Fashion Week in Review | R.I.P. Kenneth Blackwell

What's happening this week in the world of fashion?  We have Sarah Palin's $150K makeover, Sarah Jessica Parker's celebrity style, and a sneak peek at Banana Republic's Spring 2009 collection. Plus, see what the fashion intelligentsia are saying about the death of fashion critic Kenneth Blackwell. ...more

A Veg A Day Keeps the Skin Doc Away

Everyone wants smooth, tender skin, but sometimes our body just won't comply with our wishes. With poor lifestyle habits, it's not uncommon for skin to have uneven pigmentation or look pale and dull. It must be emphasized again that using good facial products and treatments help to improve and maintain skin quality on the surface, but if your health is poor, the problems are just going to keep returning. The most effective way to improve your skin condition without compromising too much of your regular lifestyle is through eating more vegetables! ...more

Shiny Happy Pumpkins

After a day like today, I could use some "shiny! shiny!", how about you? I'm not sure how my the fabulous Deb Roby knew I'd be needing some shiny pumpkins but she did and she sent me that cool link. We've got a pumpkin sitting on the counter just begging me to turn it shiny like this one. Unfortunately, the local craft store does not deliver so no shiny pumpkin decorating will be happening any time soon. ...more

Ten Fabulous Fall Colors for Your Toes

Brrrr! The weather outside is almost frightful, but your toes will look oh-so delightful in these delicious colors from OPI. Check out OPI Studio where you can give colors a virtual test drive. Whether you’re going devilishly dark or ferociously fuchsia, pretty toes are always in season. And thanks to open toe shoes being popular all year long, your little tootsies will be making an appearance more than you think!  ...more

Lola & James Recycled Vintage Concert Tee Clothing for Kids

Where is the warehouse where Lola & James gets their amazing vintage concert t-shirts, that’s what we want to know. Because if this line’s got Nirvana’s classic cover cut down into a kid-sized shirt with thermal sleeves, then they’re sure to know where to get Prince’s Parade or The Breeder’s Pod in mommy sizes. ...more

Diamond Rings For Love

The one amongst them that needs a special mention is the A 1 9005 watch that has 3 rows of Diamonds consisting of total 180 stones and is shock resistant and water resistant. ...more

Sublet Organic Cotton and Bamboo Separates Pack Light

‘Tis the season to think about traveling. Whether you’re squeezing in one more work trip before the holidays bring business to a screeching halt, planning a Thanksgiving jaunt to visit the fam, or fantasizing about jetting off somewhere about 10,000 miles away from them, chances are you’ve checked out Travelocity once or twice this month. ...more

Free Book Giveaway for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

I'm giving away some wonderful books on my blog, 1st Books: Stories of How Writers Get Started, to do my little bit to rai ...more

Like you, I also have a family history of breast cancer, which is just one reason why I ...more

The Experts can go suck an egg. If that's healthy, nowadays.

I've paid attention to the experts, in the past. I've swilled water (resulting in me peeing nigh onto constantly), I've eaten on schedule (only to do the inevitable - gain weight), I've done weights at the gym and even worked with personal trainers from time to time (with no actual resulting weight loss or appreciable toning, despite consistent workouts). The only time I ever lost weight was just before my wedding, when I restricted myself to an obsessive 1200 calorie per day diet. Which borders on starvation. And it probably goes without saying, but I gained the weight back. ...more