Fundraising on Facebook

Photo by Sean MacEnteeFundraising on Facebook can be a great way for...more

UN Women Chief goes back to school in Viet Nam

During her first visit to the country, the former teacher engaged young students on leadership and ending gender-based violence. ...more

Possible Site of Missing MH370?

There is a tiny island approximatley 2,000 miles due West of Perth Australia called the LLE AMSTERDAM.  On the very NorthWest corner of the island, there is an unusual looking mark that could possibly be the site of MH370....more

5 Things I Have to Say About #CancelColbert

Last Thursday night,#CancelColbert seemed to be just the latest brainchild of Suey Park, creator such hashtags as #NotYourAsianSidekick and #BlackPowerYellowPeril. ...more
I appreciate your post. I realize this may sound incredibly naive, but I have never heard ching ...more

Line Toe-ers, Line Jumpers, and Line Benders

I've always been good at toeing the line. I know exactly where it is at all times, and can follow it exactly. Perhaps that's why I'm so good at formulaic writing and formulaic math, while my line jumping son is so good at conceptual math. You probably wonder what I'm talking about right now. Let me explain. ...more

Generation Y: We Are Young Not Stupid

Youth via Pinterest...more

Has Red Robin Gone Too Far?

Over the last few years, Red Robin Commercials have invaded the airways of just about every television station. Most have a woman sitting in the restaurant trying to be funny, but I never liked any of her jokes. I originally began writing this post to address one of her lines and discovered another is getting serious attention as well....more

Happy 80th Birthday, Gloria Steinem!

Gloria Steinem is turning 80 this Tuesday, March 25. Best known for her feminist activism — as a journalist, author, publisher. I like to think that Steinem helped paved the way for the work that we all do, telling our own personal stories as bloggers. Back in the 1950s and 60s, when “women’s writing” was often limited only to traditional homemaking and society stories, Steinem showed that women’s stories could include work like her expose of the Playboy Club or her reporting on contraception or abortion. ...more
I remember very clearly Gloria on the cover of Time(?) - saying that this is what 50 looks like ...more