Hey, Moms! Did you know we are at war? Did you enlist or were you drafted?

And, no, I am not talking about that pesky little war in Iraq where we actually have hundreds of troops being killed in a foreign country. That only makes news when something "newsworthy" occurs because we all know a real war is such a downer to talk about. I am talking about the "newsworthy" war that we all should apparently be up in arms about. The Mommy Wars. Are you battle ready? Did you buy your fatigues and kiss your family goodbye? No? Shame on you! You are at war! ...more

I have hundreds of problems with the media these days and this TOPS THE LIST!

Although in ...more

Writers find inspiration like a penny on the sidewalk

I came across this statue at Marywood Retreat in Florida as I finished interviews for a newspaper story. I'll gaze at the photo tacked to my bulletin board until, one day, my pen will begin to crawl across my notebook. ...more

Cheryl, I'd send you some questions by email, and you could return answers. Then I'd grab ...more

Guest Scholar-Blogger Opportunies on Girl with Pen

Greetings, BlogHers! ...more

Facebook group inspires quirky poem

Poems are ridiculous, insecure creatures. They show up at all hours with no warning, demanding immediate attention like a troubled friend who believes you exist for him or her on demand. I joined the "Poetry" group on Facebook recently, and noticed a contest. The challenge: write a poem beginning with the word face and ending with the word book. The impossible—for me—challenge: confine the poem to 8 lines. The reward: cash prizes. ...more

I am just learning to find comments--these are great!

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Law round-up: Help for Katrina Survivors, Jena Six Update,Combatting Censorship, Fighting Slavery in Africa

Nordette's excelent profile of Katina Parker and the New Orleans Labor of Love project highlights the one good thing to come out of the Gulf Coast disaster -- the compassion and spirit of thousands of everyday people who have volunteered their time and treasure to help those in need. But many insist that greater government involvement is needed before the region and its people can experience a real recovery. ...more

Thanks again, Nordette. Once again, your attention and insights are invaluable. You are right -- ...more

Body Image is THE Feminist Issue: Blame Media

Is fat a feminist issue? There’s quite an interesting discussion about it going on at Big Fat Deal. In one of many responses, Superblondgirl pointed out that “too thin” has its critics too. Does that make anorexia/bulimia a feminist issue as well? ...more

Steven Truscott

On a summer afternoon in 1959, 14 year old Steven Truscott gave his friend Lynne Harper a bike ride. ...more

Wired magazine’s September issue serves up well-written story about Web War I

There’s a lot of great content in the September issue of Wired Magazine, starting with a story about a botnet attack on Estonia. The attack, says the article, “nearly shut down the most wired country in Europe.” This orchestrated attack constituted Web War I against a country, the magazine says. ...more

Oh my stars! Contemplating the size of the universe

In order to keep up with my son's interests, I've had to increase my understanding of the universe by several billion degrees. http://tzt.blogspot.com/2007/08/oh-my-stars-ordinary-woman-tries-to.html As I post this, I am struck by the fact that there doesn't seem to be a science topic at BlogHer. Does it just fall under technology and research? ...more

There are quite a few posts from our Research, Academia & Education Contributing Editor, Leslie ...more

Protesting cinematic rapes, combatting real ones: BlogHers weigh in

September 11th has become a solemn day in the United States, but in Liverpool, Engiand it promises to be a day of celebrity-watching and protest. That's the day when director Quentin Tarantino plans to be on hand to promote "Deathproof," a B-movie "thriller" in which Kurt Russell plays an embittered stuntman who stalks and kills sexy women. The movie incited controversy and drew limited audiences earlier this year, especially because the filmmakers produced an "action figure" in Tarantino's likeness that was named "Rapist No. 1" The movie is part of a double feature with another snuff-flick, "Grindhouse.". Feminist Activists Against Porn urges people to meet Tarantino with protests. "Tarantino visiting Liverpool is being hailed as a triumph as part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture. Feminists will be protesting against Tarantino at the opening of this film- making a stand against violence and rape of women as entertainment and against the Rapist No 1 action man doll. " ...more

That kept trying to justify torture porn as art. It was ridiculous and the logic was so ...more