Sugarlips Look of the Day - V-Neck Dolman Sleeve Dress

Today's Look of the Day is the V-Neck Dolman Sleeve Dress in heather grey.  The V-neck dolman sleeve sweater dress comes with ribbed cuffs, hem and stud embellishments over the shoulders....more

The No-Shopping Ground Rules Pt. II - The Fine Print

  I shared the concept of my year (almost) without shopping to some friends, and the overwhelming responses involved words like 'brave', 'bold', 'seriously!?!'   I shared the c...more

NYC Engagement Shoot

Let's kick off the year with an engagement! It makes sense, right? The new year is filled with such possibility and excitement, and so are those months when you are engaged. Before you settle in to married life, when all you can do is picture this momentous day that is looming in front of you. A new year is so similar in that you start off with all these images in your head of all that you will accomplish this year, and then the year goes by, and things happen you could not anticipate. Both are magical, but only one happens once in a lifetime....more

Enter to Win Mandy Moore's Dress!

Hello friends and blog readers! We are very excited about the launch of our new blog! As a treat we'd like to giveaway our V-Neck Dolman Sleeve Dress to one lucky winner who likes and/or comments on this post saying how they'd wear the dress. Excited yet?...more

Fashionable Nail Alert!

Start the new year in nail style! Have you been hipped to the new, fashionable way everyone is doing their nails?...more

Sugarlips Look of the Day - Embroidered Blouse

Are you trying to achieve a bohemian style?...more

Dressing Myself

I have a problem. A problem with dresses.I know, I know. I don't come off like someone who likes dresses. From your seat in front of your computer, I appear to be someone whose pants come equipped with suspenders and ride up to her armpits.But I have a love affair with dresses. I covet them. I worship them. Fancy dresses, casual dresses, sundresses, nightgowns, cover ups. If it slips over my head and swishes I'm in heaven....more

oh how I want to love dresses...they are so comfortable.

but? I have this strange, tire ...more

The No-Shopping Ground Rules - Removing the Temptation

Yesterday, I announced my Resolution for 2011: A Year (Almost) Without Shopping. January 1, 2011: I'm already doubting whether this is a good idea....more

marketing, sort of the equivalent of the "Do Not Call" list? My husband and I were just ...more

A Year (Almost) Without Shopping

For most people, New Year's means drinking champagne and making a half-hearted resolution to lose that last ten pounds. For me, it signals the end of the month-long retail bacchanal known as the holiday season. I'm not against buying gifts for the kids and family, but unfortunately for me, spending time in the shopping arena means constant temptation to buy stuff for myself. And by stuff, I mean clothes. I celebrated New Year's Eve by making one last night-before-the-diet stop at my favorite store, picking up only a navy open cardigan, on sale....more

Lace + Favor Boxes

(images courtesy of   If you haven't noticed by now, lace is a major trend in fashion for the Fall/Winter season, and these ...more