5 Most Versatile Items in my Spring Wardrobe

Skimming through fashion blogs and magazines has one negative outcome – it makes me rush for shopping. To avoid creating a gaping hole in the family budget, I stop, take a deep breath, and plunge into my closet. And once again, I surface with hands full of treasures. It turns out I have heaps of nice things to wear – some basic, some not, and all extremely versatile. I think I’m going to wear these quite often this spring:...more

Stepping out of your comfort zone: socks + combat boots

 I have this thing where if I am wearing boots, I HAVE to be wearing socks that show.I feel uncomfortable if I don’t and I think it’s one of the easiest ways to look stylish.Usually when I do this, I wear crew socks.But this changed recently.For my birthday last fall, my sister got me thick knee socks. I thought, “Guess I have to wear this with tall boots.” But one day I decided to try to fold and push them down to wear with my combats. I was negative about it and thought it wouldn’t work at all.But then- boom....more

Perks of [Wearing] a Wallflower

This past week, WWD, along with other fashion blogs and websites, posted “Pre-Fall 2015 Trends”.According to an article on, lots of designers and brands have started to do post Pre-Fall 2015 Trends. I think it is pretty early, but it gives me lots of times to start clearing out my closet for new clothes… Oh how difficult ;)One of the trends is dark and moody florals....more

How to Dress for Your Outdoor Winter Date

Here goes my first fashion post! The only downside is you have to deal with me as the model and Cody as the photographer, but that should make my fashion posts twice as amusing, right?...more
Akaleistar Thanks! It's so cool what great quality vintage bits are out there, clearly we just ...more

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her!

I've posted a Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Her on my blog! You can check it out HERE!XOXO Jen ...more

Snapper Rock Swimwear for Kids!

Mallory started swim lessons this week! Oh my gosh, I think we are both equally obsessed. On the first night she literally squealed throughout the class because she was so excited. Does it get any better than seeing your child overcome with joy? I can't imagine that it does... ...more

Warby Parker

Warby Parker Do you all know Warby Parker? Well, let me introduce you then.......more

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