Another Anna Nicole Smith lawsuit, only this time an author’s going to court

Howard K. Stern wants $60 million, alleging journalist Rita Cosby and her publisher are guilty of false and defamatory accusations against Stern. Cosby’s book,Blond Ambition, says the South Florida Sun-Sentinel in a story on Tuesday, figures in the lawsuit because the book alleges Stern committed, “among other things, criminal lewd acts, homosexual acts, illegal possession and use of cocaine, conspiring to commit murder and kidnapping for ransom.” Furthermore, a John or Jane Doe also was named as a defendant. ...more

Death count climbs in Burma, while information shuts down.

It is hard to know what is actually going on in Burma. The Burmese government has reportedly shut down all internet access and all cell phones. The Daily Mail reports hundreds, perhaps thousands of jailings and adds: ...more

It's 1991 All Over Again: The Thomas-Hill controversy returns

When Associate Justice Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Supreme Court, back in 1991, his supporters wove a narrative about him that emphasized his character, intelligence and education, instead of more traditional qualifications such as experience before the Court or on the bench. Thomas had only been a judge for 18 months before the nomination, and had run two federal agencies and worked as a Congressional aide before that. ...more

You make a good point, Maria -- the Sanders verdict came down as I was preparing this post. ...more

Renovation Under the Influence

Apparently the hottest new parties are renovation parties. Homeowners send out invitations inviting friends over to help them do manual labor by offering free food and booze. I had no idea. Clearly I need better friends, and many, many more of them. Cocktails and power tools don't mix. But they sure do mingle. As the housing market cools, homeowners looking to save money on renovations are hosting parties where they invite friends over for an evening of ripping out walls and laying floors. But when novices who've had a few drinks get a hold of crowbars, drills and Sawzalls, the results are sometimes less than satisfactory. Sounds like a juicy story, huh? Party goers who knock down the wrong walls, cut through electrical lines, knock down support beams. ...more

...I was interviewed by Jennifer Saranow for this story on Internet tattle-tellers:


Tech News Roundup

It isn't hitting the major news outlets, but it's big news to those interested in deaf technology and other assistive technology. Stone Deaf Pilots, where blogger Kathryn Hill has been inactive since last June is back! It was worth the wait for her to resurface after taking a new job. She's already posted articles about captioning of online video and the disastrous results of outsourcing the writing of subtitles. I wish her well in the new job, but I'm glad she's finding the time to work blogging back into her schedule. There aren't many women writing about how technology affects the deaf. She's an important voice. ...more

Thanks for being back.

Don't Hate the Player...

Man, how great would it be if I could get the news while I was playing video games. Sure, some people are trying this already. There are games out there where you play the news or something. In fact, I think some of last year's Knight News Challenge winners did this stuff. Like Paul Grabowicz from Berkeley. He is making a game where you play through jazz era Oakland. But I'm not really talking about this kind of game. I'm talking about mainstream games. I'm thinking something like this: ...more

Buy 10 bricks and build the house

My name is Helen Mikulich. I was born and always have lived in Minsk - the capital of Belarus. I had a happy family. In 2000 my father bought a plot of land and started to build a house. But for our great sorrow my father died. My mother and I were left alone. We can’t continue construction because of the permanent lack of money. ...more

Tell the New York Times: Why do more men seem to be involved in politics online than women?

UPDATE: Seelye's article is now live on the site with comments from me and Emily McKhann. On the NYT website right now, Katharine Seelye, politics reporter at the New York Times is asking readers to respond to this question, because she is writing a column on the subject tomorrow. Please dive in. some sample comments: I think men are more interested in the competitive nature of the election. It’s like a sport — who will win or lose, who has the best strategy, who is on offense, who is on defense. Men are interested more in the minutae of the game and tracking the ups and downs of the election contest. It’s the same reason men are interested in fantasy baseball and knowing specific stats about everything involved in sports. I think women could care less and are more focused on the big picture. ...more

Rather than ranting for too long here, I posted about this on my blog and listed some names of ...more

Why is the "No Anorexia" Campaign Offering No Information for Sufferers?

After all this talk about the "No anorexia" campaign, I decided to show you a picture of another nude model--me. This is from a 1999 article in Glamour, when I first went public about my seven-year battle with bulimia. Read more at 5 Resolutions to Transform the Fashion and Beauty Industries Related: ...more

Why Women Bloggers can do what Washington can't

After reading Emily and Cooper's great post on the Clinton Initiative yesterday, I’m becoming more convinced that we are the ones the world has been waiting for to kick start climate change – women bloggers. Al Gore suggested that bigger dream: "If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We have to go far quickly, and need a mass persuasion campaign to change the climate of public opinion on climate change." ...more

Hm, that's why there's no more sweatshops, right? because everything can be fixed by redirected ...more