Versace High Fashion Obsession

Versace – True Story, Missed Opportunity & Hopes for the FutureVersace is one of my top high fashion designers of all time. I love the detail of the Versace clothes, the artistry and the genius behind the glamorous and edgy aesthetic. Donatella Versace has continued to wow us taking Gianni’s legacy to a new level with amazing fit, simple yet unique cuts and exotic fabrics. Versace, the brand, stays true to Gianni’s vision to make women feel empowered, sexy and nothing short of godly perfection....more

Here's why the little black jacket is my fashion fetish. What's yours?

I came to love the world of fashion at a fairly young age. I believe I was 14 years old at most when I noticed a tattered copy of VogueMagazine (U.S.) at the local supermarket magazine  ...more

Has photoshop gone too far? Do you "erase" your face at home?

Admit it. You've done it or been tempted to do it probably many times over.You have a look at a casual photo just taken perhaps with your kids and family and think "Where did those circles come from?"Or you're tempted to erase, just a little, to take away those tiny imperfections which, make you look tired, older, etc. You use "enhance" and "erase" and whatever other tools at your disposal before you post to your Facebook page.We've all done it and there's nothing necessarily wrong with it. Or is there?...more

This Dress is Swell.

What did I say about the humidity and the size of my hair? It’s big here, guys. Prepare yourselves....more

Monday Memories

Monday Memories It's been a good week and less busy than the past few!...more

Friday Faves: Whirly Wraps

Friday Faves: Whirly Wraps By now, if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I really like jewelry. I also like handmade items and anything local. Well, these Whirly Wrap bracelets fit all of those categories....more

Shopping NYC | J.Crew Sample Sale

16 Sexy, Flirty, Fun, High-Waisted Shorts for Every Budget

They’re back! High-Waisted shorts are a big summer trend! -PJ Gach...more

3 Go To Spring Looks for New Moms

Remember the time you had to push out a person and then for three months you “walked” around feeling like you were just hit by a truck, but society still expected you to wear clothes?...more

Are fashion bloggers killing the big-time glossies?

Here's a look at Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, the street style fashion blogger if you didn't already know:Did the advent of blogs and street style photographers kill the relevance of the big-time glossies?...more