An interview with Fashion Designer - Dominique Auxilly

Dominique all started with a $300 sewing machine and a dream...more

Brianna's first blog

I love fashion and so I am doing this blog ok I am talking a bout fashion and so I play a game on this site called primary games and the game is fantage I am very stylish in that game ...more

Summer Silk.

Summer solstice is just around the corner (crazy, right?), so it makes sense to put together a few pool-friendly outfits....more

Summer Fashion Horror Show: 5 Trends That Are Making Me Scream

Some trends—like flirty sundresses or leopard-print anything—immediately become beloved wardrobe staples. But each season also has its own special horror show of trends that cause physical discomfort or epic wardrobe malfunctions: say, six-inch heels, super-skinny jeans, or tiny Daisy Dukes. ...more
Aside from the backpack, 100% agree with you!  Love the humor!more

Summer style idea. Lose the purse and grab a Bandolier.

Summer style idea. Lose the purse and grab a Bandolier.I have to share one of my new favorite finds for summer. Sometimes, I just hate carrying a purse. OK, I often hate carrying a purse. You’re out shopping. At a concert, out with friends, traveling, dancing.  Where do you stash it? Will it get stolen? Who needs a purse to worry about when the summer fun begins.Well, I've found a sophisticated stylish solution to replace my huge purse this summer, the Bandolier. ...more

Wear Your Flares + Link Up

TGIF party people. It is the end of another long week for me and am looking forward to enjoying my weekend. In other of my link ups (check out below) a few things from my week: ...more

Monday Round Up: Music + Fairing

Happy Monday! I have to say this Monday I feel particularly tired. I had an action packed weekend, which was super fun but also tiring. Derek was out of town on a fishing trip for five days so I try to keep myself  busy when he is gone. I already had plans on Friday but quickly made sure to fill up my weekend. Stayed tuned through my weekend pics to get a little OOTD at the end. I really loved my outfit on Friday, you're gonna love it. Trust me ;) ...more

Jump on the Charm Bracelet Trend with these 9 Beauties

 Swish! Swish! That’s the sound of an eye-catching charm bracelet making someone come hither!  -PJ Gach...more