we’d return. I was introduced to a different way of doing Disneyland when I met my fiancee. ...more
I lived two hours away for almost 10 years and never went. :(more

3 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From "Frozen"

Even though it came out right around Thanksgiving last year, I can’t quite seem to “let it go” when it comes to the Disney film Frozen just yet. It can be pretty easy to dismiss Disney films as being for kids only, but these movies pack a pretty powerful punch when it comes to teaching lessons about friendship, family, and leadership....more
Wow ! Couldn't agree more I loved the way you have correlated the insights from the movie Frozen ...more

Is There an Age Limit for Bikinis?

In preparation for an upcoming family weekend at an indoor water park, I made a bold move. I found my bikini tucked in the back of the drawer and put it on — in the dead of winter. Brave! Credit Image: electricnerve on Flickr...more
Great post! If you can rock it, and feel great in it, wear it! Notice I didn't say look great in ...more

Arizona Governor Vetoes Anti-Gay, "Religious Freedom" Bill

Conservative Christians around the nation have been clamoring for increased religious protections to match the advances made by by gay rights groups. The latest attempt fell flat yesterday in Arizona when Republican Governor Jan Brewer vetoed Senate Bill 1062, which would have effectively sanctioned discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by businesses in the state. ...more
I question the wisdom of a couple who want to force a religious business to serve ...more