Tips for Buying Skinny Jeans

 I finally got over my fear of buying jeans. Maybe that’s exaggerating though I truly hated trying on pants....more

How To Tie a Scarf + Once Upon a Time.

I never considered myself a scarf person. Never. I thought it had no purpose other than keeping me warm, but then it would simply became a nuisance as soon as I stepped outside and began a snowball fight, skiing, building a snowman, and the heat became unbearable. Off went the scarf, wet mittens, all three pairs of socks, all into a heap of soaked annoying winter accessories. And they were ugly. Then, I was given this scarf. ...more

What Is Up with Sizing?

I don't know what size I am.This is not because I've changed size. I've been the same weight and shape, basically, since my teens.Now, I started out in a size 10-12, but I wore my clothing much looser back then (per the fashion), and it was a revelation to me that I was actually an 8. And I'll believe it (why not?). I'll believe that I've been an 8 this whole time. Sure.That's basically what I've been wearing since I found that the size fits me....more

The Simple Secrets to Audrey Hepburn's Style

Audrey was known for something which has disappeared, and that is elegance, grace and manners. —Billy Wilder, filmmaker ...more
What a wonderful review with comments and illustrations ...  She has always been my very ...more

Lizzy B Found Vintage Jewelry

Gina Balourdas, the artist behind the Lizzy B vin...more

Use What's in Your Closet to Dress Like a Woman from 'Mad Men'

There’s a reason women love AMC’s Mad Men—besides the great characters and plotlines, the sets and dress hearken back to more stylish days. There are a number of articles about dressing like a “Mad Woman,” most notably AMC’s own post, but they all seem to focus on what vintage-looking retail-wear you can buy. But there's a good chance there are Mad Men fashion trends already in your closet.Click on the links in the article to view photos from AMC's Mad Men photo galleries....more

Winter blues (the happy kind)

Looking for a pop of color for a winter weekend getaway?...more

How to Beat the Wardrobe Blahs!

Most of my friends are too busy to think about how they dress. "I'm so bored with my clothes, but who has time to shop?" those in high pressure office jobs say.  "Who cares how I look?" chime in those busy mothering or freelancing from home.  I know how that is.  When my kids were toddlers my standards were pretty low.  I only got upset when I finally despaired to my husband:  "It's not that I'm covered in stains.  It's that I'm pretty sure I smell."  ...more

What I Love Wednesday {No.50}

What I Love Wednesday {No....more

Trend Alert: Pleated Skirts

Hey y'all! How is everyone? Things are great around here. Busy, but great!So this weekend when I was getting ready I pretty much pulled out every article of clothing I had. While I couldn't wear certain items because they are just a tad too tight for me to feel comfortable, the rest I was just pretty much over.I blew it off Friday night and rolled with tights and a top, figuring it was just Friday.Saturday when I was getting ready to run errands, I ran into the same issue. There is nothing in my closet, besides tights and tops, that appeals to me....more
I love the look for BCBG! I add a couple of trends a season that works for my body type :) As ...more