Finding YOUR Fashion

There is no way that I would consider myself a fashion guru.  However, after all my years of being alive, I do know what colors look best on me and what styles work on my full-figured loveliness.   But, this isn’t about me.  This is the counsel that I would like to provide to the teen girls that are struggling to find their unique beings within the fashion realm.  ...more
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How To Make Patterned Leggings Work For You!

I have been seeing the new trend of wearing patterned leggings and though they are cute they are not the easiest trend to tackle, especially if you don't want to look silly. In this post I put together some ideas on how to wear this funky trend that comes in all types of color combinations and various motifs. Basic black leggings have become a staple but so can patterned ones too.Take a look at some of my ideas you may get a few of your own!My Roar May Be Little Now... But I'm Taking Voice Lessons!Alela Sirah...more

Suffering from Pre-traumatic Mall Symptoms? Try Our Shopping 101 Course

Hello Mamas, About a week ago my cousin posted a status on facebook that got a lot of feedback mostly negative. Her status read..... Whenever I go to the mall my body starts to shutdown. I get tired, sluggish, unfocused...I really hate shopping. Does this happen to anyone else?...more

Thom Browne.

Click for Video of Thom Browne Spring 2012 Fashion Show: Read More:

Natural Born Traveler: Accessory Edition better or for worse, I have accumulated a vast amount of experience with all modes of travel. Planes, trains, automobiles, international, domestic cross-country and puddle hoppers alike. With felines and solo trips. So I’ve decided to put my hard-won expertise to some good use and start a “Natural Born Traveler” series- tips, tricks and secrets for avoiding all the holiday travel hassle and getting to your destination in one piece…while looking fabulous of course!...more

You Can Learn a Lot About Someone by the Color of Their Eye Shadow

It's easy enough to buy a eye shadow kit with tutorials, we've all done it, but the real problem lies in..  Where's the crease? Highlight the brow bone?...more


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Giving Thanks for Chocolate

If I see one more Hershey/Rescees/M+M's/piece of chocolate, I will scream!! Enough with the Halloween chocolate! Down with the Thanksgiving chocolate!!  Do you dress up, or go more casual? I'm more casual, especially after sitting out all morning cheering on the local football team in the fuh-reezing cold! But for sure I'll be slathered in chocolate-ly Thanksgiving goodness....more

Comfort Color

The color of a stormy sky, of majestic elephants, of smooth granite countertops, and of course many beautiful and rare bird species. The word itself signals a sort of mid-ground area that is neither a deep black or a stark white, and the term has come to mean a “no man’s land” of decision making- more comfortable than staying in the boundaries, yes? Grey is many things: the name of the most dramatic doctor on the ABC network, a neutral against which to balance many dark and light colors in your wardrobe, and arguably the universal signal of sweatshirt comfort....more