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Fun Sparkling Earring DIY

I am on a DIY kick! I know my last post was a DIY but I can't help but give you guys another. I am in this creative mode. This Sparkly Earring DIY is super simple no sewing involved all you need is a hot glue gun and a few minor tools that you probably already have! Studded pair: 1. 2 of the same appliques (purchase from local fabric or notions store)2. Hot glue gun and stick3. Earring post and earring back (purchase from craft store i.e. Michaels)...more

My Church

The only time I feel 100% fulfilled is when I’m shopping. I experience a heartwarming excitement that I imagine others feel when they win a prestigious award or lay eyes on their baby for the first time.I step into Anthropologie and begin sweating a pleasant, nonintrusive sweat. Like it’s May and perhaps I'm wearing one too many light layers. My eyes sparkle and my lips assume a demure smile as I greet everyone I pass. “Darling skirt! It suits your figure.”I use the word "Darling."...more

Bling It On – Jennifer Miller Jewelry

By: Becky BerowskiThe Holiday Golden Rule: gift others as you wish to be gifted.Accessories can stun and with Jennifer Miller “yule bling” you can add the right sparkle to any holiday party....more

Bright On! Colorful Denim For Every Closet

Time to say goodbye to those baby blues! This season your favorite denim gets a colorful makeover in cheerful hues that are bound to brighten even the dullest of days. These bold, extroverted jeans are much simpler and less anxiety inducing to pull off than they seem. Get ready to meet your closet’s favorite new staple for effortless, hipster style. ...more
I don't think I can pull this one off... nor do I feel like I want to. I love bright colors, ...more


I love all of the fall trends that are out right now! I was out shopping a few weeks ago and saw an adorable sweater! The problem is that it didn't have an adorable price!! It was a sweater by BCBG and it was $158.00, I don't mind paying for the things I like as long as it makes sense... A purse, yes spend a pretty penny. A good pair of shoes, yes go all out! A sweater that is in today and out tomorrow maybe ( HEAVY emphasis on MAYBE) returning 30yrs later but probably not....more

Finding YOUR Fashion

There is no way that I would consider myself a fashion guru.  However, after all my years of being alive, I do know what colors look best on me and what styles work on my full-figured loveliness.   But, this isn’t about me.  This is the counsel that I would like to provide to the teen girls that are struggling to find their unique beings within the fashion realm.  ...more
You are so sweet...thank you! @elaineR.N.more

How To Make Patterned Leggings Work For You!

I have been seeing the new trend of wearing patterned leggings and though they are cute they are not the easiest trend to tackle, especially if you don't want to look silly. In this post I put together some ideas on how to wear this funky trend that comes in all types of color combinations and various motifs. Basic black leggings have become a staple but so can patterned ones too.Take a look at some of my ideas you may get a few of your own!My Roar May Be Little Now... But I'm Taking Voice Lessons!Alela Sirah...more

Suffering from Pre-traumatic Mall Symptoms? Try Our Shopping 101 Course

Hello Mamas, About a week ago my cousin posted a status on facebook that got a lot of feedback mostly negative. Her status read..... Whenever I go to the mall my body starts to shutdown. I get tired, sluggish, unfocused...I really hate shopping. Does this happen to anyone else?...more

Thom Browne.

Click for Video of Thom Browne Spring 2012 Fashion Show: Read More: