David Halberstam, Author, Killed in Car Crash

David Halberstam,the star reporter whose books excavated the inner workings of America's major institutions at the end of the 20th century, died today in a car accident in Menlo Park, California. ...more

I cannot believe he was killed making the same left turn I took every day for two years while ...more

Social Media, Technology and Tragedy: On YouTube, Facebook, MySpace Today We Are All Hokies

At YouTube, there is, The Virginia Tech Shooting Caught On Camera Phone. But there is also Virginia Tech Tribute, College Students Speak. and Virginia Tech Tribute II and many many more. ...more

I agree about being drawn to the story on several different levels....not the least of ...more

Oprah's Hip-Hop Town Hall

I was able to catch the second day of Oprah’s round table discussion on ….what else? (For a recap of the first day of the discussion you can find it at Oprah.com) and found myself getting a tad annoyed, even though I have even more respect for former Def Jam head Russell Simmons that I did before. While acknowledging that yes, there is sexism in Hip-Hop Simmons argued that artists come to the plate as ‘story tellers,’ using narratives from their own lives and experiences within their songs (which honestly, doesn’t exactly justify the lyrics of some artists0: "The hip-hop community is a mirror, a reflection of the dirt we overlook—the violence, the misogyny, the sexism. They need to be discussed." ...more

"We're talking about a lot of these artists who come from the most extreme cases of ...more

Is the Internet a woman's world?

Once again we see numbers, this time from eMarketer, explaining that women outnumber men in the online world. According to eMarketer, eMarketer estimates that there will be an estimated 97.2 million female Internet users ages 3 and older in 2007, or 51.7% of the total online population. In 2011, 109.7 million US females will go online, amounting to 51.9% of the total online population. ...more

Here are a few more facts speaking of women car buyers!

Women are the majority new car buyer ...more

Covering tragedy: Emerging lessons from the Virginia Tech Killings

In my day job, I'm a journalism educator. When a horrific event such as Monday's massacre at Virginia Tech occurs, I'm looking for the lessons I can share with my students, and ways to make sure that I am modeling good professional practice for them. ...more

It tells me not to assume that this was a "typical" school shooting, if there actually is such a ...more

Virginia Tech: Social Media in Crisis Planning

One of the topics discussed last week at the CDC panel on public healthcare blogging was the way in a social media world that information is disseminated in the time of a crisis. ...more

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shares the public’s grief over the recent ...more

The Internet Responds to Shooting Rampage - Virginia Tech Students and Friends Speak Out

The Internet has indisputably changed the way people around the world can respond to events both large and small, and in the case of the murders at Virginia Tech, the voices are myriad and heartfelt. In the hours since the shootings at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 32 people have since been confirmed dead, with more than 20 others still being treated at local hospitals. ...more

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shares the public’s grief over the recent ...more

What does it take to buy an automatic weapon in Virgina? A pulse.

Initial reactions to the Virginia Tech shootings from feminist bloggers. ...more

Virginnia Tech: If You Are OK Please Update Your Facebook Profile

ABC News has aggregated comments posted by students on Facebook and MySpace highlighting the role social networks have in connecting people with information and with each other..also noteworthy is the fact that mainstream media is using social networks as a major source of "breaking news" in this tragedy. ...more

Just got home after spending the entire day at an offsite where my role was to discuss how a ...more