Why I Love the Cheapness - Especially in This Economy

Ok, so first things first...I am a slave to the cheapness. There's just no other way to say it!  I...Love...Cheap...almost as much as I love free.  It's like a sickness. Now, don't get me wrong: I'm all about the quality (my word, I still have shoes from high school - and yes, they're still fabulous). ...more

5 Delicious Diaper Bags Under $400

Today’s fashionable diaper bags are turning heads around town. High-end designers are catering to mommy and baby by giving them stylish meticulously crafted bags that scream, “I am NOT a childish baby bag!” Unfortunately there isn’t a $10k Hermes Birkin diaper bag yet, but MommyQ thinks you’ll find these five little gems just as yummy. ...more

It's So Etsy: Handmade Padded Gadget Cases

These adorable little gadget cases for iPod, cell phone, or camera come in a variety of cute prints. ...more

Help Us Support Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we see pink everywhere. Everywhere we turn there is a simple way to help support the fight against breast cancer. Whether we go into a store and make a pink purchase, make a donation, join a walk, or purchase an item from somewhere where a percentage of proceeds goes towards breast cancer awareness, we cannot deny that it is easy to help find a cure.   ...more

Designer Shoes or Bottled Water?

The Green Goss: It takes ...more

Have a Big Wedding Budget? Visit a Luxury Bridal Show!!

Though this tough economic environment has reduced the amount some couples can spend on their special day, there are couple who can afford an expensive wedding (due to savings, parents, etc.). ...more

Buy Favors to Help Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

At Planaganza, we strive to make a difference in the lives of our members who use our site to assist in planning all of life's events. As such, we wanted to send a reminder to our members that is it Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know?!?!?... ...more

Attack of the face!

Being that I am a girl, I am always on the lookout for the newest and greatest product out there that will make my skin clear, dewy, keep oil at bay, kill blemishes, obliterate my pores AND keep me looking perpetually 15.  Basically I am looking for a miracle from God himself sent down in a fabulous glittery package delivered directly to my doorstep.  Oh and it has to work immediately.  I am desperately trying to acheive flawless skin. ...more

Shop for the Cure

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month; you can work to reduce your risk by eating right, exercising regularly, and having a mammogram.  You can also help fund a cure by shopping for products that support breast cancer research.  Here are five picks; some portion of the sale price of each goes to the Susan G. Komen foundation and other parner organizations working to end breast cancer. ...more

I'm in San Fran this week and even noticed that the Chevron gas stations have coffee with a ...more