The Skin You're In

I was looking through a magazine the other day, and the fact that so many people in it seemed very, very tan.  Where I am, it's winter and truly winter except for the absence of snow.  It is cold, gray, and wet.  Even when it is not cold, gray, and wet, I can't tan.  I have never in my life actually had a suntan.  The gals I work with all head to the tanning bed during this time of year, as it is the South, and one is made to feel hardly a woman unless you are naturally or unnaturally darker skinned.  I don't think too that the "maxim" here of "everyone looks better wit ...more

I know what it's like to be untanned.  I don't go to tanning salons during winter and don't ...more

The Wonderful Kimono Ladies

My most marvellous shopping experience has been at Ichiroya. This is a wonderful business selling vintage Japanese antiques, Japanese kimono, vintage textiles and kimono related items. Being in love with textiles, I've bought a lot from them and never been disappointed. Their kindhearted service is also a strong point. Please have a look at their shop:   ...more

By the way, my profile picture is one of their ...more

I Accidentally Gave Away My Favorite Pants.

It was bound to happen.  Last week while cleaning the closet in a self-righteous, charity-induced mood, I was personally introduced to the meaning of “No good deed goes unpunished.” I piled clothes on the bed in categories.  Things I don’t wear.  New things I wish I’d never bought.  (On days like this, a hanging price tag is a reproach.)  And the biggest bunch of all, things that don’t fit. ...more

I've thankfully never gone through that experience but I can say without a doubt that I have ...more

What To Do With Your Hair When the New Look Everyone's Doing Isn't For You

I discovered something about the Katie Holmes style bob (the one she got before she cut it in my opinion way too short more recently).  I dared to try her chin length style. And I think it looks cute, depending on which one of the several ways I've seen her style it that I choose as a hair cut.  It is one of the first hair cuts that I feel actually suits me that has been popular as of late. ...more

Check it out! Contest Alert!

I have a New FIMH (friend in my head)! It's Rhianna from Life's Simple Melodies! Check her out! ...more

My 'RED' Resolution

I didn't actually sit down to make out a list of resolutions this New Years. What I've considered after much thought and from watching morning talk shows, is this: I must incorporate the color 'Red' into my fashion repertoire. My style of dress,as you might know from reading previous posts, wouldn't exactly place me on the list of up & must see fashionistas... ...more

Here's help with at least one New Year's Resolution! (oh and there's a contest too!)

Everyone and their Great-Aunt Edna has the weight loss resolution and you know what? I do too. This year is especially fraught with resolve as I turn 40 in one month and one day from today and I plan on looking 31 days better and brighter when it gets here. Over at MK Skin Care we have some new weight loss sets to help you out with your own weight loss goals. ...more

Top 10 Best Beauty Products under $10

Stages of life, such as college, a career change or [insert applicable life stage here] often result in an unhappy parting between women and their favorite beauty products. However, just because you've got to scale back on the brand names, doesn't mean you have to scale back on quality. Here are some of my favorite budget crunch options: 1. L'OREAL Paris Vive Pro- Nutri Gloss Shampoo & Conditioner: This product makes your hair super shiny, smells great and averages about $3.50 per bottle. ...more

nothing makes me happier than going to target and finding good beauty buys.  i'm ...more

Dear retailers...

This has to stop. Frankly, it's getting embarrassing for everyone involved. Look, you know, deep in your hearts, that the relationship is over. That you and consumers haven't really been in sync for awhile now. They're pulling away, cutting back. You barely see them anymore. And when they are there, they don't stay long or spend much. I can only imagine how scary that must be for you, watching them grow more distant with each passing day (and industry collapse). ...more

Beautiful to Mom :)

Beauty..... ...more