6 Clothes Shopping Tips to Develop Your Best Personal Style

My husband is always amazed when I wear something he thinks is brand-new, but I've actually had forever. Over the years, I've invested in many quality pieces of clothing that stand the test of time. You may have a closet full of clothes already—but building a fantastic wardrobe that reflects your personal style doesn't happen overnight. As you start to accumulate pieces, follow these tips to help build a stylish wardrobe that reflects who you truly are and will last for years to come....more
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Some fashion tips for my Mommas over 40

 Ok Mommas let’s be honest… Straddling the line of looking hip and stylish and looking absurd and pathetic is a tricky thing.How do you segway your style as you get older without looking too old or too young?...more

7 Common Bra Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Bras are unique items of clothing and they can be very hard to manage isn't it? For starters washing them is not an easy task at all and getting them to position themselves well can be hard. There are many mistakes that women commits when it comes to certain matters concerning the bra. This article purposes to help ladies out in identifying and fixing some common bra mistakes. These mistakes are as follows:1. Choosing a bra size by relying on cup size...more

Leather outer love

Bonjour à tous!Today I showed one of my favorite looks of the month.The look consists of a black miniskirt with lingerie touches at the bottom, a top which is burgundy with golden neck, knee boots and the beautiful perfect leather jacket from NextShe (here), an online store that I discovered recently. I am delighted with the value of the web.As for accessories, I carry bag Menbur (here) and faux fur gloves to fight the cold of these days....more

Outfit with my marsala pants! ...more

Boot Straps = Awesome

Remember a few months ago when I tried to figure out the boots + jeans conundrum with a few different pairs of boots? One of the suggestions I had come across was to buy little straps that connect your jeans cuff and go under your foot and hold them tight.Well, apparently these magical things are called Boot Straps… and they are awesome....more

Black Lace + Busted.

Lace doesn't have to be super girly. Let's discuss....more

Five Tips to Slow Fashion


A Plaid Blazer