5 Celebrity Sunglasses Styles You'll Want To Copy

Sunglasses aren’t just to protect your eyes against harsh rays, they’re also a fashion statement piece. In fact, sunglasses have become so popular, that celebrities are letting the public know what brands and styles are trending in eyewear, as much as they are what clothes they’re wearing.It’s even more interesting to see how men and women differ in what styles and brands they’re sporting. I dug deep and came up with five celebrity sunglass styles I just know you’ll want to have in your wardrobe this fall. ...more

Old Navy Poncho + Suede.

The weather is KC is holding steady; while we're feeling more like fall, things haven't gotten frosty yet....more

My October Stitch Fix: Help Me Decide!

You know when the weather is changing from summer to winter (because in Maryland, we basically get 9 days of fall) and suddenly nothing in your closet looks good on you?...more
S4CDebbie feedingjoy Once they send you the 'your fix is on it's way' email there will be a link ...more

5 Tips for Selling Your Clothes on Facebook

You probably read the title of this post and said, "WHHHHHAAATTTT?" because you had no idea that you could sell clothes on Facebook. Yeah, me neither! I just found out a couple months ago, and my mind was blown! ...more
Think about what is in the background of your photos. Tidy up!more

32 Must Have Sleeveless Vests Under $50

FABulites, I'll be the first to admit I'm not a big fan of Blazers or any other confining long sleeve items. I love the way they bring out a cute well defined look but my issue with them is that it's always been hard for me to find a blazer that works with my arms and also is able to frame my body nicely. I normally have to purchase a large blazer which normally means its squeezing my arms yet too big for my frame. Does anyone else have this issue?...more

Olive Jacket + Gray Crochet.

Emerging early fall themes for Ashley: high-waisted denim scored on the cheap and lots of olive green....more

Weekend Recap and Fit of the Day!

Happy Monday Luvs! Hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic weekend. I spent a pretty quiet weekend with my family enjoying what I like to call Life's Finer Moments. Friday evening I had the opportunity to enjoy a nice glass of wine while catching up on missed episodes of HBO's drama "Ballers", featuring Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. Love this show! Saturday morning I had the pleasure of participating in the 20th Anniversary of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure which was amazing in more ways than one....more

Go out in a blaze of glory. And a tee shirt...

As far as I'm concerned, the only way to deal with the ever changing fall weather we have in the northeast is to layer. While the morning temperatures are in the 50's, the afternoon temperatures are in the 70's and in the evening we're talking 60's. In this situation, a blazer really does become a girl's best friend. It provides enough warmth to allow for a short sleeve underpinning, while being easy to shrug off when the day heats up. And if you don't own one already - a navy double breasted version is a classic worth getting....more

Orange Pleated Dress

If you follow me on Social Media you will have seen that I chopped my hair off this past week. We are talking like cut off about 5 or more inches of my hair. It was a much needed change and I absolutely love it. That being said, pictures like these now make me miss my long hair. Well sort of. I shot this outfit last week and have been obsessing with it ever since. I found this orange pleated dress at Nordstrom the other day and the minute I saw it I knew I was going to buy it. I love the front pleats and the sleeves on it....more