Rolling Stone issues apology over UVA story

"A Note to Our Readers" - Rolling Stone...more
I have read the RS article, and even if it's only half true, it's pretty scary.  Seems likely RS ...more

5 Reasons Your Queries are Getting Rejected

You wrote the book. You had it professionally edited. Your mom, your dad, your S.O. have read it and they all agree you're the next Zora Neale Hurston. So you go ahead and send it off to an agency--or if you're bold enough, directly to a publisher--and to your dismay, you're denied. And denied... And denied. Before I go any further, I must admit: I've probably sent you a rejection letter and didn't tell why. I'm willing to offer some insight, here and now, as to why your book query ended up in my "pass" pile....more

#CrimingWhileWhite #AliveWhileBlack: What the Internet is Saying about Race and Police

Something interesting has been happening on Twitter. In light of the recent acquittals of white police officers in the deaths of black men, there have been quite a few online discussions about the role of race plays in how the law is enforced. The hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite has been trending, along with #AliveWhileBlack....more
Pink Curlers Thank you, I appreciate that! Just trying to capture the myriad of perspectives on ...more

Stirring the Pot...

Personal opinions….I am going to list several things that I have issues with in our society. Sorry if this upsets anyone but these are just my thoughts on these subjects....more

Is Your Mobile App FTC Privacy Compliant?

 Have you considered that marketing for your mobile application must comply with Federal Trade Commission advertising guidelines? The bottom line is make sure you disclose what information you are collecting, how you collect and what you do with the information once it is collected.  Always remember there are heightened privacy concerns when your mobile app is targeted to children....more

Do I Need A Facebook Disclaimer?

Have you noticed your friends posting a disclaimer on Facebook saying it will protect their rights? Do you need one? Does it work?...more

7 Steps Bloggers Should Take to Protect Your Privacy Online

So we can either sit with our fear, give up blogging all together, or we can act in ways that offer us more privacy than we have right now. I thought it would be worthwhile to list a few steps I've taken and a few I plan on taking to ensure the most privacy and safety for myself as a woman on the Internet with an opinion that I can in hopes that it might help other people do the same. We've seen that this is necessary time and time again. ...more
Thanks for this! I personally decided to blog under a pseudonym and my husband has one of the ...more

Things You Should Think About When Listening to 'Serial'

There’s a new hot podcast out there right now that’s topping This American Life (for all of you podcast nerds). It’s Serial, a journalistic investigation of the 15-year-old murder of high schooler Hae Min Lee and her boyfriend, Adnan Syed, who was convicted and is currently serving a life sentence in prison....more
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The Time Radar Online Beat Me To The Punch

Okay this was a totally unexpected title to a post right? I know. LOL! ...more

What's It Gonna Take: A Mother's Thoughts on Ferguson and the Death of Michael Brown, Jr.

             Photo: Michael Brown, Jr., New York Daily News Yesterday I had my son watch the news with me, focusing on both the boy that was shot in Ohio, and Mike Brown's untimely death. He asked questions.  I answered.  He had words. I listened....more