Tattoo You

How dope are these paintbrush tattoos?  Find out more about them at Not the Marrying Kind....more

Yes! Or No??

Yes! Or No?? How do we decide this everlasting question when looking at a piece of fashion in a store window. You always have tons of questions to answer: Would it fit? Probably not.  Why do I want it? Because it looks awsome! What's the PRICE? Most likely expensive. But even though most of the answers you get are negative, you still buy the item in the window. Even though it's too expensive, and doesn't match anything in your wardrobe, you still buy it because it's fashion. Plus LOOK how great that looks on the mannequin!     Fashion Diva Out!!...more

What I Wore…Thursday

I didn’t have time to post this yesterday, so here is What I Wore Wednesday…on Thursday....more

From Work to Date Night

There are many instances when a gal has to be prepared for life after work. After work events, parties and date nights involve a lot of preparation, but what if you don’t have the time?...more

Get Blake’s Look for Less!

Gossip Girl’s It girl and fashionista Blake Lively is always dressed in a sophisticated and edgy fashion. Her sense of style is exceptional and definitely one to model after....more

Sugarlips Look of the Day

Want to stay warm this Fall without all those bulky layers? Try Sugarlips’ V-Neck Button Front Cardigan; this sheer long sleeve button up is a perfect Fall piece. Available at Sugarlips Apparel....more

What I Did Last Weekend!

What did I do this weekend?...more

Sugarlips Look of the Day

Sugarlips’ latest seamless items are their boy shorts. These hipster seamless boy shorts come in black, charcoal, white, skin nude and deep choco. Available at Sugarlips Apparel. ...more

Shop (In Peace!!) with the Kids this Holiday Season!

  With the holidays right around the corner - shopping is inevitable. Shopping & kids, however, usually don't make for a happy combo. At least not a happy mama......more