How To Make Short Legs Look Longer

 How do you make short legs look longer? It's not rocket science. It's a matter of fooling the eye with color and proportion. . I'm short, with a longer torso than legs. I have to wear flats most of the time, which makes my legs look even shorter! I do better in skirts, but today I'm sharing some tricks for pants. Try some of these if you have a longer torso, than legs = short legs.  ...more

Chambray Every Day: How to Style It for Every Season

Chambray Every Day: How to Style It for Every Season Who doesn't like a good chambray? It seems like anywhere you look, chambray is the common denominator in a variety of outfits. Its versatility makes it a must-have closet staple for every fashionista. It goes with pretty much anything and can be worn in all seasons.In case you were wondering, chambray is a lightweight, plain-weave cloth initially made of linen but later applied to cotton and even silk. It's typically blue, but can come in any color....more

Why I Wish I Could Wear Black Always

Recently, I wore an all black outfit to work and it was hands down, the best hair-day/shoe-day/outfit-day I've had in a while. And what's even cooler is that I knew that it was going to be the best day ever as soon as I put on my outfit! It was classy! It was simple! It was BLACK! ...more

Born, raised, made in Knoxville: Marc Nelson Denim

Am I Too Old to....

Thursday, April 23, 2015Am I Too Old to.... Am I too old to......more

Marsala + Leather.

Fickle spring: warm and sunny one day, cold and rainy the next....more

How to Take a Dress from Play Date to Date Night

I can totally see myself going to a play date wearing this dress by itself with my Converse slip-ons on a sunny spring/summer day (If such a day ever makes an appearance here in Michigan!). But I can also see myself swapping the slip-ons with a pair of heels and adding a jacket and accessories for a date night look. ...more

Mother's Day Brunch: Mmmmmm, Mimosa's

See? I told you that you'd see another Mother's Day post before too long! This is the grand kick off of an excellent adventure with my fabulously fashion-forward cousin Meg with! Periodically, we'll be putting together joint posts in which I do the make up and she does the fashion (we're going to leave hair out of this, for now...) for specific events in which we ladies find ourselves (good, bad, or otherwise). Wondering what the bad could be? ...more

Stop All The Scrunchie Shaming!

STOP SCRUNCHIE SHAMING!    I’ve had just about enough of this abuse.  I confess.  I’m here to out myself. but I’m still hiding behind dark  shades (Chanel, of course). ...more

Why I Didn't Shop #LillyforTarget

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that this past weekend, Target released their much-hyped Lilly for Target collection, which sold out completely in hours, and in some stores in minutes. Women flocked to Target to snag it … but I wasn't one of them. I purposely didn't even try....more
chicmodern I walked into my local Target and found what I could use although I didn’t plan on ...more