What Peeple Totally Got Wrong About the Internet

Suddenly, an app with a great deal of financial backing is on the horizon, and it essentially stands for the opposite of my goals on social media. As much as the founders would like to believe otherwise, I believe this app will only promote an outlet for under-regulated personal attacks and the general approval of emotionally-driven judgments about people in our lives. In other words, I am not a fan. ...more

If You Pay Crap, Expect Crap in Return

I blog because I feel compelled to share opinions here, to share my creative work, and also to connect with others. I'm a writer because my heart lives in the words I string together, and nothing is more rewarding than knowing my words impact others positively. But, I'm also lucky to be able to earn an income through blogging (both here and at Irritated By Allergies). Blogging for dollars is a hustle, and it's a constantly changing gig....more

Grey Brain Matters

Monsanto is at it again and this time they are using what I call “academic influence” tactics I actually learned about as a young girl. This carefully orchestrated dance of discreetly hidden influence is the issue as I see it in the PR war on misinformation regarding GMOs. ...more

1 Simple Way To Prevent Gun Violence

Listen, this blog's usually about eating disorders and body image, but you all know I'm not afraid to get political.  I am starting a gofundme campaign to donate to the Brady Campaign, a gun control lobby.  I am sick of hearing about gun violence deaths, and I am well aware that the problem is bigger than just guns, but this ain't a bad place to start.  If I had the money, I'd donate 10,000.  But I don't, so collectively, I figure we do....more

The Mother Thing and Why It's So Touchy

The conversations and ideas about popular culture, motherhood and women's roles in today's society and across the media and entertainment spheres serve up regular writing prompts. Take for instance a recent BBC Woman’s Hour interview with Kim Cattrall and a segment on FABLife with Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen....more

How to Create a Prayer Room

How to Create a Prayer Room 9/18/2015 ...more

Boost Your Online Influence

Your online influence is the power you have to affect others. The more influence you have, the more you can sway people....more

But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.

I find words very interesting. When I am speaking about relationships, I often point out that men and women “do not speak the same language.” Though they use the same words, their interpretations of the words are often very different. In social communication it is the same. Some people take words literally and while others have extensive meanings attached to individual words. ...more

Family Care and Work Culture: It Really Doesn't Fit

Care is cropping up more and more often in print media.  It's a conversation long overdue, as it bears on each and every one of us (albeit in different ways!!)  at every stage of life.  When we get the care we need, we become fully functional adults, effective citizens, valued community members and caregivers in our own turn.  When we don't - human suffering increases, our intrinsic talents are squandered, the economy lags, and the nation is at risk....more
When my husband and I started our family a number of years ago, I made it a condition that we do ...more