#TheJoulesPurge and a Giveaway!

Now that the weather is finally warming up, I feel like it’s a great time to launch the spring version of The Joules Purge!...more

Zac Posen, Fashion Show and Castle Masquerade Ball

 So you haven’t seen anything fashionable about Silicon Valley except Technology?  Well this week you have a few chances to see fashion in more than one way.  Clear your calendar for these events.Zac Posen at Stanford University“Hello my name is Zac, Zac Posen.”...more


So I just got my newest shipment of eshakti clothes in, and it's making me sing the praises of this place to all my coworkers (again). I figured I should sing its praises somewhere else as well. No one's paying me for this (and there will be lots of product links in this post, but I get no kickbacks), I just love this website and its clothes. ...more

First Impression Stitch Fix #4

My fix arrived!This is #4 for me--been a fun and different experience each box. My inital stylist hit home runs both times, let's see if current stylist and I mesh this go.My requests included updating my denim wardrobe for spring with white-light washes, print pants, and anything with a nod to the 70's.Here we go (in no particular order)!...more

The Bigger the Bow, the Closer to God

 The Bigger the Bow, the Closer to God (Friday Faves)...more

Neutral Spring + DUO Axil Boots.

I'm an ankle-boot-year-round kind of girl. Shoe of choice, for sure....more

Ladies, Don't Wear Cheap Leggings

Yesterday I was walking out of a store and a twenty something young lady walked by me, can someone say, labia majora. That is all I could see, as she walked by me to the delight of the man waiting for his bus. Her leggings were so cheap, she might as well have worn black stockings, they looked about the same. Spend the money, don't wear cheap leggings....more

Lauren Bacall, an Icon of Seductive Style

I am pretty sure Lauren Bacall was a feline in a former life. I was always captivated by her sleek saunter across a movie set, the silky purr of her voice and tantalizing flip of her sculpted hair, exposing a seductive look. She was as magnificent as the beautiful wardrobe she chose for each photo op. ...more
A Well Styled Life Sadly is right. I am confounded by what I see women wearing, but you have to ...more