Menopause and Margaritas are Better With Friends

The first Thursday of every month for the past 25 years, my four college girlfriends and I have gotten together over pitchers of margaritas to talk about marital struggles, problems with children, you name it. Yet there was one subject we seemed to shy away from. Then, on one of these occasions, I could feel sweat literally dripping from my brow as we toasted the last of our kids going off to college. I don't think my college sisters noticed, but I knew it was time to admit that I was going through "the change."...more
A margarita would really hit the spot about now.more

How My Second Grade Teacher Changed My Life

Every September, I can't help but think of Miss Quill. She was one of those life-changing people—a teacher has the power to do that. When I began grade school, I came from a home where Spanish was spoken first. The only English teacher I had before then was our television set. I learned my nouns and verbs from the Mouseketeers or the Doublemint Twins....more

Top 5 Video Tips From SheKnows Media's VP of Video, Melissa Haggerty

This month, I sat down with Melissa Haggerty, vice president of video for SheKnows Media and the brilliant mind behind all those gorgeous videos you saw at #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us, to ask for her top five tips regarding video. Here's what she had to say!...more

Forget Generation X. We're Generation XXX

I remember the first time someone came out to me as gay. I was a freshman in college, and while I knew the guy was gay (it was hard to miss; he had, for example, a poster that read "Butch Handbag," which featured a muscle-bound man carrying a pink purse), I still didn't know how to react when he sat me down and told me. I wanted to be supportive and didn't want to act like it was a total surprise. In the end, my only reaction was, "OK." I've always regretted that....more
How is 50 years old a Gen Xer?more

Dear Kim Davis, From an Actual Kentuckian

Dear Kim Davis,...more
Thank  you for an article that is on point! I am getting so tired having to make excuses for ...more

Why It's Good When Everything Falls Apart

Have you ever experienced a time when everything seems to be coming apart? I have been frustrated lately because every room in my house seems to be in a state of transition. I have to remind myself that when things come undone, it is often a good thing....more
thisolemom Thanks for your comment Kim!  I have seen this pattern in my life over and over, just ...more

Get Confidence Fast With These Simple Tricks

Your self-esteem can take a beating during divorce. You feel depressed and disappointed. You find fault with everything about yourself....more

Family Forgoes Capturing Amazing Moments Because They Can't Figure Out GoPro

We sold everything we owned, bought a sailboat and set sail out on adventure as a family of four. Of all the items we sailed off with on our 45-foot sailboat, the new GoPro Hero 4 was sure to capture countless amazing memories to be cherished forever. Maybe even in the next lifetime. ...more
These pictures are great , love the fact that they are real !!! No one is getting ready for ...more

I'm So Honored to Count Labor Legend Dolores Huerta as My Mentor

To write about one of the most prominent women in American history is no small task. No matter how many statistics, historical dates or cool tidbits one manages to list, the probability of coming up short can be extremely high. That thought keeps flashing through my head as I sit down to write about Dolores Huerta. ...more
I'm a former community organizer and I'll be returning to the work via a Masters of Social Work ...more

Dear Friend: I'm Sorry I Unfollowed You on Facebook

I'm going to take off all my clothes and stand in the white light of the sun for a minute: Once, I unfollowed someone on Facebook. Someone I actually know in real life and really like, and am friends with. ...more
AdventureList I read that article...and I have felt that way about some friends. :( But...this ...more