My Boobs Got Better at Intimacy Boutique

Show off what you’ve got with gorgeous bras from Intimacy Boutique. -PJ Gach...more

A Flare Affair


August Stitchfix Review

I have been getting Stitchfix for several months now, but somehow I never seem to get pictures done in time before I have to send back the items I didn't keep. I like taking pictures of myself in the clothes so you can see how they fit, but somehow I never get them done....more

Thrift Store Princess

Once inside the thrift store, I was in AWE. I wasn’t ready for the scent of mothballs hitting my nose, but my eyes had never seen so much beauty in one warehouse. This hideaway housed vintage pant suits, '80s-styled clutches, and a ton of sparkly jackets calling my name like a heavenly choir. ...more
Oh, my, yes! I love thrifting! I've gotten a whole new wardrobe for about $20 during the last 4 ...more

Who's Your Bag?

  Grace Kelly ...more

The FashionEaters of VMA2014 !!!!

  The VMA's of past showcased a lot of "BAD DECISIONS" when it came to the looks strolling down the carpet but this year was a totally different story! This year the stars came out fashion gun swinging!...more

Munthe fashion brand from Copenhagen!

Read more on my blog to discover this cool brand from Copenhagen!! ...more

Swell + Studded.

Swell routinely comes through for me in the Forever Summer department (exhibits A andB)....more

The Wild Animal.. With Scissors