A friend of mine recently told me that she heard that NASCAR came out with a line of shoes. My first reaction to this was (bluntly) WTF? My next step was to go to the leading sites in shoes.....Zappos did not have any in stock, which Im not sure what to attribute it to. Either they were sold out (which would be shocking) or they just do not keep them in stock. It would make more sense to me that the shoes would be on special order because of the culture of NASCAR women fans tend to be the "tennis shoe/flip flop" breed. None the less, when you can't find ...more

Because Google isn't always all that....

Having saw someone post requesting help with lipstick color I thought I'd see if I could get help here I couldn't get on my other blogs. ...more

Don't take this as me being ungrateful because at least you replied - but the first link is ...more

Packing for a Grand Hike

In case you are new to my life, we are hiking the Grand Canyon in about a month. ...more

Forever 21 Launches Plus-Size Line (and Forces Model to Wear an Embarrassing Hipster Headband)

Forever 21 has announced plans to launch a line of clothes in larger sizes, which will be in stores starting May 1st. ...more


So im in love with SHOES. Me and my shoes have a great relationship. Its like I need them to make it thru. I dont care I have to have every color, every shape. Is dosent even matter if there my size, Ill buy them and let them sit in my closet and collect dust. just to say I have them is ok with me. my shoes have took me plenty of places and have got me lots of things. i can have on a long coat and all you can see is my shoes and just by looking people think Im like this CHIC DIVA. Ive been invited to parties, cookouts, dinner just by the way my shoes look. They have got me far..... ...more

The Woeful Tale of the Smug Shopper

I am one of those annoying smug types when it comes to clothes. Not because I wear designer labels, but because I’m a fan of charity shop chic. Someone will ask me where I got my skirt, and I’m 68.575% likely to be able to reply with an annoying: “Oh, this thing: I got this in the Cancer Research shop for £2.50”. And this, dear internet, is how my shopping style has been for the last 2 years. Until today that is. Today at 15:10 I had an epiphany… ...more

Pretty Much The Best Photos Ever

This is my husband Rudy, around age 12: {click to enlarge} Does anyone else feel like his hat should say "vote for Pedro"? Or that maybe he was bred for his skills and magic? ...more

Should Moms Dress Like Their Teen-agers?

I once bought jeans at Limited, Too.  For myself! ...more