Jean Paul Gaultier for Target Collection Disappointing

Like most of Target's designer collections, Jean Paul Gaultier's collection for Target is expected to fly off the shelves. This may be true, but I'll tell you this: the pieces will not be flying into my closet. Even though there were quite a few pieces that looked promising in pictures, I was really disappointed with the quality of the entire collection. The pieces I thought I would like still looked decent on the hanger, but once I placed the fabric between my fingers it was over....more

I was excited to try on the yellow dress since it looks so pretty in the ads.  In person ...more

Putting It All Together: What Do You Wear for a Day In and a Night Out?

Recently, my mantra has become "I have got to get my act together." I've been working long hours and traveling more than usual and juggling my kids and my house, and I'm feeling a little scattered. At least once a day, I look around at the piles -- of laundry, of papers, of stuff we're too lazy to put away -- and I think, "Seriously, I have got to get my act together. But I need help." I'm sure you know the feeling. ...more

Mine is a classic black pants/jeans, a black top, high heels and pearls to dress it up. You can ...more

The Project Runway Top 9 Recap: Ben, We Hardly Knew Ye!

Subtitle: Alas, poor Ben, I did not know him at all! Sub-subtitle: Ben, the two of us need ... wonder who the hell you are no more! Oh, um, did I mention: SPOILER ALERT! Jonathan's design. Image: Lifetime ...more

Ben's suit was a hot mess! Sharks teeth buttons! Jock strap pants!

The judges were so ...more

your wardrobe staple: tights & leggings

Wow! It has been ages since my last blog entry. Things have been super busy these past few months. Time has literally flown -- can you believe it's already mid March? The year is almost a quarter over and I'm not sure if I've even accomplished anything as yet! (Though, heads up: look up for a lovely face-lift on the site, coming soon within the next month ;))...more

Transitioning to spring: where to start, how far to go

A shopping website recently asked me to guest post on their blog about transitioning your wardrobe from Winter to Spring. What they neglected to tell me was that they wanted it to be no longer than 300 words. So I presented one that was nearly 3 times the length, and then had to cut it down until it was not much more than a glorified bullet list. I didn't want the original post to go to waste, so I'm sharing it here. Spring officially begins in less than 3 weeks, and it starts to show....more

I picked up some gorgeous cardi's today and I'm loving the full skirts! Some great tips here ...more

Laura Bennett of "Project Runway" Cuts Her Own Hair (Yes, Really!)

Laura Bennett is easily my favorite "Project Runway" contestant ever, both for her clean, classic designs and for her willingness to speak up when it mattered (Bennett issued an eleventh-hour challenge of Season 3 winner Jeffrey Sebelia's final collection, assserting that he hadn't done his finishing work himself). She managed all this while pregnant with her sixth child -- and she looked great the entire time. ...more

I don't watch the show but this post caught my eye because I wish I had the guts to chop off ...more

Women's Shoes: Find Your Ideal Heel

When it comes to women's shoes, there's such a huge selection of heel heights, that sometimes it's difficult to decide which heel height to choose. Of course, I personally believe that you should always be at least moderately comfortable and that you should never wear shoes that cause you pain. Obviously, a very high heel - higher than 4" and especially with a pointy toe box - can be very damaging and cause a range of problems and ailments, including corns and calluses, bunions, and even irreversible knee and back damage. ...more

Discount coupon code for lingerie online at Honeydew Intimates

Hi there! Just thought I'd post this information in case any of you fashionistas are into lingerie by Honeydew Intimates. I've been writing reviews of their bralettes and boy-shorts on my blog at, and the company VP of Operations offered me a discount code to share with my readers. It's for 25% off any order from the official Honeydew company website. ...more

Academy Awards Red Carpet: Thoughts on Three Trends (and How They Can Work for You)

Last night was one of my favorite nights of the year: the Oscars. Not because I'm a big fan of the Academy Awards; I don't really care who wins in what category. I'm interested in the fashion rather than the films, and while I watched most of the actual awards show, it was really just to see more of what the celebrities were wearing. But it's the arrivals part of the evening that I love (and you do too, admit it). Last night's red carpet was a mix of exciting choices and old snoozers. ...more

I think the red carpet gives people a chance to really see who's really got taste in their ...more

Gap goes green

Shopping at the GAP means going for the green...more