Things I Would Do If I Were Dying

“You’ve got about a year to live. Go do all the things you want to do, and don’t do them later, do them now.” A friend told me about someone he knew who got that very news, and it occurred to me that that might not be a bad way to go. You gotta die sometime, so why not opt for preparing for it, rather than BOOM — a javelin just skewered you? ...more
YES. I'm doing my travelling while I'm still 58 yearsyoung. I'm exploring America on two-lane ...more

Look to Sam Champion to Keep Us Safe and Smart on The Weather Channel

No, Sam Champion is not just another handsome talking head. To prove it, he has taken the bold step of leaving perhaps the number one weatherperson position in the world at ABC's Good Morning America to become Managing Editor at The Weather Channel. His new show is called AMHQ, for America's Morning Headquarters. It is an amalgam of news, sports, lifestyle and, of course, weather forecasting and reporting, running each weekday from 7-10 a.m. ET. ...more
I enjoyed watching him on GMA until I realized he's not actually a meteorologist, like Ginger ...more

I Am So Not a Morning Person

I am not a morning person. If you’ve seen me whining on Facebook, you might have suspected this about me. If you’re a morning person, please don’t hate me. I really can’t help it. It doesn’t matter if I go to bed at six in the evening and sleep until six or seven. There are slight differences in how I feel if I’d had three hours of sleep and the requisite eight. Slight. When I open my eyes in the morning, I feel like I got hit by a truck. Or eaten by wolves and then pooped over a cliff. Or the smashed bug on your windshield....more
I am that way too!  Sometimes I have patients in my office waiting room at 8:30...but I tell ...more

Surrounding Myself with Beauty, Because It's Important

My grandmother is in her late eighties and still uses Facebook. Her comments are sometimes cryptic and often off-base, bless her heart, but at least she's participating. The other day she commented on a photo, "Jess your life is filled with so much beauty." I laughed, thinking "if only you saw my house and self right now." Then I was looking through some old pictures and realized that she's right, and it's not unintentional....more

I Am Letting My Husband and Children Teach Me How To Relax

I think my goal in life is to not fall apart …It is a weird goal, I think.  Some people want to be astronauts.  Some people want to be ballerina dancers....more
As mothers, whilst our priority is caring for the needs of our children, it is good to be ...more

My Biracial Son Said, 'I Don't Like Black People'

I've started taking my boys to our new black church. Due to significant transitions in work and other factors, I'd lost consistent, ongoing healthy interactions with A LOT of the black folks in my life. After some time, this reality hit me hard. I started asking myself all the questions: NUMBER ONE: Where are my black people, for crying out loud? Why don’t I have more black friends whom I see on a regular basis? Why aren’t I reading more black authors? ...more
Thank you for this post, as it was just interesting. I enjoyed reading your viewpoint. I'm a ...more

The BlogHer 2014 Father's Day Gift Guide

Dad's gifts are the weirdest, aren't they? Deep down we know our dads don't really want a tie or a golf putter cover shaped like a puppy, but what the heck are you supposed to buy the guy who never tells you what he likes? Here are some ideas for Father's Day surprises....more
a guys golf trip :)more

Cup Shopping: What Do You Mean, "How Big Is He?"

Similar to the school supply list we moms are allotted at the beginning of every school year, baseball coaches should hand out a “baseball supply list” at the start of each season. How is a mom who chose pom poms over a legitimate sport supposed to know that little boys need crotch protection out in the field? I know what a “cup” is from the days my dad would casually keep his out in the open after a game (his team’s name was the Bushwackers by the way, but that’s another story), so I know the purpose of a “cup,” but I just assumed it was for an older man … perhaps one with more substance....more
Yes, for cricket but now he plays baseball and not cricket he uses it for that. We call it a box ...more

5 Valuable Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

“A kite goes into the air? It's not the kite; it's the air.” So said Pharrel Williams on Oprah. I like to say it takes a village. And, when it comes to women on the rise, bouncing back from adversity, and those who are at those pivotal points in their lives and careers, I am reminded of how important the “shine theory” has been in my life. ...more
God bless you for writing this post and sharing this information! Trust me, this is on time for ...more

Shame Makes a Hard Thing Even Worse

2009 was an extremely challenging year for both Michelle and me. Among the many issues we faced that year, one of the most painful was the difficult financial situation we’d put ourselves into: We were $105,000 in debt and about $300,000 upside down on our house by the end of that year. There were a number of factors that contributed to this, some of which had to do with the economic downturn and the collapse of the housing market, but more had to do with our lack of awareness, understanding, and responsibility with our money. ...more