Turtles "Happy Together" With Copyright Win Against SiriusXM

Flo & Eddie of The Turtles sued SiriusXM in August 2013 for infringement of sound recording copyrights.  The decison by the California court is a huge ruling for legacy sound recording owners and their heirs....more

Whose Magazine Is It Anyway? Take the test and see whether you can figure it out....

Which of these tantalizing headlines came from a women's magazine and which of them came from one for men?...more

Yoga Pants And Dress Codes: A Response

     I saw this article a few days ago titled, "Why Yoga Pants Are Incredibly Dangerous to Today's Youth."  I read it.  Then, I read it again.  Then, I dove head first into the mountain of comments at the bottom, fully knowing that it was going to get ugly.  I can't shake this article, so I wanted to write a response to it....more
TaTyanaLeonard I went and read your post.  It touches on the same things but you also have some ...more

Breastfeeding Women Who Code

In a departure from the usual fashion magazine fare, the latest issue of Glamour features two articles about the tech industry: "Secrets of Silicon Valley (That Only Women Know)" and  "35 Women Under 35 Who Are Changing the Tech Industry."...more
Thanks, https://twitter.com/BrigidSchulte! Look forward to YOUR piece. Btw, mine has interviews ...more

Don't Let Fear Rule You


Discovering the essence of Treaty 7 and how it relates to all Canadians

Actress Michelle Thrush in a scene from The Making of Treaty 7 world premiere...more

Read Like a Feminist: 10 Books to Look For

Bad Feminist had me wondering what titles with feminist themes might be headed our way over the next several months. The good news is there are quite a few and they come from many corners of the reading world. Prepare your to-be-read lists!...more
JessiBennett You're totally right - I double checked and that's the paperback date! Glad to hear ...more

Ms.Watson alludes to all the female greats with her grace & intellect in this speech - why men benefit from feminism

A MUST watch:http://www.inc.com/kimberly-weisul/emma-watson-un-men-imprisoned-by-gend... Nicole Hospital-Medinaaka Pink Curlerswww.pinkcurlers.comwww.productiveprofessor.wordpress.com  ...more

Why Charlo Greene's "F*ck it. I Quit." Is a Revolutionary Act

I have never had the courage to just walk off of a job. I have wanted to, many times. But, I never had the economic ability (or guts) to do so. Beyond the monetary constraints, there was this lingering concern about being blackballed, blacklisted, and otherwise blackified for not conforming to the respectability politics of the workplace. I behaved as completely politically correct as possible to keep food on my table and a roof over my family's head. I just didn't end up having much to show for it....more
@JennMJack - Yes, I would have to agree that whether we like it or not, she has the free will to ...more