5 Ways to Prepare For and Survive Black Friday

Where will you be this coming Black Friday? Will you be at home in your insulated jammies consuming your third leftover Thanksgiving sammich? Or will you brave the crowds of insane merry seasonal shoppers in an effort to score the latest and greatest in technological gadgets, clothing, and toys? I struggle with this question every year....more

{news flash}

It's a rare morning that I turn on the early morning news, but the morning of September 8th was a different morning, as for some reason that day, I turned on the early morning news. I saw a very interesting clip that morning on Diane Von Furstenberg, who was launching a redesign of the traditional hospital gown....more Uh-oh, Here Comes a New Addiction....

It's too soon to tell, but I may have found my newest online obsession.  Like all online obsessions: it is frighteningly addictive, it wastes a lot of time, it may or may not serve any practical purpose, and it may even have sinister ramifications.  But boy, is it fun! ...more


Men!! What more can you say about them! They are nice to have around and cuddle with. But when it comes to fashion most of them are completely sensless. The fashion world belongs to way more women than men. But I have to admit. Alot of the fashion designers out there are men. And I will congradulate them on their fashion sense and style. But I must agree that men are great to be with. I don't have one myself now, but some day I will. And look out world. We will be the best dressed couple in THE WORLD!!   NYC Diva Signing Off!...more

Jessica Alba, September 2010 Issue

Jessica Alba's Style Loves  24 Blogazine’s Cover girl Jessica Alba has such a flirty casual style!...more

A Real Wedding

Happy Friday! This has been a crazy week. On the one hand, my phone was stolen by someone at my job. On the other hand, I found out I won this grant I was working on for a long time! win some, you lose some. ...more

Tips for dressing jeans up!

When you wear jeans there are numerous ways that you are able to dress up jeans. If you wear skinny jeans you can dress it up by wearing a over sized sweater, and a tall pair of sandle heels. With a boot cut pant leg you can where platform heels, or cowboy boots, and form fitting tank top or sweater. And with a straight cut leg you can dress it up be wearking kitten heels, and a dress shirt. And by adding a long necklace, it makes any look fantastic.  NYC Diva Signing Off!...more

A Walk Down Memory Lane: "As We Mature, The Relationship Matures"*

Another blast from the past!  From May 24, 2009......more