Fun with Neutrals

I'm seeing a lot of neutrals this season and I'm loving it! When it comes to clothing, I'm naturally drawn to whites, grays, taupes and, of course, black. Sometimes a mix of neutrals can appear a little boring and flat but there are ways to add interest to a neutral ensemble. You can play with textures and silhouettes to create dimension and fun and the right set of accessories can always enhance an all neutral look....more

NY Fashion Week 2014 Recap

Every year at the end of August, I anxiously await Vogue’s September issue. Throughout the years I have collected quiet a few of them and enjoy flipping through the pages of older issues comparing styles and taking account of fashion trends. It’s a feeling of happiness and childhood dreams, I like to experience on a weekend morning sipping on a cup of coffee as I munch on a sweet chocolate bar. [Side note: Why is it, that fashion and chocolate go so good together?"] ...more

The Perfect Pouch to Stash Your Stuff

AnniceLadies, (not only women over 50), have you ever left your cell phone on a restaurant table?  Or how about searched for your glasses when they were already on your head functioning as a headband?...more

Day #4 Milano Fashion Week SS 2015!

Are Words Like "Plus-Size" & "Curvy" Really Necessary?

When there was 70 pounds more of me several years ago, two things that really got my goat (in addition to the vending machine being out of Snickers bars) were 1) the names that department stores gave to clothing sections designed for overweight ladies and 2) the location of women's, er, plus-size, fashions. Mostly, the whole name/placement thing was more confusing and somewhat humorous than anything else....more


So it’s finally starting to feel like fall in Kansas City, but I’m not retiring those overalls just yet. Styling ‘em now with lightweight sweaters and preppy brogues (metallic, even!) to give them a new twist.This made for a cozy outfit during a brisk fall weekend. And cheers to taking outfit photos in front of my parents’ house! (Wore this to my dad’s 58th birthday party… Big R is almost 60, folks!)...more

Dorin Negrau Spring 2015 Collection

Day #3 Milano Fashion Week SS 2015! #MFW

Milano Fashion Week SS2015! My day #2!