Denim on Denim

I can’t tell you how happy I am that this trend didn’t suffer the same fate as MTV’s Total Request Live. Does anyone still watch MTV now that they don’t show music videos? Once I got the Justin & Britney matching denim out of my mind, I couldn’t wait to try this former faux paus. Read more at:   xoAmber & Sarah...more

Tea Party Charity Event

 I had a major blogger fail. I brought my gigantic camera to the event like I was a professional photographer…no batteries. So sorry for the shadows on our pics today. The iPhone did the best it could....more

Morning Rays in Ft Lauderdale

Monday, which was only yesterday but seems so far away... I had a no picture day......more

Things I am Bad At

It's Monday and I have no idea where the weekend went but all of a sudden its back to the office....more

Reviewing DAILYLOOK Elite

First I tried Stitch Fix (again and again and again), then I tried The Ms. Collection, and now you guys get to hear all about DAILYLOOK Elite....more

Get Golden (Tote).

I'm all about working more spring-like pieces into outfits these days....more

A Pinterest dream come true for fashion lovers

So, I think I just found the site that has every outfit I've ever pinned on Pinterest. The name of the site is pretty fitting - The Lookbook Store. I never looked at the prices of these adorable outfits when I pinned them. I just assumed they were expensive... uh, think again! And to make this whole thing even better: Shipping is free on EVERYTHING - no matter what country you live in!...more

Closet Clutter? - Cut The Clutter and Simplify Your Life!

Many of the things we own, from dresses to spare rooms, from cars to coats, we rarely or never use.  Meanwhile, other people want to buy the very things that clutter our closets. When you look into your closet, you will realize it may be full of things you never use. Clothes you've only worn once or no longer fit, a once-worn wedding dress, shoes that pinch your feet, etc.  There is someone who would treasure the things you no longer want....more