4 Designers Sketch Iggy Azalea's Wedding Gown

Iggy Azalea's getting ready to walk down the aisle and marry Lakers' Nicky Young. What wedding gown will she wear? - PJ GachOne of the fun things about being a bride, aside from tasting cakes is trying on wedding dresses. Wonder how many wedding gowns has rapper Iggy Azalea tried on? Probably a lot! Good friend Demi Lovato'sslated to be a bridesmaid....more

Dress Like Paradise: Score All the HOT Bachelor In Paradise Fashion From Samantha, Ashley I, Tenley and More

BACHELOR IN PARADISE FASHION:  SCORE THESE HOT LOOKS We may not love all the ladies this season but we love love love all of the fashion.   You can now snag for your own wardrobe all the clothes your favorite castmates (or the ones you love to hate) are wearing this season.  Your friends at My Friends Told Me To have scoured the web to find all your favorite looks from this season.  Check it out!...more

Even my dog loves this dress...

When it gets too hot out to comfortably wear a tee shirt and jeans - what's the best option? Wear a tee shirt dress. This one by Topshop is wonderfully stretchy, cool and comfortable. It would also work just as well with sneakers as it does with the sandals I'm wearing. When it does (finally) get cooler outside, I have every intention of wearing it with a simple jean jacket. The best part - it's just easy. My favorite kind of dressing! Do let me know what you think and leave a comment - or at least a woof......more

How to Build Your Internship Wardrobe

Today’s post is part of my series of college posts in the spirit of back-to-school season. These days, I rarely buy clothing that I can’t wear both to work and in a more casual setting. The work week is five days per week and the weekend only two, so versatile pieces are my game....more

Blue Ruffled Chambray.

I've been raving about ...more

A Few Months In, Here's My Stitch Fix Review

Even though I haven't written about Stitch Fix in a while, I have been using the personal styling service each month. I have gotten so much fab stuff!...more

Seersucker Sale

Is anyone as upset about summer ending as I am? I am excited for football season but I will miss my afternoons by the pool! Since Labor Day is fast approaching, so many summer items are on sale! Seersucker and white pants and dresses are marked down everywhere!...more

The Dark Side of the Festival

Today I had a blogger first... truly an actual honest to goodness blogger first for me, I recreated an outfit. I know how crazy is that?? OK I confess after this weekend I had all intentions of being uber prepared but then Kent was very ill today so I did not go to work so hence no great outfit... so after he started feeling better and the doc checked him out thoroughly I thought heck, I loved Fridays outfit and did not get decent pictures so let's roll with it....more

Faux Suede Jacket.

Jacket weather! A cold front is giving Kansas City a little fall weather preview, which gave me the opportunity to break out my new faux s...more

5 Online Stores like Forever 21