Vagenda Asks: Can We Take the Sexism Out of Headlines?

What would the world look like if headlines in tabloids stopped being critical and cruel and started reflecting the photos of women that they accompany? On Monday, the editors at Vagenda Magazine asked their readers to pitch in in the headline-editing effort. ...more
"Vagenda" complains about sexist headlines.  "Vagenda" ... the irony is delicious.more

Stories of survivors portrayed by journalists in Georgia

Ahead of World Press Freedom Day, a story from Georgia, where actors and playwrights are using interactive verbatim theatre to perform real-life stories produced by journalists trained at a UN Women workshop on gender-sensitive reporting. ...more

Implying the "Nation is better off" because of Silvers actions is like putting a bandaid on after heart surgery.

I am glad Donald Sterling got banned for life from the NBA and was fined, but the media specifically Mike Galanos saying, "this is a great day for our nation"  is a little much. While I support the actions of Adam Silver the NBA Commissioner, I can't help but wonder why this biggoted individual was even allowed to own a team in the first place considering the fact the he was in court prior to these conversation leaks specifically regarding his racism.  I have a feeling the NBA and his own players knew he was a racist individual....more

Why All Bloggers Should Care About BookCon's Lack of Diversity

Book Expo America ("BEA") is the leading North American publishing event, bringing publishers, authors, and readers together in one location, the force of which sets standards for the whole publishing industry. In an attempt to bring more readers to BEA, producers of the event created BookCon (formerly Power Readers Day), where readers can interact with their favorite authors at panels, Q&As, and book-signings. That is, if their favorite authors are straight, white men. ...more
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What I love & hate about social media

What I Love & Hate About Social Media ...more

To read or not to read: Parent research

Every day, I sift through my emails and review the latest parent research. Links have taken me to information about the importance of Mommy sleep to the idea that your child's name will indicate their future job....more

Solving the Deep, Dark Mystery of the #DatelineDivas

I love watching how audiences interact with television shows on Twitter. Over the last few months I've noticed a hashtag that seemed to take interactive viewing to the next level. I never would have guessed that the news magazine show Dateline NBC would attract diehard fans swooning over their favorite reporters and live-tweeting the mysteries, but there it was, #DatelineDivas. Fans seems to be interacting with the show in a personal, flirtatious, connected way, and producers and stars like Keith Morrison and Josh Mankiewicz are playing right back. ...more
JoshMankiewicz lindlpt DatelineDivas gotta love Dateline and their Divas!!more

365 Reflections - Reflection 6

I have struggled with my creativity for years - bouncing around from medium to medium. I would say that I am competent with a wide variety of crafts but I have not ever made as a result of my creativity. The reasons for that are, like many other tings - varied....more

Dear Graffiti Artist David Choe: "Yes With Her Eyes" Is Rape

Trigger alert: This post contains a graphic description of non-consensual sex. On his podcast, DVDASA, graffiti artist David Choe recounted his latest “sexual conquest”—one that sounds disturbingly close to rape, whether or not it was a made-up story....more
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