A Walk Down Memory Lane: "As We Mature, The Relationship Matures"*

Another blast from the past!  From May 24, 2009......more

Jewelry is Always the Perfect Gift-Guide

We’ve said it before. And we, as women know this all too well. A carefully chosen piece of jewelry is always – ALWAYS – an appreciated gift. We have searched far and wide to select the jewelry featured here. All of it is handmade by artisans who are passionate about their crafts....more

Louie Doesn't Lead the Way

While the last few weeks have been ...more

What to Wear Wednesday (WTWW)..a holiday favorite Sequins!

So apologize for the later posts all week, but work has been a little nuts, but do not fret I come bearing awesome and very fashionable advice on this slightly cooler but sunny Wednesday afternoon! ...more

Rachael R. Lorenz

She Should have ...more

A good Umbrella (ella..ella..) will have you Singing in the Rain.....

Who saw Glee last night? Not only am I a Gleek, but after seeing Gwyneth, I am a Gweek after her stand-out Singing in the Rain/Umbrella performance.  Although if the girl doesn't start showing slight signs of imperfections, I may have to move on....more

Rachael R. Lorenz

She Should have It

When I ...more

Sex and the City!

Sex and the City! Hate the disgusitng romance scenes, why can't they just have kissing? But the fashion in that show is timeless. Especially the way they wear those fashions with confidence and poise. Carrie Bradshaw always wears the flowy white skirts, and flattering dresses. And Miranda can carry a suit like no other girl can. She looks funky, and sofisticated in all her outfits. Charlotte can pull off those fashions that she wears that came out of the fifties, yet she looks great in that vintage look. And now we come to Samantha....more

Sugarlips Look of the Day

Have you started planning Thanksgiving? Let Sugarlips help you with your outfit! Try Sugarlips’ Batwing Sleeve Embroidered Top; this loose fitting blouse features light ruching around the neckline, front keyhole opening, cinched sleeves and floral embroidery on the front. Available at Sugarlips Apparel....more

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Get Dakota’s Sweater Poncho for Less!

Traveling for the holidays? Sugarlips Apparel has just what you need to keep you comfortable and chic this season!...more

Fashions of the Silver Screen

People now a days have payed close attention to what actresses where on and off the screen. Their in newspapers, and on tv, and are talked about by their clothes and makeup. But back long ago when screen first came out, only designers were interested in the their acctresses designs. But we should pay more attention to what they used to wear. Actresses like Meryl Streep, and Marilyn Monroe, and Claudette Colbert. They wore clothing that no actress would wear now....more

Louis Vuitton!!

Louis Vuitton is THE best purse designer ever in the history of the world. His evening bags are to die for. His luggage you can carry around for ever. I can never get enough of his sense of style and creativity. Even though the bags might not match anything in your closet, no one would mind if you carried around a Louis Vuitton bag that didn't match. I am not a rich woman, but I have found two bags by Vuitton by accident for under a hundred dollars. I was so excited. I hope everyone enjoys Vuitton bags as much as I do.   NYC Diva Signing Off!...more